2008-03-31 Rafaël CarréAvoid leaking input items
2008-03-31 Rafaël CarréAssert that we don't leak input items
2008-03-31 Rémi Denis... Fix RTCP SR SDES length field - close #1541
2008-03-31 Rémi Denis... Don't attempt to create ChangeLogs if not in a git...
2008-03-31 Rémi Denis... Ignore config.status (weird that it's not already done...
2008-03-31 Rémi Denis... Remove failing and broken-by-design test
2008-03-31 Rémi Denis... Fix make distcheck
2008-03-31 Rémi Denis... Revert "Copy the changelogs if they exist instead of...
2008-03-31 Rafaël CarréCopy the changelogs if they exist instead of generating...
2008-03-31 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Support for libs/loader.
2008-03-31 Jean-Baptiste... Compile fix for QT 4.2.
2008-03-31 Rafaël CarréFix git calling out of the source tree
2008-03-31 Rémi Denis... Clean changelogs, but not too often
2008-03-31 Rémi Denis... Automate ChangeLog-2008 too
2008-03-31 Rémi Denis... Generate old ChangeLogs automatically
2008-03-31 Pierre d'Herbemontdoc: Suggest to use git shortlog -s to show the author...
2008-03-31 Pierre d'Herbemontdoc: update the release howto for git.
2008-03-31 Rafaël CarréVerbosely report EOF
2008-03-31 Rafaël CarréFix infinite loop
2008-03-31 Pierre d'Herbemontloader: Upgrade pop/push pack headers from latest wine...
2008-03-31 Pierre d'Herbemontcontrib: Put the install directories in gitignore,...
2008-03-31 Pierre d'Herbemontinput: SoutKeep() needs to pay attention to the cases...
2008-03-31 Pierre d'HerbemontThanks Tanguy Krotoff.
2008-03-31 Tanguy Krotofflibvlc: rename all libvlc_MediaInstance in libvlc_Media...
2008-03-31 Tanguy Krotofflibvlc: add libvlc_MediaInstanceStopped
2008-03-31 Rafaël Carréh264 packetizer : do not trust the input data in p_extra
2008-03-31 Rafaël Carréh264: fix maximum size calculation
2008-03-31 Rafaël CarréReally fix H264 packetizing: abort PacketizeAVC1()...
2008-03-31 Rafaël CarréH264 packetizer : NEVER TRUST INPUT !!
2008-03-31 Jean-Paul SamanDon't crash when deinterlacing fails.
2008-03-31 Jean-Paul SamanAdd space after , in defining module properties.
2008-03-31 Jean-Baptiste... Actions on cropping UI. This doesn't work yet, because...
2008-03-31 Jean-Baptiste... Interface for pixel cropping. Ref #1400
2008-03-31 Jean-Baptiste... name fix.
2008-03-31 Jean-Baptiste... Forgotten in previous commit.
2008-03-31 Jean-Baptiste... Add panoramix to the UI.
2008-03-31 Jean-Baptiste... Minor Layout modifications in Extended filters.
2008-03-31 Jean-Baptiste... String renaming.
2008-03-31 Jean-Baptiste... Layout rework and update button.
2008-03-31 Jean-Baptiste... Connect the buttons to the actions.
2008-03-31 Jean-Baptiste... Subs Speed Rate controls.
2008-03-31 Pierre d'Herbemontinput: Don't assume the playlist always exists.
2008-03-31 Pierre d'Herbemontsap: Use vlc_custom_create to create the object. (This...
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Destroy libvlc's vlm instance before the stats...
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: In order not to be confused by a vlm created...
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontinput: Remove input_ItemClean and input_ItemInit from...
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Don't use input_ItemClean. Anyway when we leak...
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontvlm: Only use gc enabled input item. (input_ItemClean...
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontinput: Allow NULL item name.
2008-03-30 Antoine CellerierInstantiate VLM if vlm-conf option is used. You can...
