2009-02-14 Rémi Denis... Remove all uses of VLC_Changeset
2009-02-14 Jean-Baptiste... Remove trailing space.
2009-02-14 Joseph TulouCosmetic about i_zoom limitation (patch 3/3)
2009-02-14 Joseph TulouCorrects a Windows limitation (zooming cannot exceed...
2009-02-14 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: remove reference to a dead class.
2009-02-14 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: menu, small "Jump to Time" position change.
2009-02-14 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2009-02-14 Joseph TulouCorrects original width/height calculations to be consi...
2009-02-14 Laurent AimarUser FIND_CHILD for zvbi in libvlc.
2009-02-14 Laurent AimarUse FIND_CHILD for zvbi in qt4.
2009-02-14 Jean-Philippe... Zip (skins2): fix compilation (wrong #include)
2009-02-14 Rémi Duraffortncurses: don't lock to times (no need to lock here).
2009-02-14 Rémi DuraffortNo need to add a '\n' at the end of messages passed...
2009-02-14 Laurent AimarCatch vbi-page event in Qt4.
2009-02-14 Laurent AimarModify vbi page change on key event to trigger vbi...
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarFixed Qt4 opaque state.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarImproved Qt4 teletext button.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarSet the actual page used by zvbi.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarAdded teletext-es description as page number to help...
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarFixed es select/unselected event.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarSimplify a bit Qt4 teletext.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarFlush all subtitles when recycling a vout.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarAdded teletext fields in es_forma_t.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarFixed QT4 teletext buttons.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarUpdated macosx intf after teletext-es change.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarUpdated libvlc_toggle_teletext after teletext-es changes.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarAdded a small var_CountChoices helper.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarChanged "teletext-es" to be a list of teletext spu id.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarFactorized event with variable list code.
2009-02-13 Jean-Philippe... Qt: Open: sort MRLs (alphabetically) before adding...
2009-02-13 Christophe... Add/remove files from POTFILES.in and regenerate vlc.pot
2009-02-13 Christophe... Distribute the profile files
2009-02-13 Pierre YnardFix build when zip support is disabled
2009-02-13 Jean-Baptiste... Use Jump to instead of Go to
2009-02-13 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: deinline createStatusBar() and explicit statusBar...
2009-02-13 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: menus/visualisation fix.
2009-02-12 Laurent AimarSimplify/fix InputManager::customEvent.
2009-02-12 Laurent AimarEmit INPUT_EVENT_TITLE/SEEKPOINT when needed.
2009-02-12 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: menus, more cohenrency.
2009-02-12 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: dialog editor, add a widget to help understand...
2009-02-12 Laurent AimarReorder qt4 audio menu to be more consistant with video...
2009-02-12 Rémi Denis... Add libvlc_media_player_get_(hwnd|xwindow) as requested...
2009-02-12 Rémi Denis... typo
2009-02-12 Laurent AimarFixed audio transcoding when channel mixing or resampli...
2009-02-12 Rémi Denis... OSX: keep the (misdesigned) drawable variable
2009-02-12 Rémi Denis... Add missing dlopen flag (if and only if _needed_).
2009-02-12 Rémi DuraffortNo need to translate warnings messages.
2009-02-11 Laurent AimarDo not create empty title (avformat).
2009-02-11 Laurent AimarFixed msg_Info abuses.
2009-02-11 Fabio RitrovatoGSoC: MTP Devices initial release
2009-02-11 Rémi Denis... Fix one (of several) leaks in interaction
2009-02-11 Rémi Denis... Cleanup input stats when sout fails
2009-02-11 Rémi Denis... Preparsers are quiet objects, no need to check when...
2009-02-11 Rémi Denis... Privatize input_Preparse
2009-02-11 Rémi Denis... Stop spamming the debug logs
2009-02-11 Rémi DuraffortPlaylist have to be lock for playlist_ItemGetByInput...
2009-02-11 Rémi DuraffortThe playlist have to be locked when calling playlist_It...
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... s/Buffering/Buff: this was too long and resized the...
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: code simplification and usage simplification for...
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Change tab order in effects.
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Fix configure syntax. Please test.
2009-02-11 Nicolas Chauvet... ZIP Module - Use the system minizip when available
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Regroup AC_CONFIG_FILES, because neither MSys and Cygwi...
2009-02-11 Christophe... Fix handling of AAC ADTS
2009-02-11 Rémi Denis... Revert "ZIP Module - Use the system minizip when available"
2009-02-11 Rémi Denis... Use MAP_FAILED
2009-02-11 Rémi Denis... framebuffer: Remove pointless test
2009-02-11 Anthony Loiseauactivex: snprintf is defined in stdio.h, include it
2009-02-11 Rémi Denis... Remove trainling white spaces
2009-02-11 Nicolas Chauvet... ZIP Module - Use the system minizip when available
2009-02-11 Jean-Paul Samanfb: Cleanup properly after failing OpenDisplay.
2009-02-11 Jean-Paul Samanfb: unmap mmap'ed area when closing framebuffer display.
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: Kate, update to 0.3.0 and disable-doc by...
2009-02-11 Anthony Loiseauactivex: create "ex" before using this exception variable
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Contrib: Don't build FFmpeg dca decoder on Win32
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Win32 configures: mingw can compile mkv and taglib...
2009-02-11 Jean-Paul Samanactivex: take lock before accessing libvlc_playlist_ite...
2009-02-11 Jean-Paul Samanzvbi: clear zvbi page holder before usage.
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: reparent a textEdit.
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: reparent the first-time dialog and make it die...
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: don't leak the FSC on exit.
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Revert "FSC memory leaks"
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: simplify and solve a leak and make a previous commi...
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: force the deletion that doesn't seem to happen...
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: remove small leaks in menus.hpp
2009-02-11 Anthony LoiseauSort by alphabetical order the extensions.
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste... Qt menus: SD go in the media menu as on Mac.
2009-02-10 Nicolas Chauvet... Mozilla SDK libxul 1.9.1 - preliminary support
2009-02-10 Rémi Duraffortplaylist_search:
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis... Qt4 unparented widgets
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis... Qt4 leak
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis... Qt4 menu leaks
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis... Qt4: more leaks
2009-02-10 Laurent AimarAdded support for shortname in bd access (avchd ?)
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis... FSC memory leaks
2009-02-10 Felix Paul... mozilla: make sure we set the correct file rights befor...
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis... Implement reference counting in the libvlc logger
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis... Restore the libvlc logger lock
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis... libvlc log: stop abusing internal i_verbosity
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis... Remove the verbose callback.