descriptionFFmpeg git repo
last changeMon, 20 Aug 2018 00:32:41 +0000 (02:32 +0200)
21 hours ago Michael Niedermayeravformat/nsvdec: Do not parse multiple NSVf master
21 hours ago Michael Niedermayeravcodec/cfhd: Use the actual count instead of the expec...
21 hours ago Michael Niedermayeravcodec/cfhd: Move peak_table() and difference_coding...
21 hours ago Michael Niedermayeravcodec/lagarith: Optimize FRAME_SOLID_RGBA
43 hours ago James Almeravformat/matroskaenc: handle AV1 extradata in packet...
44 hours ago Ronak PatelImprove hls VOD mode hls performance problem.
45 hours ago Michael Niedermayeravformat/dashdec: Fix strlen(rep_id_val) with it being...
2 days ago Paweł Wegneravformat/tls_schannel: Fix use of uninitialized variable
2 days ago Jun Zhaolavf/udp: use ff_log_net_error to replace log_net_error
2 days ago Jun Zhaolavf/tcp: check return value of setsockopt.
2 days ago Jun Zhaolavf/network: check return value of setsockopt.
2 days ago Jun Zhaolavf/network: add a ff_log_net_error function.
3 days ago Michael Niedermayeravformat/rmdec: Fix EOF check in the stream loop in...
3 days ago Michael Niedermayeravformat/mlvdec: read_string() received unsigned size...
3 days ago James Almeravformat/av1: filter out tile list OBUs from samples
3 days ago James Almeravformat: bump micro version after previous changes
4 weeks ago n3.2.12 FFmpeg 3.2.12 release
4 weeks ago n3.4.4 FFmpeg 3.4.4 release
4 weeks ago n4.0.2 FFmpeg 4.0.2 release
4 weeks ago n3.3.8 FFmpeg 3.3.8 release
5 weeks ago n2.8.15 FFmpeg 2.8.15 release
6 weeks ago n3.2.11 FFmpeg 3.2.11 release
6 weeks ago n3.4.3 FFmpeg 3.4.3 release
2 months ago n4.0.1 FFmpeg 4.0.1 release
3 months ago n4.1-dev Main development, master branch...
4 months ago n4.0 FFmpeg 4.0 release
4 months ago n3.3.7 FFmpeg 3.3.7 release
5 months ago n3.0.11 FFmpeg 3.0.11 release
6 months ago n2.8.14 FFmpeg 2.8.14 release
6 months ago n3.4.2 FFmpeg 3.4.2 release
7 months ago n3.2.10 FFmpeg 3.2.10 release
7 months ago n3.3.6 FFmpeg 3.3.6 release
21 hours ago master
6 days ago release/4.0
12 days ago release/3.2
3 weeks ago release/3.1
3 weeks ago release/3.3
3 weeks ago release/3.4
5 weeks ago release/2.8
4 months ago release/3.0
6 months ago release/2.4
2 years ago release/2.7
2 years ago release/2.6
2 years ago release/2.5
2 years ago release/2.0
2 years ago release/2.1
2 years ago release/2.2
2 years ago release/2.3