2008-11-19 Laurent AimarFix deadlock when the decoder return an error.
2008-11-19 Laurent AimarFixed rawvideo packetizer.
2008-11-19 Laurent AimarMake icecast server detection more robust.
2008-11-19 Laurent AimarFix potential invalid sout buffer chain in decoder.
2008-11-18 Lukas Durfinalibvlc: get right name of audio output module
2008-11-18 Laurent AimarAdded timeshift support.
2008-11-18 Laurent AimarImproved ogm support + fix typo.
2008-11-18 Laurent AimarFixed possible out of bound access + infinite loop...
2008-11-18 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2008-11-18 Laurent AimarFixed double free.
2008-11-18 Vincent Penquerc'hDo not delay processing of the first data page of the...
2008-11-18 Laurent AimarFixed block_Realloc when block_t->p_buffer has changed.
2008-11-18 Laurent AimarUse vlc_rand_bytes for utf8_mkstemp.
2008-11-18 Laurent AimarCosmetics (use PES_EXTENDED_STREAM_ID)
2008-11-18 Laurent AimarAdded utf8_mkstemp to src/libvlccore.sym.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarFixed es selection regression.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarFaster close when timeshift is active.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarFixed a segfault in ES_OUT_GET_ES_STATE (typo).
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarUse utf8_mkstemp in timeshift.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarAdded a utf8_mkstemp implementation.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarReduce memory usage (-28%) by packing index structures.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarUpdated "can-pause" value.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarAdded timeshift options (input-timeshift-granularity...
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarFixed missing unlock in case of error (timeshift).
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarRemoved timeshift module.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarDump data to disk when timeshifting.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarPrepare file storage in timeshift.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarClean up.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarAdded frame by frame support in es out timeshift.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarPrivatized ES_OUT_SET_ACTIVE/MODE and removed ES_OUT_GE...
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarStop timeshifting when unused.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarUntangled es_out_timeshift lock/wait/properties.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarNo functionnal changes (timeshift).
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarAuto reset rate to source rate when no more buffered...
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarAdded rate change support to es_out_timeshift.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarImplemented pause for non pausable stream (in memory).
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarCosmetic.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarAllow using es_out timeshift pause support.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarBegin es out timeshift implementation.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarAdded initial skeleton for es_out timeshift support.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarFixed ES_OUT_SET_FMT name.
2008-11-17 Jean-Baptiste... Patch to enable/disable key and mouse handling at vout...
2008-11-17 Pierre YnardTemporarily work around crashing on Windows due to %zu
2008-11-17 Jean-Baptiste... Support for QAM modulation on ATSC
2008-11-17 Christophe... Don't distribute ./compile
2008-11-17 Christophe... Distribute pixmaps/toolbars/*
2008-11-17 Christophe... rtp/xiph.c has no strings and is not (yet) distributed
2008-11-16 Alexis BallierAllow disabling libsysfs support
2008-11-15 Laurent AimarFixed snapshot while video is paused.
2008-11-15 David Flynncodec/dirac: Fix video format guessing
2008-11-15 Jean-Baptiste... NEWS: Dirac is now available in TS too.
2008-11-15 Jean-Baptiste... [Qt] Use the new Frame-By-Frame icon.
2008-11-15 Vincent Penquerc'hdo not mind large time discontinuities in SPU streams...
2008-11-15 Laurent AimarRemoved useless test.
2008-11-15 David Flynnmux/mpeg/pes: move PES_PRIVATE_STREAM_1 id handling...
2008-11-15 David Flynnmux/mpeg/ts: Add dirac muxing support
2008-11-15 David Flynnmux/mpeg/pes: Add support for stream_id_extension
2008-11-15 Laurent AimarAdded 2 asserts.
2008-11-15 David Flynnmux/mpeg/pes: Add support for unbounded VIDEO_ES
2008-11-15 David Flynnmux/mpeg/pes: Add documentation stub
2008-11-14 Rémi DuraffortRevert "Fix compilation warning when compiling without...
2008-11-14 Jean-Baptiste... [Qt] New icons... Because you are worth it.
2008-11-13 Rémi DuraffortCmml: again, fix warning in a better way.
2008-11-13 Rémi Duraffortcmml: *Really* fix compilation warning.
2008-11-13 Rémi DuraffortFix compilation warning when compiling without --enable...
2008-11-13 Jean-Baptiste... Some NEWS.
2008-11-13 COCQUEBERT... Fix toggling when Video is not embedded
2008-11-13 Antoine LejeuneMaemo: Add the swscale_nokia770 library
2008-11-13 Antoine LejeuneA new GUI for Maemo based on Hildon framework
2008-11-13 Vicente Jimenez... Misspelling DCCP code
2008-11-13 Jean-Baptiste... Correct typo in previous commits.
2008-11-13 Jean-Baptiste... [Win32] package scripts updates.
2008-11-13 Jean-Baptiste... [Win32] add a MSys configure script.
2008-11-13 Jean-Baptiste... [Win32] Package: Warn if unix2dos fails, since this...
2008-11-12 Christophe... RTP has moved to access/
2008-11-12 Felix Paul... ub.sh: prettified the comments a bit
2008-11-12 Laurent AimarFixed output bitrate value + cosmetics.
2008-11-12 David Flynncodec/dirac: Rewrite libdirac(-research) encoding support
2008-11-12 Ludovic FauvetFix a cursor selection bug in the Messages logs (see...
2008-11-12 Paul Corkehttpd: correctly reads from ufd[]...
2008-11-11 Dominique LeuenbergerAdd support for bbc.co.uk iPLayer URLs (LUA Script)
2008-11-11 Christophe... i18: Translate one more string
2008-11-11 Christophe... Sync NEWS
2008-11-11 Laurent AimarRevert "Increased VOUT_IDLE_SLEEP as a proper wait...
2008-11-11 Laurent AimarRemoved es_out_Lock/Unlock.
2008-11-11 Laurent AimarRemoved stream immediate.
2008-11-11 Laurent AimarRemoved useless buffering at stream level.
2008-11-11 Laurent AimarIncreased VOUT_IDLE_SLEEP as a proper wait/lock is...
2008-11-11 Felix Paul... Fix package-macosx-plugin target on MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard).
2008-11-11 Ilkka OllakkaModify caching-values in simple-preferences, so new...
2008-11-11 Ilkka OllakkaEnable ffmpeg aac decoder, seems to work currently.
2008-11-10 David Flynncodec/dirac: remove decoder functionality
2008-11-10 Laurent AimarConstify es_out_Add es_format_t* argument.
2008-11-10 David Flynnmux/ogg: Enable OggDirac support
2008-11-10 Jean-Baptiste... [Contrib] GnuTLS update to 2.6.1
2008-11-10 Sebastien Escudierlive555.cpp typo
2008-11-10 Jean-Baptiste... [Contrib] Dirac update to 1.0.0. Some patches were...