2006-05-25 Clément StenacFix XSPF (Closes:#651)
2006-05-25 Derk-Jan Hartman* Compile before you commit :D
2006-05-25 Derk-Jan Hartman* Another ID3 tag supported :D
2006-05-25 Clément Stenac* Almost fix shoutcast (still some problems in "flat...
2006-05-25 Rémi Denis... Fix overflows
2006-05-25 Clément StenacFix DVB demuxer. Barely tested
2006-05-25 Rémi Denis... Also implement msleep() wrt _POSIX_MONOTONIC_CLOCK
2006-05-25 Clément Stenac* Remove unused playlist_ItemCopy
2006-05-25 Clément StenacFix playing from popup
2006-05-25 Clément StenacFix a bug in preparse throttling
2006-05-25 Clément Stenac* Search on artist and album
2006-05-25 Clément StenacFix m3u unhandled meta
2006-05-24 Rémi Denis... Fix monotonic clock POSIX option detection
2006-05-24 Rémi Denis... Use the monotonic clock from POSIX real time extension...
2006-05-23 Christophe... configure.ac: Forgot this one.
2006-05-22 Dennis van... proper subme integer range
2006-05-22 Christophe... configure.ac: More strict test fot GL stuff
2006-05-22 Felix Paul... * fixed a typo
2006-05-22 Christophe... s/livedotcom/live555
2006-05-22 Christophe... Update po file after filename change ( we should do...
2006-05-21 Yoann Peronneau* control/hotkeys.c: Fix Play/Pause hotkey
2006-05-21 Antoine CellerierAdd support for keyboard multimedia keys on win32....
2006-05-21 Christophe... Update
2006-05-21 Christophe... s/livedotcom/live555/
2006-05-21 Christophe... ALL: s/livedotcom/live555/
2006-05-21 Benjamin Pracht* Fix hal detection
2006-05-21 Christophe... Fix the integer widget
2006-05-20 Benjamin Pracht* HAL / DBUS / GnomeVFS aren't linux only
2006-05-20 Rémi Denis... Add missing const qualifier
2006-05-20 Rémi Denis... missing #include
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanUse correct datatype in srtncasecmp
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanUse correct datatype
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanUse correct types
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanRemove unused variables
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanRemove unused variables and #ifdef DEBUG_SPUDEC the...
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanCompare the right datatypes
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanDefault value for pointer that could be used uninitalised
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanReturn in a non-void function
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanRemove unused variables
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanReturn in a non-void function
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanReturn in a non-void function
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanCompare using the right data types
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanRemove unused variables
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanRemove unused variables
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanRemove unused variables
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanFix data type: Compiler warning
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanRemove unused variables
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanCompiler warning
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanAdd missing vlc_es.h
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul Samanreturn -1 in a non-void function
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanCompiler warnings
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanCompiler warnings
2006-05-20 Jean-Paul Samanx264 options patch from Dennis van Amerongen (Trax...
2006-05-19 Clément Stenacgcc 2.95 compile fix
2006-05-18 Christophe... Add Czech translation. Many thaks to Miroslav Oujesky
2006-05-18 Damien Fouilleul- using strcmp with a NULL string isn't really a good...
2006-05-18 Felix Paul... * address the user formally instead of informally ...
2006-05-17 Derk-Jan Hartman* This makes the cddax and vcdx modules compile again...
2006-05-17 Jean-Paul SamanFix po/Makefile.in.in
2006-05-17 Clément StenacForgot to change the deletion function
2006-05-17 Yoann Peronneau* gui/ncurses.c: first attempt to fix ncurses with...
2006-05-17 Yoann Peronneau* playlist/tree.c: when removing a node, don't forget...
2006-05-16 Christophe... Fix mozilla and xpidl detection
2006-05-16 Derk-Jan Hartman* Fixed Meta for OSX, so i know what music i'm listenin...
2006-05-16 Felix Paul... * sorry, this part wasn't supposed to be committed yet
2006-05-16 Felix Paul... * ask for the name of the new node through the interact...
2006-05-16 Derk-Jan Hartman* don't fail http output if AVAHI support is enabled...
2006-05-16 Derk-Jan Hartman* detail what id3tag handling is unimplemented.
2006-05-16 Felix Paul... * update of the German translation by Mathias C. Berens...
2006-05-16 Jean-Paul Samancoding style fix
2006-05-16 Jean-Paul SamanFix potential segmentation fault
2006-05-16 Jean-Paul SamanFix po installation
2006-05-16 Jean-Paul SamanFix Segmentation fault in RPN while parsing pathnames.
2006-05-15 Felix Paul... * a plain %s can't be localised IMHO ;)
2006-05-15 Christophe... New playlist API fix.
2006-05-15 Clément StenacLast fix for win32 ?
2006-05-15 Clément StenacShould fix Xosd compilation
2006-05-15 Clément StenacShould fix win32 WX compile
2006-05-15 Clément StenacFix bonjour compilation. Completely untested
2006-05-15 Christophe... Run make update-po. Fix make dist
2006-05-15 Clément StenacNew helper to create nodes for services discovery
2006-05-14 Olivier Teulière * skins2: new LayoutID.isActive boolean variable
2006-05-14 Felix Paul... * more compilation fixes
2006-05-14 Olivier Teulière * skins2/src/skin_main.cpp: Do not forget to return...
2006-05-14 Olivier Teulière * skins2/parser/skin_parser.cpp: make sure the IDs...
2006-05-14 Felix Paul... * vlc-meta fixes
2006-05-14 Clément StenacFix ffmpeg linking
2006-05-14 Clément StenacFix shout compile
2006-05-14 Clément StenacChange some error message to assertions
2006-05-14 Clément StenacFix http access output with bonjour
2006-05-14 Olivier Teulière * src/input/input.c: msg_Warn --> msg_Dbg
2006-05-14 Clément StenacMerge back branch 0.8.6-playlist-vlm to trunk.
2006-05-14 Olivier Teulière * skins2/win32/win32_factory.cpp: msg_Err --> msg_Dbg
2006-05-14 Rémi Denis... Remove non breakable space
2006-05-14 Cyril Deguet* vlcproc.cpp: fixed detection of play/pause status...
2006-05-14 Clément StenacBe more resilient
2006-05-14 Felix Paul... * forgot to add UserOkayCancel to the header (creates...
2006-05-14 Felix Paul... * new dialogue type to prompt the user for a string
2006-05-14 Felix Paul... * introduction of a widget-free progress bar dialogue...
2006-05-14 Felix Paul... * first implementation of a widget-free authentication...