2008-09-08 Rémi Denis... Improve documentation
2008-09-08 Rémi Denis... Remove dummy usage of vlc_thread_ready()
2008-09-08 Rémi Denis... Fix cut&paste error in 1014a2aa09d4c4a529407b221676f913...
2008-09-08 Derk-Jan Hartmancontrib: spelling error in Makefile
2008-09-08 Derk-Jan Hartmancontrib: dvdread's autogen.sh was significantly changed...
2008-09-08 Derk-Jan Hartmancontrib: This is a Makefile. #ifdef -> ifdef
2008-09-08 Olivier Aubertembedded snapshot: avoid an unnecessary double malloc
2008-09-08 Olivier Aubertembedded snapshot: use vlc_object_signal_unlocked inste...
2008-09-08 Derk-Jan Hartmanlive555: check for support of GET_PARAMETER
2008-09-07 Jean-Baptiste... Correctly pass all the arguments of v4l/dshow when...
2008-09-07 Jean-Baptiste... Yet again a try to fix the sizing behaviour when too...
2008-09-07 Jean-Baptiste... Stop playlist on quit, to fix some quitting crashes.
2008-09-07 Christophe... i18n fix
2008-09-07 Christophe... Fix distribution of manpages
2008-09-07 Derk-Jan HartmanTS demux: cleanup some of the dvb and telx track descri...
2008-09-07 Derk-Jan HartmanTS demux: american english is our default
2008-09-07 Derk-Jan Hartmantelx: Fix the telx-override-page option.
2008-09-07 Derk-Jan Hartmantelx: cleanup bool whitespace
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarFixed a potential infinite loop with libmpeg2.
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarThe msleep in stream.c is useless as access MUST wait...
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarDo not msleep to wait for a die order.
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarRemoved the need to msleep to handle input pause.
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarReduced a bit intf and statistics updates.
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarCosmetics (split MainLoop in smaller functions).
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarDo not uselessly duplicated code (input)
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... Remove the run-time tick warning - too many false posit...
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarAdded support for named color in font parameters.
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarImprove subsdec html output robustness.
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarFixed vlc_cond*wait on win32.
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... Win32: assert against recursive mutex in vlc_cond_...
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... Win32: fix recursive locking imbalance
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... Broadcast when the object is killed
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... Manually reset the events
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... Win32: rework mutex/condition implementation.
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... Unexport vlc_thread_fatal (short lived)
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... De-inline mutex and condition functions. Document them.
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... vlc_cond_broadcast: broadcast signal on a condition...
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarFixed VLC_CANCEL_INIT value.
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarFixed vlc_cond_timedwait for win32.
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... Win32: fix vlc_cond_timedwait as well
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarEnabled ffmpeg PAL8 support (fix #2000)
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarFixed AVI palette support.
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarCleaned up/fixed palettized video support.
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarAdded support for palettized RGB (RGBP)
2008-09-07 Laurent AimarFirst teletext track is prefered (usually main page).
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... Fix use of vlc_object_wait()
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... winsock recvmsg: fix WSARecvFrom usage
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... Podcast: thread safety fixes
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... V4L2: msleep uses µs - not ms
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... Use mwait and remove silly msleep usage
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... net_Accept: -1 (infinite) delay is valid
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... var_*: use LIBVLC_USED
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... var_AcquireMutex: enforce constant mutex name
2008-09-07 Rémi Denis... Rework delay checking, use it for net_Accept, add deadl...
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... Oops
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... Detect unsupported sleep delay at compile time
2008-09-06 Christophe... Install the manpages
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... __thread is ignored on Windows :(
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... Use NULL rather than 0
2008-09-06 Laurent AimarFixed vlc_cond_wait for windows.
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... Hotkeys: use normal thread synchronization APIs
2008-09-06 Laurent AimarDo not set object b_eof/b_error after sending the event.
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... vlc_cond_init: really remove useless parameter
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... audioscrobbler: do not mix vlc_object and vlc_thread...
2008-09-06 Derk-Jan Hartmants demux: simplify the teletext case i_teletext_type...
2008-09-06 Derk-Jan Hartmants demux: any teletext type of 1-5 is valid.
2008-09-06 Derk-Jan Hartmanzvbi: Use the "initial page" as signaled by the TS...
2008-09-06 Christophe... Add a small description
2008-09-06 Christophe... Fix silly [8666615cc]
2008-09-06 Antoine CellerierDocument module_Need's side effect on the object name.
2008-09-06 Antoine CellerierRevert "libvlc does not need an object name"
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... vlc_object_find_name: return vlc_object_t *
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... Change the name
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... Remove memory error message
2008-09-06 Laurent AimarAdd missing vlc_restorecancel in input.
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... vlc_control_cancel: va_start iif va_end
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... SAP out does not need an object name
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... fetcher and preparser don't need object names
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... libvlc does not need an object name
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... Use fputs - properly
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... CLI: libvlc -> vlc
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... Usage: vlc, not Usage: libvlc
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... Tag some APIs as LIBVLC_USED
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... LIBVLC_USED: tag for function whose result must be...
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... Dead code
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis... RTP: ignore packets with duplicated sequence numbers...
2008-09-06 Laurent AimarFixed DTS muxer.
2008-09-05 Laurent AimarCosmetic.
2008-09-05 Laurent AimarDo not ignore teletext initial page (close #1997).
2008-09-05 Laurent AimarBe sure to emit voutChanged() only when needed.
2008-09-05 Laurent AimarFixed initial snpshot/fullscreen state.
2008-09-05 Laurent AimarUse intf-change-vout to properly detect vout (close...
2008-09-05 Laurent AimarAdded "intf-change-vout" variable to warn about vout...
2008-09-05 Rémi DuraffortFix object leaking when taking a snapshot.
2008-09-05 Rémi DuraffortFix a BIG memleak in Qt interface (this poor object...
2008-09-05 Rémi DuraffortRemove double declaration.
2008-09-05 Laurent AimarDo not ask stream layer to buffer data in UDP.
2008-09-05 Laurent AimarUse sub-language as DVD menu (close #1994)
2008-09-05 Rémi DuraffortFix memleak in Qt interface.