descriptionFFmpeg git repo
last changeFri, 16 Apr 2021 14:09:03 +0000 (11:09 -0300)
14 hours ago James Almeravcodec/libaomdec: export frame pict_type master
14 hours ago James Almeravformat/mpegts: set correct extradata size for Opus...
14 hours ago James Almeravformat/mpegts: add missing sample_rate value to Opus...
14 hours ago James Almeravformat/movenc: fix writing dOps atoms
14 hours ago James Almeravformat/webpenc: don't assume animated webp streams...
14 hours ago James Almeravcodec/libwebpenc_animencoder: set the correct packet pts
14 hours ago James Almeravcodec/libwebpenc_animencoder: stop propagating bogus...
21 hours ago Tobias Rappdoc/ffprobe.xsd: Clean-up choice indicator definitions
21 hours ago Tobias Rappfftools/ffprobe: Remove check on show_frames and show_p...
22 hours ago Gyan Doshiavformat/rawenc: remove singlejpeg muxer
35 hours ago Andreas Rheinhardtavcodec/nellymoserenc: Fix segfault when using unsuppor...
37 hours ago Vittorio Giovaramov: Prioritize aspect ratio values found in pasp atom
2 days ago James Almeravcodec/mpeg4videodec: update exported AVOptions in...
2 days ago James Almeravcodec/h264dec: update exported AVOptions in the user...
2 days ago Hendrik Leppkespthread_frame: introduce a codec callback to update...
2 days ago James Almerffprobe: only print exported private decoder options
8 days ago n4.5-dev Main development, master branch...
8 days ago n4.4 FFmpeg 4.4 release
7 weeks ago n4.3.2 FFmpeg 4.3.2 release
9 months ago n4.3.1 FFmpeg 4.3.1 release
9 months ago n4.2.4 FFmpeg 4.2.4 release
9 months ago n2.8.17 FFmpeg 2.8.17
9 months ago n4.1.6 FFmpeg 4.1.6 release
9 months ago n3.4.8 FFmpeg release 3.4.8
9 months ago n4.0.6 FFmpeg 4.0.6 release
9 months ago n3.2.15 FFmpeg 3.2.15 release
10 months ago n4.4-dev Main development, master branch...
10 months ago n4.3 FFmpeg 4.3 release
10 months ago n4.2.3 FFmpeg 4.2.3 release
11 months ago n2.8.16 FFmpeg 2.8.16 release
15 months ago n4.1.5 FFmpeg 4.1.5 release
15 months ago n4.2.2 FFmpeg 4.2.2 release
14 hours ago master
5 days ago release/4.3
5 days ago release/4.4
3 months ago release/3.2
6 months ago release/3.4
6 months ago release/4.0
6 months ago release/4.1
6 months ago release/4.2
9 months ago release/2.8
9 months ago release/3.3
10 months ago release/3.0
10 months ago release/3.1
3 years ago release/2.4
4 years ago release/2.7
4 years ago release/2.6
4 years ago release/2.5