2006-09-10 Rémi Denis... Ensure libvlc only export symbols from libvlc API
2006-09-10 Clément StenacHandle more hotkeys
2006-09-10 Christophe... Don't build stream_out_switcher by default
2006-09-10 Sam Hocevar * Makefile.am: add empty versioning information to...
2006-09-10 Sam Hocevar * src/Makefile.am: do not use -avoid-version. [ported...
2006-09-09 Antoine CellerierAlso decode VP6 in flash ... this currently decodes...
2006-09-09 Antoine CellerierFFmpeg now has VP5/VP6 decoding (flash uses special...
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... Switch net_Write to poll() to avoid fd set overflow.
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... Accept non-socket handles through net_Read* (closes...
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... Fix segfault. FTP access output is now somehow "tested"
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... More fixes
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... OSX compile fix
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... Oups
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... Untested FTP access output (closes #605)
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... Fix typo
2006-09-09 Clément StenacOne more outdated copyright
2006-09-09 Clément StenacCopyright stuff
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... More cosmetic
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... Cosmetic fixes
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... Don't use someone's else domain in our default values
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... Really fix SDP ordering here too (closes #716 again)
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... * Add multicast source filter (RFC4570),
2006-09-09 Rémi Denis... Another SDP ordering fix
2006-09-08 Antoine CellerierAdd vcrop, vzoom and vratio commands to the rc interfac...
2006-09-08 Pavlov KonstantinALT Linux VLC specfile
2006-09-08 Pavlov Konstantinforgot to mention the last fortune is from #videolan
2006-09-08 Pavlov Konstantinone more fortune
2006-09-08 Rémi Denis... Fix SDP line ordering (closes #716)
2006-09-08 Rémi Denis... Complete(?) migration to net_strerror/net_errno
2006-09-08 Rémi Denis... Well, this time maybe
2006-09-08 Rémi Denis... Might fix Win32 compilation
2006-09-08 Rémi Denis... Add missing const qualifier and fix warnings
2006-09-08 Rémi Denis... Don't rebuild the skin all the time
2006-09-08 Rémi Denis... Actually wreak havoc to the network API.
2006-09-08 Rémi Denis... Fixes
2006-09-08 Rémi Denis... Reallow file descriptor above FD_SETSIZE since we now...
2006-09-08 Rémi Denis... Experimental poll()-capable merge of net_Read, net_Read...
2006-09-08 Rémi Denis... More cleanup
2006-09-08 Rémi Denis... Add message for most of the Winsock errors
2006-09-08 Rémi Denis... Partial cleanup and improved Windows error messages
2006-09-08 Sam Hocevar * modules/stream_out/rtp.c:
2006-09-07 Christophe... Update-po
2006-09-07 Christophe... We need the latest autoconf. see [16537]
2006-09-07 Derk-Jan Hartman* Reset access->info.b_eof when we search. After you...
2006-09-07 Derk-Jan Hartman* Improve duration calculation
2006-09-07 Rémi Denis... Implement net_SetDSCP() to set Diffserv code point...
2006-09-07 Rémi Denis... Make GnuTLS use pthread directly rather than VLC's...
2006-09-07 Rémi Denis... - Check x509 certificates start and end date (*ahem*)
2006-09-07 Rémi Denis... Require more recent GnuTLS and get rid of broken algos.
2006-09-07 Antoine Cellerier:%s/\t/ /g
2006-09-06 Damien Fouilleulvlcplugin.cpp: don't forget to increment argc
2006-09-06 Damien Fouilleul- OpenCV video filter module by Dugal Harris
2006-09-06 Clément StenacUse the "video filter2" capability for transcode's...
2006-09-06 Christophe... Don't use the media library in the mozilla plugin
2006-09-06 Clément StenacPreferences categories are *not* categories. They are...
2006-09-06 Clément StenacOne more encoding fix
2006-09-06 Jean-Paul SamanTypo tha -> that
2006-09-05 Felix Paul... * quick n dirty fix to get the OSX builds compiling...
2006-09-05 Antoine CellerierFFmpeg now has support for VMware's video codec.
2006-09-05 Pavlov Konstantinlink stream_out_switcher with ffmpeg libs (should fix...
2006-09-05 Pavlov KonstantinWe can build ffmpeg and stream_out_switcher as plugins...
2006-09-05 Clément StenacInclude errno.h
2006-09-05 Derk-Jan Hartman* Quote add
2006-09-05 Clément StenacConvert items in the preferences tree to locale
2006-09-05 Clément StenacSplit playlist include file in public/private
2006-09-04 Damien Fouilleulinput.c: fixed state (broke pause)
2006-09-04 Christophe... New update of the Portuguese l10n
2006-09-04 Damien Fouilleulfixed typo
2006-09-04 Damien Fouilleulmozilla: more clean-ups
2006-09-04 Damien Fouilleul- added input state & input rate in control APIs
2006-09-04 Damien Fouilleulforgot that one in last commit
2006-09-04 Damien Fouilleul- input: added intermediate state info opening & buffering
2006-09-04 Christophe... As a second effect of the recent libtool/build system...
2006-09-04 Christophe... We don't use utf-8 in localisable string so drop the...
2006-09-04 Sam Hocevar * src/input/decoder.c: sorry, I'm not allowed to...
2006-09-04 Christophe... * Tell gettext that we use UTF-8.
2006-09-03 Sam Hocevar * src/input/decoder.c: use real, nice quotes.
2006-09-03 Felix Paul... * save playback styles on Macs as well
2006-09-03 Pavlov KonstantinTry to find seamonkey-config too.
2006-09-03 Clément StenacStart grabbing hotkeys in Qt. Unfinished
2006-09-03 Sam Hocevar * src/input/decoder.c: fix "unsupported fourcc" fatal...
2006-09-03 Clément StenacFix postprocessing in menu (Closes:#659)
2006-09-03 Clément StenacAuto load and save media library (Closes:#433)
2006-09-03 Clément Stenacopen directory and playlist
2006-09-03 Clément StenacRemove useless debug, fix a bug
2006-09-03 Clément StenacFix possible crash
2006-09-03 Rémi Denis... Use LTLIBINTL instead of LIBINTL when using libtool.
2006-09-03 Christophe... Start of the work of Ari Constancio on Portuguese local...
2006-09-03 Rémi Denis... Fix type-punning breakage
2006-09-03 Rémi Denis... You shall not pass NULL to IsUTF8().
2006-09-03 Pavlov Konstantinwrite comments in config file in user locale instead...
2006-09-03 Rémi Denis... Another GNU makism killed
2006-09-03 Rémi Denis... Further crackdown on GNU make-isms
2006-09-02 Christophe... hmm One of yesterday commit broke binary compatibility.
2006-09-02 Clément StenacRemember random/loop/repeat
2006-09-02 Clément StenacAdd --play-and-exit option to quit after no more items...
2006-09-02 Antoine CellerierFix refcount issues and only vlc_object_find when needed
2006-09-02 Rémi Denis... Merge [PATCH] http chunked encoding fix
2006-09-02 Christophe... Use our own pkg-config macro. So we don't have problems...
2006-09-02 Antoine CellerierOops.