2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... Reduce register clobber
2009-09-05 Erwan Tulouskins2: implement recording and next-frame
2009-09-05 Erwan Tulouskins2: replace polling with callbacks
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... XA: group ADPCM frames per ~50ms before sending to...
2009-09-05 Jakob Lebenqt4: playlist: allow to hide all but the index 0 column
2009-09-05 Jakob Lebenqt4: make title the first PL column
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... NEON float to fixed point vectorized conversion
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... Add a CPU capability for ARM NEON
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... configure: check for NEON assemly support
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... ARM: pretend not lack the FPU even if we have one
2009-09-05 Laurent AimarEnabled snapshot in "vout display" wrapper.
2009-09-05 Laurent AimarConverted snapshot to "vout display" API.
2009-09-05 Laurent AimarDecreased snapshot vout module priority to 0.
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... contrib: enable XCB and XCB-UTIL for Maemo
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... Typo
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... duplicate: cleaning up
2009-09-05 Andy cheneeduplicate: fix bug of NumInRange(), i_stop always < 0
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... contrib: Maemo use Tremor instead of Vorbis
2009-09-05 Marian ĎurkovičReport RTP packet loss and make PIM Asserts only a...
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... RTP: fix re-ordering across sequence number wrap
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... Use vlc_object_get_name()
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... Export vlc_object_get_name
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... Deprecate vlc_object_find_name()
2009-09-05 Rémi Denis... Fix warning
2009-09-05 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx/framework: share folder should be in the framework.
2009-09-04 Olivier Aubertpython-ctypes: provide a helper pygtk VLCWidget which...
2009-09-04 Olivier Aubertpython-ctypes: improve enum conversion
2009-09-04 Olivier AubertFix comment
2009-09-04 Felix Paul... contribs: fixed packages for x86_64 *coughcough*
2009-09-04 Felix Paul... contribs: compilation fix
2009-09-04 Felix Paul... freetype: LucidaGrande is stored in a different format...
2009-09-04 Felix Paul... Fixed major crash on Snow Leopard pointed by Pierre
2009-09-04 Marian ĎurkovičAdd horizontal scrollbar to MediaInfo's third panel...
2009-09-04 Jean-Baptiste... Typo again...
2009-09-04 Marian ĎurkovičFix demuxdump to work with RTP input, which would dump...
2009-09-03 Pierre d'Herbemontspdif: Add a comment to explicitely explain why we...
2009-09-03 Laurent AimarFixed dummy input Control function.
2009-09-03 Laurent AimarFixed segfault with spdif mixer.
2009-09-03 Laurent AimarChecked demux_Control return value in input.
2009-09-03 Rémi Denis... avcodec, avformat, postproc and switcher link against...
2009-09-03 Laurent AimarFixed invalid p_aout->p_mixer usage in aout input.
2009-09-03 Rémi Denis... Chorus_flanger needs -lm
2009-09-03 Rémi Denis... contrib: and libxcb and xcb-util
2009-09-03 Rémi Denis... contrib: remove pointless patch and avoid libtool/autog...
2009-09-03 Rémi Denis... contrib: build faad with fixed point on ARM
2009-09-03 Rémi Denis... contrib: Maemo: enable optimizations except tree vector...
2009-09-03 Rémi Denis... contrib: typo
2009-09-03 Rémi Denis... Contrib: Maemo: do not use ARM Thumb ISA
2009-09-03 Rémi Denis... Phantom xcb_aux dependency
2009-09-03 Laurent AimarFixed video_filter chain for chroma conversion.
2009-09-03 Laurent AimarDo not check rgb masks for YUV in GetFfmpegChroma.
2009-09-03 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc_media_library: Remove a non sense.
2009-09-03 Pierre d'Herbemontam: In non verbose be silent when we 'cd src && make...
2009-09-03 Pierre d'Herbemontconfigure: Don't link macosx to QTKit.
