2006-08-29 Clément StenacSome preliminary work for streaming stuff
2006-08-29 Derk-Jan Hartman* Fix an issue with DAR vs. Canvas size with matroska...
2006-08-29 Christophe... hrm, compile before you commit
2006-08-29 Christophe... Fix implicit pointer function. Patch by Dann Frazier...
2006-08-29 Jean-Paul Samancombine two channels into mono for the dowmix as last...
2006-08-29 Damien Fouilleulvlcshell.cpp: prevent browser from downloading SRC...
2006-08-29 Clément StenacShould fix the problem with messages insertion (new...
2006-08-29 Damien Fouilleul- more javascript fixes
2006-08-29 Christophe... no longer need to delete the .xpt
2006-08-29 Christophe... Makefile.am: We no longer need a .xpt for the mozilla...
2006-08-29 Jean-Paul SamanCleanup
2006-08-29 Jean-Paul SamanResample audio channels when doing real stereo to mono.
2006-08-29 Jean-Paul SamanLower priority of headphone channel_mixer
2006-08-29 Christophe... Add include/vlc_intf_strings.h to tarball
2006-08-29 Jean-Paul SamanFix compiler warnings about signed - unsigned compariss...
2006-08-29 Jean-Paul SamanFix compiler warnings (mismatch in datatypes)
2006-08-29 Jean-Paul SamanFix compiler warning about comparing signed and unsigne...
2006-08-29 Jean-Paul SamanFix compiler warnings related to wrong datatypes.
2006-08-29 Jean-Paul SamanUse correct formatting for message size_t
2006-08-29 Jean-Paul SamanGive i_skip a sensible value to start with.
2006-08-29 Jean-Paul SamanProvide return statements in non-void function
2006-08-28 Damien Fouilleulvlcshell.cpp: no need for those printf() any more
2006-08-28 Damien Fouilleulnpmac.cpp: forgot one line from Charles Duffy OS X...
2006-08-28 Felix Paul... * GCC 2.x patch by Cian Duffy <myob87@gmail.com>. BTW...
2006-08-28 Christophe... po/*: Fix make dist
2006-08-28 Antoine CellerierBegin simple prefs interface panel.
2006-08-28 Damien Fouilleul- formating
2006-08-28 Clément StenacDon't output debug on fprintf by default (Refs Debian...
2006-08-28 Rémi Denis... Work-around to not use IPv6 for braindead unusable...
2006-08-28 Derk-Jan Hartman* Fix the microdvd subs. i forgot that framerate !...
2006-08-28 Derk-Jan Hartman* Use the microdvd framerate when available
2006-08-28 Jean-Paul SamanTry to reopen the audio encoder when channels dimension...
2006-08-28 Jean-Paul SamanReenable channel selection for mono: -1 = stereo mix...
2006-08-28 Jean-Baptiste... Contrib : repair a problem with latest live555 for Mac
2006-08-28 Clément StenacCosmetics:
2006-08-28 Clément StenacPeople might perhaps maybe want to right-click anywhere
2006-08-28 Clément StenacRe-enable custom fonts in preferences, without the...
2006-08-28 Clément StenacFix Win32 preferences crash
2006-08-27 Antoine CellerierAdd subtitles display effect to simple prefs panel
2006-08-27 Antoine CellerierFloat, Float with range and Integer with range widgets.
2006-08-27 Antoine Cellerierpreferences_widgets.*: Bool prefs widget
2006-08-27 Clément StenacFix crash
2006-08-27 Antoine CellerierSome more prefs fun:
2006-08-27 Clément StenacImproved screen for qt-always-video
2006-08-27 Damien Fouilleulvlcshell.cpp: more X11 fixes
2006-08-27 Damien Fouilleulvlcplugin.cpp: removed hardcoded path
2006-08-27 Antoine CellerierFix regression from 0.8.5 when parsing microsoft [Refer...
2006-08-27 Benjamin Pracht* Some more probing
2006-08-27 Clément StenacAdd ability to put some background when there is no...
2006-08-27 Damien Fouilleulall: rewrite of mozilla plugin
2006-08-27 Antoine CellerierFix default category selection
2006-08-27 Antoine CellerierBind simple prefs forms to corresponding simple prefs...
2006-08-27 Clément StenacFix a bug with menu items selection
2006-08-27 Antoine CellerierStart some simple prefs panels. Different kinds of...
2006-08-27 Antoine CellerierSimple prefs left hand side stuff (categories). Icons...
2006-08-27 Clément StenacImproved layout for preferences
2006-08-27 Clément StenacFix "All files"
2006-08-27 Clément StenacEnsure minimum spacing between the status bar and the...
2006-08-27 Clément StenacFix play/pause icons
2006-08-27 Clément StenacFix a bug with slider positionning
2006-08-27 Clément StenacFix a refcount issue
2006-08-27 Clément StenacFix for deletion of current item
2006-08-26 Clément StenacImplement basic panel change
2006-08-26 Clément StenacSkeleton for simple prefs
2006-08-26 Clément StenacCosmetics
2006-08-26 Clément StenacFind as you type
2006-08-26 Clément StenacVolume control
2006-08-26 Clément Stenac* Sorting
2006-08-26 Clément StenacCosmetics + Enable menu in playlist
2006-08-26 Clément Stenac* Allow service discoveries to state whether they prefe...
2006-08-26 Clément Stenac* Popups
2006-08-25 Antoine Cellerier * Add atrack, vtrack and strack commands. Those can...
2006-08-25 Pavlov Konstantinremove unneeded include
2006-08-25 Clément StenacFix flickering of panels in preferences
2006-08-25 Clément StenacImprove Qt preferences layout handling
2006-08-25 Felix Paul... * set the autoSaveName for the main playlist view,...
2006-08-25 Sam Hocevar * modules/demux/playlist/asx.c modules/demux/mp4...
2006-08-25 Sam Hocevar * modules/misc/playlist/xspf.c: fix warnings that...
2006-08-25 Sam Hocevar * modules/demux/playlist/xspf.c: fix warnings that...
2006-08-24 Clément StenacMultiple selection
2006-08-24 Jean-Paul SamanFake the mono stream by duplicating it in both channels
2006-08-24 Clément Stenaccompile fix
2006-08-24 Clément StenacStupid platforms
2006-08-24 Clément StenacPreliminary deletion support
2006-08-24 Clément StenacTemplate for profile parser
2006-08-24 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: Small fix on the filters for simpleOpenFile
2006-08-24 Sam Hocevar * doc/Makefile.am: added missing ChangeLog-2005.
2006-08-24 Benjamin Pracht* Some more debug
2006-08-24 Derk-Jan Hartman* Also pass along the USER DATA of mpeg4
2006-08-24 Derk-Jan Hartman* Handle Dicas AVC FOURCC
2006-08-23 Pavlov Konstantinthis should be ifdeffed in a proper way
2006-08-23 Eric PetitBeOS / gcc 2.x fixes, patch by Cian Duffy
2006-08-23 Jean-Paul SamanFix bugs in loading of audio transcoding filters.exit
2006-08-23 Jean-Paul Samanput mono audio in both (left/right) channels. For some...
2006-08-23 Derk-Jan Hartman* Fix the extradata with mkv native MPEG4 SP/ASP/AP
2006-08-23 Benjamin Pracht* Very first beginning of a v4l2 access-demux
2006-08-23 Jean-Paul SamanCosmetic
2006-08-23 Jean-Paul SamanRemove debug that shouldn't be there.
2006-08-23 Benjamin Pracht* change my email address
2006-08-23 Sam Hocevar * Fixed make dist by updating POTFILES.in.