2006-11-17 Rafaël CarréForbid concurrent libnotify calls in multiple threads
2006-11-17 Rafaël Carrétypo
2006-11-17 Rafaël CarréShould fix API compatibility with HAL 0.5.0
2006-11-17 Mark MoriartyRevert wxwidgets.hpp change -- problem appears to have...
2006-11-17 Rafaël CarréRemoves broken D-Bus version check
2006-11-16 Derk-Jan Hartman* forwardport [17824] WAVPACK and TTA in matroska
2006-11-16 Derk-Jan Hartman* Forgot to commit the paranoia changes in the cddax...
2006-11-16 Derk-Jan Hartman* Forwardport [17820] and [17823]. Live contrib compile...
2006-11-16 Filippo CaroneMake java bindings compile with libtool
2006-11-16 Rémi Denis... Fix local port number for multicast receival
2006-11-16 Jean-Baptiste... pfff... Fortunes.
2006-11-16 Marian DurkovicFix detection of FreeBSD version (the previous one...
2006-11-16 Jean-Baptiste... * Qt4: Display open dialog. Not yet functionnable.
2006-11-16 Jean-Baptiste... Changes on live555 make MacOS-X patch fail in extras...
2006-11-16 Derk-Jan Hartman* Update version of libcdio. 0.78.2 is now the req...
2006-11-16 Derk-Jan Hartman* forwardport [17800]
2006-11-16 Derk-Jan Hartman* VLC now requires libmatroska 0.7.7 because from then...
2006-11-15 Derk-Jan Hartman* LDLFAGS -> LDFLAGS
2006-11-15 Derk-Jan Hartman* CFAGS -> CFLAGS
2006-11-15 Rafaël CarréFixes devices removal, and crash on exit
2006-11-15 Rafaël CarréManages hot ejection of devices
2006-11-15 Derk-Jan Hartmanforwardport [17791]:
2006-11-15 Rémi Denis... Fix typo
2006-11-15 Rémi Denis... Use lldiv replacement on FreeBSD < 5.0 (fixes #840)
2006-11-15 Olivier Aubertpython/bindings/vlc_object.c: complete vlc_object_find...
2006-11-15 Olivier Aubertpython/bindings/setup.py: fix python binding building...
2006-11-15 Rafaël CarréUpdate slovenian translation
2006-11-15 Mark MoriartyAttempt to fix wxwidgets file open and Messages display.
2006-11-15 Marian Durkovicsome news
2006-11-15 Filippo CaroneDon't create Makefile.in in bindings/java/src
2006-11-14 Rafaël CarréAdds real-time device adding (not removal yet)
2006-11-14 Derk-Jan Hartman* Use utf8_open for the .bin vcdimage file
2006-11-14 Filippo Caroneuse libtool to compile java bindings. needs a cleanup...
2006-11-14 Pavlov KonstantinThis should fix beos linking problem
2006-11-14 Pavlov Konstantinqt4: i really like readable debug output
2006-11-14 Rémi Denis... Clean up and avoid leak in sap decompression
2006-11-14 Rafaël CarréReturns from Run() thread instead of sleeping eternally
2006-11-14 Rémi Denis... Windows multicast bind kludge
2006-11-14 Christophe... Fix the inclusion of extras/contrib/bin to the PATH
2006-11-14 Christophe... paf
2006-11-14 Jean-Paul SamanAdd DivX as supported filter to DShow interface.
2006-11-14 Derk-Jan Hartman* forwardport [17753]: sap sdp_t initialization
2006-11-13 Derk-Jan Hartman* Allow "empty" subtitle packets. These are used to...
2006-11-13 Derk-Jan Hartman* ps.c: Base SET_TIME on the current byteposition....
2006-11-13 Rafaël CarréDon't use D-Bus with hal < 0.5.0
2006-11-13 Cyril Deguet* added missing -lm for plugin colorthres
2006-11-13 Derk-Jan Hartman* const char warning fix
2006-11-13 Derk-Jan Hartman* Update wavpack libavcodec version for trunk as well...
2006-11-13 Rémi Denis... Fix another bunch of warnings
2006-11-13 Rémi Denis... Fix warnings
2006-11-13 Rémi Denis... Fix some warnings
2006-11-13 Rémi Denis... Really fix the stat warning (tested on Mingw32)
2006-11-13 Marian DurkovicMove unicode argv[] fetching into system_Init
2006-11-13 Pavlov Konstantinupdated russian translation, make update-po
2006-11-13 Pavlov Konstantinproperly display translated strings in setWindowTitle...
2006-11-13 Marian DurkovicWarn the user about missing MLDv2 support in his OS
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Try to fix the obnoxious _stati64 warning
2006-11-12 Filippo Caronevlc-config external also includes libvlc-control
2006-11-12 Rafaël CarréMakes configure fail on missing GL headers
2006-11-12 Rafaël CarréDo not update gettext contrib to current CVS on MacOSX
2006-11-12 Clément Stenacp_libvlc needs b_attached = TRUE for vlc_list_find...
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Remove another harmful FromLocale
2006-11-12 Clément StenacFix Qt4 play button
2006-11-12 Clément StenacPreparse playlist items that don't have enough meta
2006-11-12 Clément StenacMight fix compile
2006-11-12 Antoine CellerierDisplay --option=<value type> instead of --option ...
2006-11-12 Clément Stenac* Qt4 stream output dialog
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Compile fix
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Apply online help patch from Vincent Dimar.
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Forgot the symbols again
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Unexport vlc_current_charset()
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Add VLC_INTERNAL, like VLC_EXPORT except it does not...
2006-11-12 Clément StenacFix playlist unable to terminate (Closes:#829)
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Remove unused iconv handle
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Even WxWidgets is entitled to const blessing
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Use Latin-1 rather than local charset for ASX files
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Suppress unused variable
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Fix a few warnings
2006-11-12 Filippo Caronedirty fix to correctly link libvlc-control during make
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Remove debug message
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Fix warnings
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... I did it.
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Try to fix contrib: don't build gettext java bindings
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Remove bashism
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Another attempt to tame WxString
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Fix make dist
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Safer macros locale conversion macros for WxWidgets.
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Do not use non-existing function playlist_PlaylistAddExt.
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Don't use void * for utf8_(l)?stat() as it hinders...
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Some const
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Use stat instead of fopen to check for file existence
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Another Win32 FromLocale -> FromWide
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Don't use non existent file in Qt4 code
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Fix a few warnings
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... More warning fixes
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Warning fix
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Fix compiler warnings
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Do not use pointer arithmethic on void pointers.
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Try to fix Qt4 build
2006-11-12 Rémi Denis... Don't use -shared with libtool