2008-09-03 Rémi Denis... Telnet: fix arbitrary tick
2008-09-03 Rémi Denis... strsep does not need to be exported for now
2008-09-03 Rémi Denis... Avoid alloca()
2008-09-03 Rémi Denis... No point in checking vlc_object_alive there
2008-09-03 Rémi Denis... Do not lock the input while talking to D-Bus
2008-09-03 Rémi DuraffortFix memleak (don't ask for error just for fun).
2008-09-03 Jean-Baptiste... Correctly fix #1746 on Windows. Special for Trax :D
2008-09-03 Laurent AimarImplemented strsep replacement.
2008-09-03 Rémi Denis... Revert "CLOCK_FREQ is a 64-bits quantity as mtime_t"
2008-09-03 Rémi Denis... Use CLOCK_FREQ
2008-09-03 Rémi Denis... CLOCK_FREQ is a 64-bits quantity as mtime_t
2008-09-03 Rémi Denis... Fix warning
2008-09-03 Antoine CellerierOops.
2008-09-03 Antoine CellerierAdd Actech to THANKS.
2008-09-02 Laurent AimarImproved a bit still frame support.
2008-09-02 Laurent AimarFixed a typo in YUVP blending to RGB.
2008-09-02 Laurent Aimarvout_RenderPicture should not render subtitles on the...
2008-09-02 Laurent AimarDo not filter the same picture multiple times (close...
2008-09-02 Christophe... Small fixes on the man page
2008-09-02 Christophe... l10n: Hungarian update by Gabor Kelemen
2008-09-02 Christophe... i18n: tell gettext to not be silly
2008-09-02 Laurent AimarCosmetic.
2008-09-02 Laurent AimarFixed a big rtp demuxer.
2008-09-02 Laurent AimarCosmetics + clean up.
2008-09-02 Rémi Denis... Shrink overly large blocks
2008-09-02 Antoine CellerierEncoders are allowed to change the input format. Hence...
2008-09-02 Antoine CellerierDon't take removed options into account when checking...
2008-09-02 Ilkka OllakkaRevert "transcode: try to fix audio resampling (fix...
2008-09-02 Derk-Jan Hartmansubtitle demux: add comment about how to enable auto...
2008-09-02 Derk-Jan Hartmansubtitle detection: Add support for pbs, dks, mpsub...
2008-09-02 Derk-Jan Hartmansubtitle detection: add support for auto-detecting...
2008-09-02 Pierre d'HerbemontFix make check.
2008-09-02 Jean-Philippe... Qt bugfix: pressing Enter Key in preferences dialog...
2008-09-02 Jean-Baptiste... Thanks to JPeg...
2008-09-02 JPegBugfix: last.fm segfaults under Windows This is due...
2008-09-02 Pierre d'Herbemontmessages: Fix a warning.
2008-09-02 Antoine CellerierIn fact it's the module name (as in MODULE_NAME on...
2008-09-02 Antoine CellerierAlso allow filtering based on module names.
2008-09-01 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Add a --verbose-objects option to select which...
2008-09-01 Pierre d'Herbemontupdate: Make sure we don't leak.
2008-09-01 Antoine CellerierAccept partial matches with -p <module name> (aka ...
2008-09-01 Antoine CellerierWhen applicable, mention that modules weren't displayed...
2008-09-01 Antoine CellerierMention --list and --list-verbose if a vlc -p <string...
2008-09-01 Antoine CellerierPrint the module name in help output (else the user...
2008-09-01 Antoine CellerierFix mistake in 92290c9d that allowed modules with no...
2008-09-01 Antoine CellerierRemove trailing spaces.
2008-09-01 Laurent AimarFixed timestamp in ffmpeg reget_buffer callback.
2008-09-01 Laurent AimarAdded missing dvb scan.h include in Modules.am.
2008-09-01 Laurent AimarFixed decoder picture leak detection code.
2008-09-01 Laurent AimarRevert "Partially work around a picture link in libmpeg2."
2008-09-01 Laurent AimarRemoved a debug commit in ffmpeg (do not force display...
2008-09-01 Laurent AimarRevert "Revert "Improved rtjpeg and seek NUV demuxer...
2008-09-01 Christophe... Fix RCC rules
2008-09-01 Christophe... Fix input_state_changed()
2008-09-01 Rémi Denis... CacheName: inline and thread-safe
2008-09-01 Rémi Denis... Win32: fix malloc when creating a thread
2008-09-01 Rafaël Carrélive555: use floats for i_npt as well, remove useless...
2008-09-01 Rafaël Carrélive555: keep the npt clock unit: floats representing...
2008-09-01 Rafaël CarréVLM: be sure the input thread has terminated
2008-08-31 Antoine CellerierHere too (can't the Win32 and OS X stuff be factorized...
2008-08-31 Antoine CellerierInclude all the lua README.txt files in DIST and fix...
2008-08-31 Antoine CellerierClarify user specific lua script path on linux.
2008-08-31 Christophe... Install scripts correctly.
2008-08-31 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: Check for NULLity to avoid segfault in AdvPrefs...
2008-08-31 Jean-Baptiste... Bump Qt for windows to 4.4.1
2008-08-31 Rémi Denis... Update Windows versions
2008-08-31 Rémi Denis... VS has not been supported for ages.
2008-08-31 Rémi Denis... Simplifications
2008-08-31 Rémi Denis... Remove UTF-32 hacks from stream.
2008-08-31 Ilkka OllakkaTake care of different input/canvas aspect-ratio
2008-08-31 Ilkka OllakkaUse even padding in canvas
2008-08-31 Antoine CellerierFix croppadd out of bounds write (we were padding ...
2008-08-31 Rémi Denis... Typo
2008-08-31 Rémi Denis... Unexport vlc_object_dump
2008-08-31 Rémi Denis... Check for leaked objects while we still can
2008-08-31 Christophe... Fix i18n in update.c
2008-08-31 Pierre d'Herbemontplaylist: Initialize private members. (oops)
2008-08-31 Rémi Denis... Build a separate non-installable VLC for easier debugging
2008-08-31 Rémi Denis... Move kept sout instance to playlist private data
2008-08-31 Rémi Denis... memset outside of lock
2008-08-31 Pierre d'Herbemontplaylist: Fetcher and parser are playlist private.
2008-08-30 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Don't allow playlist or media list draging.
2008-08-30 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: the deprecated vlc_object_get takes 2 args...
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... Win32: fix vlc_control_cancel from main() task
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... Use stat rather than fopen+fclose to check if file...
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... Memory leak
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... Pointer cast warning
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... Unused parameter
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... p_module_bank: move out of vlc_global
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... Do not log through modules (they are not tied to any...
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... module_Call: specify object for logging
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... Init the structure lock just once
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... Resync object leak check
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... One objects tree per instance rather than per process
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... vlc_object_get: take instance as a parameter
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... vlc_custom_create: no need to invoke the global root...
2008-08-30 Ilkka OllakkaSet i_aspect after vfilter in transcode
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... Unused variable
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... Initialize messages stacks inside the message bank
2008-08-30 Rémi Denis... Remove vlc_threadobj (did not work properly anymore)