2007-06-21 Jean-Baptiste... Logo: Correction spotted by ILEoo and patched by Bernie...
2007-06-20 Christophe... Update the polish l10n. Thanks to Freaky Michi.
2007-06-20 Christophe... Some files have been renamed, some added.
2007-06-20 Pierre d'Herbemontbootstrap: Fix previous commit.
2007-06-20 Pierre d'Herbemontbootstrap: Make sure we warn the user when no contrib...
2007-06-20 Jérome DecoodtTrying to fix the build on G5...
2007-06-20 Jérome DecoodtShould fix compilation
2007-06-20 Jérome DecoodtAdd rotate-deciangle for more precision in rotate
2007-06-20 Jean-Paul SamanAdd minimal osdmenu theme based on MacOS x graphics.
2007-06-20 Pierre d'HerbemontActiveX: More input->media_instance fix.
2007-06-19 Pierre d'HerbemontPython: Compilation fix.
2007-06-19 Pierre d'HerbemontPython: Fix misspelling of media_instance.
2007-06-19 Pierre d'Herbemontcontrol/video.c: Use libvlc_media_instance_has_vout...
2007-06-19 Pierre d'HerbemontPython: More input->media_instance changes.
2007-06-19 Pierre d'HerbemontJava: More input->media_instance changes.
2007-06-19 Pierre d'HerbemontActiveX: More input->media_instance changes.
2007-06-19 Pierre d'HerbemontJava: input->media_instance changes.
2007-06-19 Pierre d'HerbemontActiveX: input->media_instance changes.
2007-06-19 Pierre d'HerbemontMozilla: Yet more input->media_instance changes.
2007-06-19 Pierre d'HerbemontMozilla: Yet more input->media_instance changes.
2007-06-19 Antoine CellerierRemove leading line feeds (or while spaces). Fixes...
2007-06-19 Pierre d'Herbemontcontrol/media_descriptor.c: Prefer memcpy over bcopy.
2007-06-19 Pierre d'HerbemontMozilla: Fix previous commit.
2007-06-19 Pierre d'HerbemontMozilla: More input->media_instance changes.
2007-06-19 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Advertise libvlc_media_instance_destroy_and_det...
2007-06-19 Antoine CellerierUntested workarround for buggy asx files with an end...
2007-06-18 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4 - Yet another icon from Danko: Preferences.
2007-06-18 Laurent AimarUpdated NEWS.
2007-06-18 Laurent AimarPatch by Bernie Purcell :
2007-06-18 Laurent AimarAdded missing return value in TitleCallback.
2007-06-18 Laurent AimarAdded speex check in RTSP (untested, close #1091)
2007-06-18 Pierre d'Herbemontbindings/python: Try to match the libvlc input to media...
2007-06-18 Pierre d'HerbemontMozilla: Attempt to match libvlc input to media_instanc...
2007-06-18 Antoine CellerierFix invalid free crash in bookmarks loading code report...
2007-06-18 Rémi Denis... Do not crash when there is no X
2007-06-18 Rémi Denis... Typo
2007-06-18 Jean-Paul SamanUpdate Ilkka Ollakka's contributions.
2007-06-18 Jean-Paul SamanProperly cleanup afilters and vfilters on Close()....
2007-06-17 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Tell the build system to use media_instance.c.
2007-06-17 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Rename the input.c file to media_instance.c.
2007-06-17 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Rename input to media_instance. And add the...
2007-06-17 Pierre d'Herbemontcontrol/media_descriptor.c: Fix a comment.
2007-06-17 Pierre d'Herbemontconrtol/media_descriptor.c: Use VLC_FALSE and VLC_TRUE.
2007-06-17 Pierre d'Herbemontcontrol/libvlc_internal: Dump bool as it doesn't work...
2007-06-17 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: attempt to fix previous commit.
2007-06-17 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Make media_descriptor_t internal.
2007-06-17 Pierre d'HerbemontLibvlc add a media descriptor object.
2007-06-17 Antoine CellerierSync readme with wiki page.