2009-09-03 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Don't output any error when sending the crash...
2009-09-03 Olivier Aubertpython-ctypes: implement consistency checker, and fix...
2009-09-03 Olivier Aubertpython-ctypes: fix Logger bindings.
2009-09-03 Olivier Aubertlibvlc.h: fix incorrect comment docstring
2009-09-03 Olivier Aubertpython: workaround a vlc-config issue on win32 (reporte...
2009-09-03 Felix Paul... contribs: another contrib package fixing the libiconv...
2009-09-03 Felix Paul... contribs: 32bit builds need the libiconv replacement...
2009-09-03 Rémi DuraffortJVLC: update libVLC event types.
2009-09-03 Rafaël Carréaout_BufferAlloc : returns the allocated buffer
2009-09-03 Rafaël CarréRemove unused alloca.h, add an assertion
2009-09-03 Rafaël Carréaout_BufferAlloc() : remove stack allocation
2009-09-03 Rafaël Carrésrc/ : missing assert.h include
2009-09-03 Rémi DuraffortJVLC: file name consitency.
2009-09-03 Sébastien EscudierTypo
2009-09-03 Rémi Duraffortadd_bool: wants a boolean.
2009-09-03 Rémi Duraffortftp: let the user see the password in the conf (was...
2009-09-03 Rémi Duraffortgitignore: fix file mode.
2009-09-03 Rémi Duraffortvariables: warn if var_CountChoices result isn't used.
2009-09-03 Rémi Duraffortavcodec_video: cosmetics (use var_CreateGet whe applica...
2009-09-03 Olivier Aubertpython: use new function libvlc_errmsg (reported by...
2009-09-03 Olivier Aubertpython-ctypes: really accomodate new and old-style...
2009-09-03 Olivier Aubertlibvlc.h: mark libvlc_errmsg and libvlc_clearerr with...
2009-09-03 Olivier Aubertpython: remove get_vlc_id
2009-09-03 Olivier Aubertpython: fix undefined/badly defined method bindings...
2009-09-03 Olivier Aubertpython-ctypes: implement comparison operators for enum...
2009-09-03 Olivier Aubertpython-ctypes: tweak exception handling
2009-09-03 Rémi Duraffortavcodec: use AV_VERSION_INT.
2009-09-03 Jean-Baptiste... Avcodec: safeguard for people not using the latest...
2009-09-02 Felix Paul... contribs: fixed correct package selection for x86_64...
2009-09-02 Jean-Baptiste... Contrib: Deactivate ac3 encoder on Win64 if we want...
2009-09-02 Jean-Baptiste... Contrib: use athlon64 as the basic cpu for x86_64
2009-09-02 Jean-Baptiste... Win64: more work from iconv from NightStrike
2009-09-02 Jean-Baptiste... Contrib: fix even more libiconv win64 patch
2009-09-02 Felix Paul... macosx/framework: added a hack to fix compilation on...
2009-09-02 Jean-Baptiste... 10l: Fix typo
2009-09-02 Jean-Baptiste... Update libiconv to latest release...
2009-09-02 Jean-Baptiste... WMAPro: increase the i_output_max to have a proper...
2009-09-02 Jean-Baptiste... FourCC reordering for Audio
2009-09-02 Jean-Baptiste... WMAP native decoder entered FFmpeg.
2009-09-02 Jean-Baptiste... Contrib: fix FFmpeg for Win64 compilation
2009-09-02 Laurent AimarEnabled yuv in "vout display" wrapper.
2009-09-02 Laurent AimarConverted yuv to "vout display" API.
2009-09-02 Rémi Denis... libvlc-module: comments fix
2009-09-02 Rémi Denis... PulseAudio: use 16-bits PCM if FPU is missing
2009-09-02 Rémi Denis... PulseAudio: don't clutter console
2009-09-02 Rémi Duraffortvideo_filter: remove unneeded function.