2008-03-30 Rafaël CarréDon't yield the playlist object when it's dead already
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontplaylist: Fix a possible dead lock when the playlist...
2008-03-30 Tanguy Krotofflibvlc: add functions libvlc_get_version() and others
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontplaylist: Use PL_LOCK and PL_UNLOCK.
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontplaylist: Use vlc_object_alive().
2008-03-30 Rafaël CarréCheck cond_wait() return value - Fix a deadlock
2008-03-30 Rafaël CarréDo not mix time() and mdate()
2008-03-30 Ilkka Ollakkasmall adjustment on decoder/encoder fmt_in/out for...
2008-03-30 Rémi Denis... Cosmetic fix
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: media_descriptor->media media_instance->media_pl...
2008-03-30 Rémi Denis... Use var_AcquireMutex for the "libvlc" lock
2008-03-30 Rémi Denis... Do NOT destroy the "libvlc"/global/bank/whatever lock...
2008-03-30 Rémi Denis... *Partially* fix the module bank initialization serializ...
2008-03-30 Rémi Denis... Remove dummy condition - looks like a cut&paste accident
2008-03-30 Rémi Denis... Use p_libvlc_global rather than libvlc_global directly
2008-03-30 Rémi Denis... Remove HTTPD object type
2008-03-30 Rafaël CarréLink xvmc vout with libXxf86vm when available
2008-03-30 Rémi Denis... Document object memory layoyt
2008-03-30 Jean-Baptiste... Interface to delay subtitles and audio. Most of ##1491
2008-03-30 Jean-Baptiste... Start of the work for the audio/video/subs synchronisation
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: rename libvlc_media_descriptor to libvlc_media...
2008-03-30 Jean-Baptiste... Reduce Space in effects UI.
2008-03-30 Jean-Baptiste... No need for FFmpeg protocols.
2008-03-30 Jean-Baptiste... Good location.
2008-03-30 Jean-Baptiste... Revert "ffmpeg RTSP Windows patch -- unsupported error...
2008-03-30 Jean-Baptiste... Small UI fix.
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontmedia_list.c: Fix crash showed by the new testapi tests.
2008-03-30 Lukas DurfinaAdd tests for media list.
2008-03-30 Pierre d'HerbemontRevert "libvlc: Wait for input end."
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemonttestapi: Remove the sleep() hack.
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontvideo_output: Don't keep the input around for a long...
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontstream: No use to vlc_object_yield() and object that...
2008-03-29 Pierre d'Herbemontinput: retain the input item.
2008-03-29 Pierre d'Herbemontobjects: Export vlc_object_dump() to debug.
2008-03-29 Pierre d'Herbemontstats: Move the stat to libvlc instead of the playlist...
2008-03-29 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Wait for input end.
2008-03-29 Pierre d'Herbemontmedia_instance: Use input_CreateThread() to have a...
2008-03-29 Mark MoriartyMakefile -- add ffmpeg win32 RTSP patch
2008-03-29 Mark Moriartyffmpeg RTSP Windows patch -- unsupported error message
2008-03-29 Felix Paul... somewhat fix VLC-release.app: (well, isn't distributabl...
2008-03-29 Rémi Denis... Remove some global object-specific hacks
2008-03-29 Rémi Denis... root object: use vlc_custom_create
2008-03-29 Rémi Denis... Input and playlist: use custom object
2008-03-29 Pierre d'Herbemontes_out: is not a vlc_object_t.
2008-03-29 Pierre d'Herbemontdescription: Fix compilation.
2008-03-29 Pierre d'Herbemontes_out: Put a msg_Dbg in input_EsOutDelete.
2008-03-29 Pierre d'Herbemontdescription: A buggy case needs an assert.
2008-03-29 Rémi Denis... Fix size of VOD objects
2008-03-29 Rémi Denis... Assert that allocate object size makes sense
2008-03-29 Rafaël CarréFix off by one