2007-06-17 Antoine Celleriersvn:ignore .deps
2007-06-17 Antoine Cellerierpropset svn:ignore
2007-06-17 Antoine CellerierKleine fix.
2007-06-17 Antoine CellerierCosmetics.
2007-06-17 Antoine CellerierHandle custom meta data in lua playlist scripts.
2007-06-17 Antoine CellerierFix a huge bunch of things in the video effects panel...
2007-06-17 Antoine CellerierFix marq positions list in config.
2007-06-17 Laurent AimarBe sure to restart the mixer on replaygain mode change.
2007-06-17 Antoine CellerierFix copyright date
2007-06-17 Antoine CellerierMake error output usable.
2007-06-17 Laurent AimarAdded replay gain support for:
2007-06-17 Laurent AimarAdded replay gain support (audio-replay-gain-mode track...
2007-06-17 Laurent AimarCall input_Control(INPUT_ADD_INFO) on extra meta data.
2007-06-17 Laurent AimarAdded APEv1/2 support to id3tag.c
2007-06-17 Antoine CellerierSplit the extended video filters panel into many smalle...
2007-06-16 Damien Fouilleulvideo_chroma: a few SSE2 fixes
2007-06-16 Antoine CellerierImplement color change for colorthres and extract filte...
2007-06-16 Dennis van... * NEWS: sync with 0.8.6c
2007-06-16 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4 - Icons for the menus. Works from Danko Dolch again...
2007-06-16 Marian DurkovicFix missing national characters: Ak sa nemôžete dostať...
2007-06-15 Laurent AimarAdded apple chapter support (used by HandBrake, close...
2007-06-15 Damien Fouilleul- video_chromas: more SSE2 and MMX support and optimiza...
2007-06-15 Marian DurkovicMinor fix in Slovak translation: rozhrania -> rozhraní
2007-06-14 Christophe... i18n fixes
2007-06-14 Laurent AimarFixed segfault with subtitle.
2007-06-14 Dennis van... * NEWS: add some whitespace for a change..
2007-06-14 Dennis van... * NEWS: sync with 0.8.6c again..
2007-06-14 Jean-Paul SamanFix potential memleak/crash
2007-06-13 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4 - Minor cosmetic change.
2007-06-13 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4 - Make the update() update the art in mediaInfo.
2007-06-13 Christophe... i18n fixes
2007-06-13 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4 - Support for Media Art in the Media Info dialog...
2007-06-13 Laurent AimarAdded --run-time option to specify how many second...
2007-06-13 Laurent AimarFixed aiff support for stereo files and files with...
2007-06-13 Damien Fouilleulqt4: a few stability fixes when working as a dialogs...
2007-06-13 Damien Fouilleulasx.c: fixed a small bug in skip ad feature
2007-06-13 Jean-Paul SamanWhite space and indentation fixes.
2007-06-13 Jean-Paul SamanMake use of libgcrypt configurable.
2007-06-13 Jean-Paul SamanPortability fix: use head -n 1 iso head -1
2007-06-12 Dennis van... NEWS: sync with bugfix branch
2007-06-12 Laurent AimarFixed access on deleted object.
2007-06-12 Laurent AimarFixed uninitialized variable.
2007-06-12 Laurent AimarDrop audio when playing faster and not using resampler.
2007-06-12 Laurent AimarAll: preliminary support for audio while playing faster...
2007-06-12 Laurent AimarFixed use of released pointer (race condition).
2007-06-12 Damien Fouilleulmozilla: fixed crash on Safari 3 Beta for Windows
2007-06-12 Damien FouilleulMacOSX: fix for --with-macosx-sdk
2007-06-12 Jean-Paul SamanFix potential memleaks
2007-06-12 Jean-Paul SamanDisplay video title when video output is reused.
2007-06-12 Jean-Paul SamanShow title on video output based on users preferences...
2007-06-11 Damien Fouilleulcontrib/bootstrap: MacOSX, avoid multiple -isysroot...
2007-06-11 Christophe... Swedish l10n update by Daniel Nylander