2008-09-18 Rémi Denis... Use stat properly (you don't want to open directories...
2008-09-18 Jean-Baptiste... MKV: Split classes in many files.
2008-09-18 Jean-Baptiste... MKV: Copy mkv.cpp to many different files.
2008-09-18 Jean-Baptiste... Move MKV demuxer to its own subfolder.
2008-09-18 Laurent AimarFixed broken input_AddSubtitles.
2008-09-18 Laurent AimarFlush subtitle on seek.
2008-09-18 Laurent AimarDo not throw away the last subtitle for subrip and...
2008-09-18 Laurent AimarHandle special blocks in subsdec.
2008-09-18 Laurent AimarReset input slave eof flag on seek.
2008-09-18 Antoine CellerierAdd URI column to Qt4 playlist. Add sorting by URI...
2008-09-18 Antoine CellerierFix opening of some podcasts.
2008-09-18 Derk-Jan Hartmanavformat: set the "duration/length/ of a packet if...
2008-09-18 Derk-Jan Hartmanavcodec: add fourcc's for some of the avcodec supported...
2008-09-18 Derk-Jan Hartmanavformat: attachments should still be treated as tracks...
2008-09-18 Derk-Jan Hartmanaudiofilters: Do not try to insert user audio-filters...
2008-09-18 Jean-Baptiste... Disable focus on buttons to avoid "space" to be catched...
2008-09-18 Jean-Baptiste... ConfigDir mess up on windows.
2008-09-17 Jean-Baptiste... String updates from tonsofpcs
2008-09-17 Derk-Jan Hartmancontrib: re-enable swscale, remove no longer needed...
2008-09-17 Derk-Jan Hartmanavformat: attachment support for fonts.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarSupport for overlapped subtitle part 2.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarSupport for overlapped subtitle part 1.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarAssert variable type in var_Set/GetXYZ.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2008-09-17 Pierre d'Herbemontconfigure: Use fno-omit-frame-pointer with --enable...
2008-09-17 Rémi Denis... Fix flexible array usage gcc-ism
2008-09-17 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: dir:/ -> directory://
2008-09-17 Derk-Jan Hartmanreal demux: Set to prio 0.
2008-09-17 Jean-Baptiste... Add .nuv in interface and installer.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarFixed subtitle pausing.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarSet minimum scale in spu core for text renderer.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarFixed subusf rendering.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarFixed a segfault when trying to render a unbreakable...
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarA little clean up in subsusf decoder.
2008-09-17 Rémi DuraffortDon't use FREENULL when that's not needed and don't...
2008-09-17 Jean-Baptiste... Obvious mistake in French Translation.
2008-09-17 Jean-Baptiste... Use DIR_SEP instead of /
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarFixed spu margin and more subtitle clean up.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarSpuRegionPlace now works in rendered unit.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarRemoved a little hack in subpicture cache code.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarClean up a bit subpicture release code.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarFixed picture cache creation.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarUsed const for video_format_t when possible.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarFixed spu_RenderSubpictures prototype.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarClean up subpicture code.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarRemoved spu_MakeRegion as it was broken by design.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarDo not use pf_make_region as it leads to a horrible...
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarSimplify dynamicoverlay and removed the need of pf_make...
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarFactorize duplicated code, again.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarLoad the scalers and text renderer at SPU creation.
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarLoading the text renderer does not need the real video...
2008-09-17 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2008-09-17 Geoffroy CouprieShould remove the big white noise that was produced
2008-09-17 Geoffroy Couprieremove on more b_dead old use
2008-09-17 Derk-Jan Hartmanquartztext: One more fix to [f0d84d019c8c240c47672b82b...
2008-09-17 Derk-Jan Hartmanquartztext: fix [f0d84d019c8c240c47672b82be123dc979b8d0...
2008-09-17 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: partial revert of [fa78d3b351465c9356b64484b979...
2008-09-17 Derk-Jan Hartmanquartztext: Use 10.4 compatible alternative to kCGColor...
2008-09-16 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Remove the deprecated quickdraw vout.
2008-09-16 Pierre d'Herbemontavformat: Don't accept negative size.
2008-09-16 Yoann PeronneauUpdate XSPF playlist structure to use <vlc:id> instead...
2008-09-16 Jean-Baptiste... Provide a SPrefs to deactivate the systray icon as...
2008-09-16 Pierre d'Herbemontes_format: Robustification of es_format_copy to avoid...
2008-09-16 Pierre d'Herbemontquartztext: Reenable quartztext along with some enhance...
2008-09-16 Rémi Denis... Document the assertion
2008-09-16 Rémi Denis... Win32: fail safe when loading plugins
2008-09-16 Rémi Denis... Win32:use Unicode LoadLibrary
2008-09-16 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Use fork+exec instead of posix_spawn.
2008-09-16 Laurent AimarCompilation fix for kate.
2008-09-16 Laurent AimarSimplify and fixed absolute text positioning.
2008-09-16 Rémi Denis... mmap: allow tweaking the PTS delay
2008-09-16 Rémi Denis... mmap: handle I/O errors as fatal
2008-09-16 Derk-Jan Hartmansubass: Fix crash in the simple SSA/ASS decoder.
2008-09-16 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Use freetype fonts in simple prefs.
2008-09-16 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Properly relaunch VLC when asked for.
2008-09-16 Pierre d'Herbemontquartztext: Disable as freetype is doing a better job...
2008-09-16 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Make sure preferences version is saved.
2008-09-16 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Set the pref version key if the ignore button...
2008-09-16 Geoffroy Coupriethere's no vlc_thread_create(p_helper)
2008-09-15 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Check for older preferences and ask to delete...
2008-09-15 Derk-Jan Hartmanmkv: lower priority of mkv module to 0
2008-09-15 Laurent AimarFixed ASS subtitle with anamorphic video.
2008-09-15 Laurent AimarSimplify a bit scale factor computation by using helpers.
2008-09-15 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: We need the PL_LOCK here (May fix a race we...
2008-09-15 Derk-Jan Hartmanps demux: fix an issue in ps_pkt_read()
2008-09-15 Pierre d'Herbemontquartztext: Better font compromise. (Use Arial Black...
2008-09-15 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: fix forward button in main controller to go...
2008-09-15 Laurent AimarRemoved unused or redondant fields from subpicture.
2008-09-15 Laurent AimarRemoved useless width/height fields in subpicture_t.
2008-09-15 Rémi Denis... Zero tab entries when you allocate them
2008-09-15 Rémi Denis... Useless FREENULL -> free
2008-09-15 Laurent AimarEnabled AR change in deinterlace (typo).
2008-09-15 Laurent AimarClean up subtitle core.
2008-09-15 Laurent AimarCosmetics (subtitles).
2008-09-15 Laurent AimarUse tha same date for updating subtitles regions.
2008-09-15 Laurent AimarReorder a bit subpicture render function.
2008-09-14 Jean-Baptiste... Update Release Howto.
2008-09-14 Rémi Denis... Fix the news (forward-ported from to-be 0.9.3)
2008-09-14 Felix Paul... macosx: finally implement a Reveal-in-Finder functionality
2008-09-14 Laurent AimarAdded support for eac3 in a52 packetizer.