2008-08-23 Antoine CellerierUse the same order for buttons in the fullscreen interf...
2008-08-23 Rémi Denis... Remove some files without translations
2008-08-23 Antoine CellerierChange the fullscreen button in the fullscreen controll...
2008-08-23 Rémi Denis... Disable fast install for now due to libtool brain damage
2008-08-23 Rémi Denis... Move the executables out of src/
2008-08-23 Laurent AimarProperly handle input state in InputSourceInit.
2008-08-23 Laurent AimarRevert "Keep p_input->i_state when adding a subtitle...
2008-08-23 Rémi Denis... Move libvlccore test to their dir
2008-08-23 Antoine CellerierKeep p_input->i_state when adding a subtitle on the...
2008-08-23 Rémi Denis... Fix gettext syntax
2008-08-23 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Save avi-index.
2008-08-23 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Remove some #define abuses and assert() when...
2008-08-23 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Save a reference to the view in the voutgl.
2008-08-23 Felix Paul... macosx: fixed non-localised main menu item
2008-08-23 Rémi Denis... Mono downmix is broken - document it
2008-08-23 Jean-Baptiste... Fix #1896
2008-08-23 Jean-Philippe... Qt: by default resize main interface so that it shows...
2008-08-23 Jean-Philippe... Try to close ticket '#1775' (Qt intf startup size is...
2008-08-23 Jean-Philippe... This is an attempt to close '#1716' (zoom has to be...
2008-08-23 Jean-Philippe... Implement 'record' button in Qt intf
2008-08-23 Jean-Philippe... Add a variable + callback to toggle the record status.
2008-08-23 Jean-Philippe... Revert b1cea0a301d6bc partially (bad warning fix)
2008-08-23 Jean-Baptiste... Fix demuxdump MRL generation in Sout (Qt part of #1853 )
2008-08-22 Rémi DuraffortUpdate modules/LIST
2008-08-22 Geoffroy CouprieAdd tree-view for SD only
2008-08-22 Jean-Baptiste... Menu order after protests.
2008-08-22 Rémi DuraffortFix #1768
2008-08-22 Rémi DuraffortDon't move an item to the middle of nowhere.
2008-08-22 Rémi DuraffortForgottent "fix warning".
2008-08-22 Jean-Baptiste... Use FIND_CHILD when possible to look for the vout as...
2008-08-22 Loïc MinierMerge branch 'master' of git.videolan.org:vlc
2008-08-22 Loïc MinierFix #if WIN32_TRICK to be an #ifdef
2008-08-22 Felix Paul... macosx: fixed download URL for the eyetv plugin
2008-08-22 Jean-Baptiste... Find correctly the Vout.
2008-08-22 Jean-Baptiste... Close #1717 (windows only )
2008-08-22 Jean-Baptiste... Use the input_MRLSplit to open containing folder for...
2008-08-22 Loïc MinierFix man page syntax errors
2008-08-22 Jean-Baptiste... qt4: Fix hotkey i for FS controller
2008-08-22 Laurent AimarFixed input slave reading of a52/dts/flac/m4a/mpga...
2008-08-22 Jean-Philippe... Fix warnings. Note that seeking is not enabled with...
2008-08-22 Jean-Philippe... Remove two compilation warnings (unused variables).
2008-08-22 Jean-Philippe... Qt: don't save A to B state when the input item changes...
2008-08-22 Jean-Philippe... Qt: Implement Stream/Save in playlist popup menu
2008-08-22 Jean-Baptiste... Fix #1884
2008-08-22 Jean-Philippe... Qt: don't call SeparateEntries twice
2008-08-22 Jean-Baptiste... Small invertion in the menu.
2008-08-22 Jean-Baptiste... Implement 'i' hotkey to show FSC.
2008-08-22 Jean-Baptiste... Fix some Sout dialog resizing issues.
2008-08-22 Jean-Baptiste... Restore MediaInfo size after launch.
2008-08-22 Laurent AimarExport input_SplitMRL helper.
