2007-09-15 Rafaël Carrémenu.cfg has been moved to minimal.cfg
2007-09-15 Rafaël Carréosdmenu: Reverts [22062] which was a revert of [22061...
2007-09-15 Antoine CellerierWin32 installer: save language used in installer for...
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Revert [22061]. I probably need more sleep.
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... OSD install fix from Hannes Domani
2007-09-15 Rafaël CarréMakes vlc the 2nd Media Player in history to implement...
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Announce API simplification
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Remove dead code
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Unexport some unused APIs
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... stream_out_std: use new SDP API too
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Typo
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... VLC-specific playlist group support
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Rework SDP API a little
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Price of the most useless piece of code of the day
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Fix MacOS linking
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Fix deadlock
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Another MacOS compile fix
2007-09-15 Christophe... Note how to check which modules are enable
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Another attempt at fixing MacOS build
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Attempt to fix MacOS build
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Simplification to avoid busy loops after process suspension
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Same here
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Use monotonic clock when available only
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Wake up screensaver thread every 30 seconds rather...
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Check for <linux/dccp.h> before including it
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Fixes debug build
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... ETIMEDOUT is perfectly expected here, do not complain...
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... vlc_cond_timedwait: wrapper around pthread_cond_timedwait
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Make sure we use the same clock for condition variable
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... When killing libvlc, also kill all its immediate children
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Fix doc
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... typo
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Wakes an object when it is being killed
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Remove interface b_block property.
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... If LibVLC is closing, any interface should close, not...
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Doc change
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... There is really no excuse for not checking the hostname.
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Don't crash if a client sends an overly large header
2007-09-15 Rafaël CarréMinor fixes, add comments
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Some sout news
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Cosmetics
2007-09-15 Rémi Denis... Remove auto-update. This is blatantly insecure.
2007-09-14 Antoine CellerierFix the dailymotion lua script.
2007-09-14 Jérome DecoodtDon't mix VLC.app and VLC-release.app
2007-09-14 Rafaël CarréAdds ncurses compiled with wide characters support...
2007-09-14 Rémi Denis... - Add aggregate control URL
2007-09-14 Rémi Denis... typo
2007-09-14 Rémi Denis... Hide (+minor changes) block_fifo_t layout
2007-09-14 Rémi Denis... Use the new block_Fifo functions
2007-09-14 Felix Paul... * .aclocal should always be the last item here
2007-09-14 Rémi Denis... Document previous functions
2007-09-14 Rémi Denis... Write accessor for relevant block_fifo_t state
2007-09-14 Rémi Denis... Remove dummy error
2007-09-14 Rafaël Carrémpris.glade: put loop/repeat/shuffle buttons in the...
2007-09-14 Rafaël Carréextras/contrib/src: clean up Makefile & packages.mak
2007-09-14 Rafaël Carrémpris: make sure only one gobject timer is running
2007-09-14 Rafaël CarréDo not try to connect to last.fm every second if the...
2007-09-13 Rafaël Carréncurses: fallback on libncurses if libncursesw isn...
2007-09-13 Rafaël Carrébootstrap: print a success message
2007-09-13 Rémi Denis... Explicit casts to proper integer types when formatting
2007-09-13 Rémi Denis... Fix invalid FOURCC use
2007-09-13 Rafaël CarréRemove debug not intended to be committed, however...
2007-09-13 Rafaël CarréChecks ncursesw/curses.h presence
2007-09-13 Rafaël CarréFix macosx gui compilation (shame on me i broke it...
2007-09-13 Rafaël Carréncurses: Use ncursesw to correctly display wide charact...
2007-09-13 Rémi Denis... Trivial encoder for plain-text subtitles.
2007-09-13 Rafaël Carré// is valid inside "", despite what my vim says
2007-09-13 Rafaël CarréMakes logger html output « Valid HTML 4.01 Strict!...
2007-09-13 Rémi Denis... Add t140 FOURCC for always-UTF-8 subs
2007-09-13 Rémi Denis... Use size_t instead of socklen_t
2007-09-13 Rafaël Carrélogger: Sets HTML encoding to UTF-8
2007-09-12 Rafaël Carréqt-notify only if vlc window is not visile was removed...
2007-09-12 Christophe... *Try* to improve the strings in the QT4 intf
2007-09-12 Antoine CellerierFix youtube.lua probe() function.
2007-09-12 Rafaël CarréRemembers verbosity level when closing ncurses intf
2007-09-12 Antoine CellerierAdd FVFW and fvfw since ffdshow seems to offer that...
2007-09-12 Rémi Denis... DSO friendlyness
2007-09-12 Rafaël CarréAsserts p_this on __vlc_mutex_init()
2007-09-12 Rémi Denis... As yet untested T.140 RTP packetization
2007-09-12 Ilkka OllakkaRemove rating from infodialog, closes ticket #1248...
2007-09-12 Rémi Denis... Simplify
2007-09-12 Rémi Denis... Cosmetic
2007-09-12 Rémi Denis... Cosmetic
2007-09-12 Rémi Denis... Remove extra va_end; code factorization
2007-09-12 Olivier AubertBundle libvlc-control.dylib in VLC.app and VLC-release.app
2007-09-11 Christophe... Distribute the headers
2007-09-11 Rafaël Carrénote to myself: test before commit please
2007-09-11 Christophe... Remove always true tests
2007-09-11 Antoine CellerierRemove debug.
2007-09-11 Rafaël CarréDetect new mpris players, and stick to the last player...
2007-09-11 Antoine CellerierAdd a lua playlist script for trailers.apple.com pages.
2007-09-11 Ilkka Ollakkause va_copy, so you don't use same va_list twice.
2007-09-11 Antoine CellerierAdd support for "iTunes podcast" (example: itpc://apple...
2007-09-11 Rémi Denis... All: missing ATTRIBUTE_FORMAT
2007-09-11 Rémi Denis... ATTRIBUTE_FORMAT for input_ItemAddInfo
2007-09-11 Rémi Denis... ATTRIBUTE_FORMAT for sdp_AddAttribute
2007-09-11 Rémi Denis... Generic support for text streams in RTP.
2007-09-11 Rafaël CarréFix segfault when nothing is playing
2007-09-11 Rafaël CarréChecks pointers before using them
2007-09-11 Rafaël CarréFix TEST_NEXT macro usage (renamed to TEST_NEXT_ITEM)