We're moving projects to, notably:

- VLC for WinRT

- VLC for Android



- libdvdread

- libdvdnav

- libdvdcss

- biTStream

- DVBlast

- libdvbpsi

Welcome the VideoLAN's gitweb

To clone one of these projects using git:

  $ git clone + project path

If you have commit access, you should use an ssh connection instead:

  $ git clone + project path

You can find more information on how to use git on our dedicated wiki page.


VLC repository


x264 repository


FFmpeg repository Read FFmpeg git howto
Project Description Owner Last Change
ffmpeg.git FFmpeg git repo FFmpeg 19 hours ago
ffmpeg/nv-codec-headers.git FFmpeg nvidia headers repo FFmpeg 4 weeks ago
libaacs.git Open implentation of AACS... 7 months ago
libbdplus.git Open implementation of BD... 10 months ago
libbluray.git Library to access Blu-Ray... 4 weeks ago
libpostproc.git libpostproc git repo FFmpeg 5 years ago
libudfread.git UDF reader 8 months ago
libvlc-demos.git Demonstration around libVLC 6 years ago
vlc.git VLC Main Development tree. VideoLAN 17 hours ago
vlc/bindings/jvlc.git Java bindings for liblvc 7 years ago
vlc/bindings/python.git Python bindings for libvlc 5 days ago
vlc/mux-ts.git VLC mux TS report 7 years ago
vlc/vlc-0.8.git VLC 0.8 legacy branch. VideoLAN 9 years ago
vlc/vlc-0.9.git VLC 0.9 legacy branch. VideoLAN 8 years ago
vlc/vlc-1.0.git VLC 1.0 legacy branch. VideoLAN 6 years ago
vlc/vlc-1.1.git VLC 1.1 maintenance branch. VideoLAN 5 years ago
vlc/vlc-2.0.git VLC 2.0 maintenance branch. VideoLAN 3 years ago
vlc/vlc-2.1.git VLC 2.1 maintenance branch. VideoLAN 2 years ago
vlc/vlc-2.2.git VLC 2.2 maintenance branch. 6 weeks ago
vlc/vlc-3.0.git VLC 3.0 maintenance branch. 46 hours ago
vlc/vlc-android.git Android port of VLC media... android 6 years ago
vlc/vlc-austin.git austin's vlc repo 7 years ago
vlc/vlc-barry.git [GSoC_2009] barry's vlc repo barry 8 years ago
vlc/vlc-bizon.git [GSoC_2011] bizon's vlc repo bizon 6 years ago
vlc/vlc-darthgandalf.git [GSoC_2011] darthgandalf's... DarthGandalf 5 years ago
vlc/vlc-dudiak.git [GSoC_2008] dudiak's VLC repo dudiak 9 years ago
vlc/vlc-dylanza.git [GSoC_2008] DylanZA's VLC... dylanza 9 years ago
vlc/vlc-flameeyes.git flameeyes's vlc repo flameeyes 5 years ago
vlc/vlc-geal.git [GSoC_2009] Geal's vlc repo geal 8 years ago
vlc/vlc-jb.git jb's vlc repo jb 3 years ago
vlc/vlc-jetru.git [GSoC_2009] jetru's vlc repo jetru 7 years ago
vlc/vlc-leonox.git [GSoC_2009] leonox's vlc repo leonox 8 years ago
vlc/vlc-mirsal.git [GSoC_2008] Mirsal's VLC repo mirsal 2 years ago
vlc/vlc-msvc.git jb's vlc repo 2 years ago
vlc/vlc-sephiroth87.git [GSoC_2008] Sephiroth87's... sephiroth87 8 years ago
vlc/vlc-sgarg.git [GSoC_2011] sgarg's vlc repo sgarg 6 years ago
vlc/vlc-skelet.git [GSoC_2011] skelet's vlc repo skelet 6 years ago
vlc/vlc-symbian.git VLC port to Symbian 7 years ago
vlc/vlc-test.git VLC Buildbot test tree. VideoLAN 19 months ago
vlma.git VLMa manages multiple VLC... VideoLAN 7 years ago
x262.git x262 Main Developement tree. VideoLAN 2 years ago
x264.git x264 Main Development tree. VideoLAN 5 weeks ago
x264/x264-danielhlarkin.git [GSoC_2011] danielhlarkin... danielhlarkin 5 years ago
x264/x264-dylanza.git [GSoC_2009] Dylanza's x264... dylanza 8 years ago
x264/x264-sandbox.git x264 Sandbox Developement... 4 weeks ago