2008-08-22 Lukas Durfinaqt4: Fix wrong hidding FS controller caused by disablin...
2008-08-22 Jean-Baptiste... Fix typo.
2008-08-21 Jean-Baptiste... Fix a segfault regression introduced in [f9b25cf4378f25...
2008-08-21 Laurent AimarFixed h264 aspect ratio overflow.
2008-08-21 Jean-Baptiste... Open a file location. Very dumb and incomplete.
2008-08-21 Jean-Philippe... Qt: Save/Convert dialog should not show any streaming...
2008-08-21 Christophe... l10n: Catalan update by Xènia Albà Cantero
2008-08-21 Jean-Baptiste... Fix the "No such slot PLModel::popupExplore()" on win32...
2008-08-21 Jean-Baptiste... Forgotten file in previous commit.
2008-08-21 Jean-Baptiste... Bookmarks: close #1661
2008-08-21 Derk-Jan Hartmandvdnav: switch to the activated color sooner
2008-08-21 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: Fix "chapter buttons not hiding when stop is clicke...
2008-08-21 Rémi Denis... Fix typo
2008-08-21 Rémi Denis... Remove the mono filter - not working as per ml (lack...
2008-08-21 Jean-Baptiste... Reorder the menus items.
2008-08-21 Laurent AimarClean up and more panoramix fixes.
2008-08-21 Laurent AimarSend an end of sequence after a still frame.
2008-08-21 Laurent AimarAdded BLOCK_FLAG_END_OF_SEQUENCE and use it for mpeg2.
2008-08-21 Laurent AimarCheck a few mp4 mallocs.
2008-08-21 Laurent AimarFixed a few segfaults with broken mp4 files and fixed...
2008-08-21 Antoine CellerierAdd help string for vout-filter option.
2008-08-21 Felix Paul... Final update of the German translation
2008-08-20 Laurent AimarRemoved stupid debug message.
2008-08-20 Laurent AimarFixed YUVP blending (my bad for not testing it).
2008-08-20 Laurent AimarIt seems needed to have exact symbols order.
2008-08-20 Derk-Jan Hartmanswscale: prefer swscale over our own chroma modules,
2008-08-20 Laurent AimarRemoved video_format_FixRgb from blend.c
2008-08-20 Laurent AimarUse video_format_FixRgb.
2008-08-20 Laurent AimarUninlined es_format_t functions and added video_format_...
2008-08-20 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2008-08-20 Christophe... l10n: Italian update by Vincenzo Reale
2008-08-20 Christophe... l10n: Traditional chinese update by Hsi-Ching Chao
2008-08-20 Christophe... Fix linking of live555 module
2008-08-20 Laurent AimarLast part of blend.c cleanup, added RV15 and fixed...
2008-08-20 Laurent AimarMore blend clean up.
2008-08-20 Laurent AimarBegin clean up of giant blend ctl-c ctl-v.
2008-08-20 Rémi DuraffortSimplify code and remove unneeded tests.
2008-08-20 Rémi DuraffortCheck malloc return value and fix warnings.
2008-08-20 Rémi DuraffortCheck malloc return value and avoid memleaks.
2008-08-20 Rémi DuraffortCheck malloc return value.
2008-08-20 Rémi DuraffortFix a memleak when a connection is closed.
2008-08-20 Rémi DuraffortFix potential memleak.
2008-08-20 Rémi DuraffortFix potential memleaks and remove stupid tests.
2008-08-20 Rémi DuraffortFix potential memleaks (free the module if it can't...
2008-08-20 Laurent AimarCorrectly set rgb mask for xvideo output too.
2008-08-20 Laurent AimarFactorize and correctly set rgb shifts.
2008-08-20 Laurent AimarFixed a bit panoramix.
2008-08-20 Jean-Baptiste... Kill a warning and put i_datalength as an uint32_t
2008-08-20 Jean-Baptiste... TTA: Sanity check to avoid overflow and typo
2008-08-20 Rémi Denis... TTA: robustify and avoid one memcpy/allocation