2006-11-22 Rémi Denis... Generate libvlc.sym separately from vlc_symbols.h
2006-11-22 Damien Fouilleul- better fix for DIR typedef error
2006-11-22 Damien Fouilleulit is good pratice to specify headers that define custo...
2006-11-22 Christophe... io.h on mingw contains a bunch of old functions *for...
2006-11-21 Jean-Paul SamanDisable building rtcp stream output module for now.
2006-11-21 Dennis van... NEWS: Add note that Windows 9x/ME is no longer supporte...
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... - Save config file as UTF-8, starting with Byte-Order...
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Look for Byte Order Mark (UTF-8 only) while loading...
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Some code cleanup
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréReenables D-Bus one instance code, without needing...
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Cosmetic fixes
2006-11-21 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: Small change in order to not have Sout and Stream...
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Return DIR from utf8_open to avoid casting bugs
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Some more cleanup
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Do not define constant manually without platform check!
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Suppress duplicated msleep() code
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Fix the absolute POSIX timer and use it
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Fix segmentation fault at ffmpeg startup (fixes #858)
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Add missing header
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréDon't use an infinite number of timers
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Fix typo
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Fix warning, and make config_end constant
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréRevert [17878], that must not be made in libvlc, but...
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Fix abusive redefinition of implicit make rules
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Fix automake directory variable (actually remove superf...
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Cleanup
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréUnref D-Bus connections when not using them anymore
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréFixes input position display
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréRevert [17900] as it doesn't harm to specify --target
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréFixes, kill, and bury #857
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréUses dbus flags to build libvlc (fixes #857)
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréImplement input position control
2006-11-21 Rémi Denis... Revert broken [17908:17910]
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréImplement Volume control
2006-11-21 Jean-Paul SamanRewrote internal RTCP to support multiple client connec...
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréUse only wide char functions, on win9x too
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréUse non wide char functions on windows 9x
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréUnicode support in directory access on windows. Patch...
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréCorrect method signature
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréDebug messages shouldn't be shown with printf
2006-11-21 Jean-Baptiste... *Qt4-Open: Hide by defaults.
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréRemoves vorbis header since taglib isn't used to parse...
2006-11-21 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: ExtraAudioToggle
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréCorrects indentation
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréArtist, Album and Track musicbrainz IDs detection
2006-11-21 Rafaël Carré--target is only used when building a compiler
2006-11-20 Christophe... Add a flag for config option to mark it as unsaveable...
2006-11-20 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: Just a toggle test for the advanced Panel.
2006-11-20 Damien Fouilleuloops, tab expansion is a bad thing on Makefile
2006-11-20 Damien Fouilleulcontribs: force --target, --build and --host whether...
2006-11-20 Rafaël CarréAdd dbus-vlc.py to dist
2006-11-20 Rafaël CarréInclude sample D-Bus controller
2006-11-20 Christophe... Include xvmc plugin in the build system
2006-11-20 Rafaël CarréUses playlist facilities
2006-11-20 Rafaël CarréFilters '/' characters in tags, to create valid filenames
2006-11-20 Rafaël CarréUpdates old documentation a bit
2006-11-20 Benjamin Pracht* Quick fix when transcoding and resampling mono audio...
2006-11-20 Rafaël CarréIgnore empty vorbis comments (closes #704)
2006-11-20 Rafaël CarréFixes broken D-Bus detection
2006-11-20 Rafaël CarréRemove Audio cds and their tracks at ejection
2006-11-20 Rafaël CarréWxwidgets playlist fix
2006-11-20 Jean-Baptiste... * Qt4: added network and disk UIs to Open
2006-11-19 Christophe... Make update-po
2006-11-19 Christophe... i18n fixes
2006-11-19 Rafaël Carréremoves already done "todo"
2006-11-19 Rafaël CarréInitial support of one instance mode on systems running...
2006-11-19 Derk-Jan Hartman* Don't Warn on VP62 video in NSV. It's supported now...
2006-11-19 Derk-Jan Hartman* Fix shoutcast SD Delete. playlist is not locked.
2006-11-19 Pavlov Konstantinadded normal looking playlist icon (converted to png...
2006-11-19 Derk-Jan Hartman* Fix OSX GUI after playlist API update
2006-11-19 Derk-Jan Hartman* subtitle.c: const warning fixes
2006-11-19 Derk-Jan Hartman* Fix CDDA module after playlist API updates
2006-11-19 Antoine CellerierUse appropriate help text.
2006-11-19 Gildas Bazin* configure.ac: when we use the packed attribute we...
2006-11-19 Dennis van... * src/control/playlist.c: Fix typo vlc_mutex_unlokc...
2006-11-19 Rafaël CarréReenables device probe header
2006-11-19 Clément StenacInput options inheritance in directory access (Closes...
2006-11-19 Rafaël CarréFixes wxwidgets compilation
2006-11-19 Clément StenacBeginning of implementation of art fetch when played
2006-11-19 Clément Stenac* Documentation belongs to the .h, step 1
2006-11-19 Dennis van... * vlc.win32.nsi.in: Add shortcuts in seperate Utilities...
2006-11-19 Antoine CellerierSmall doxygen doc fix (i hope)
2006-11-19 Clément StenacCompile fix
2006-11-19 Clément StenacFinish the playlist API transition (hopefully)
2006-11-19 Rafaël CarréAdds GetPlayingItem method
2006-11-18 Rafaël Carrésvn:propedit Id
2006-11-18 Rafaël CarréAdd Next, Prev, and Stop methods
2006-11-18 Rafaël CarréAdd missing </method> tag
2006-11-18 Rafaël CarréAdded quit method
2006-11-18 Derk-Jan Hartman* Don't use deprecated functions if libswscaler is...
2006-11-18 Rafaël CarréInitial support of D-Bus based control interface
2006-11-18 Christophe... Oups chnage that in [17846] by mistake
2006-11-18 Filippo Caronefix for java bindings native files makefile
2006-11-18 Christophe... Acording to the latest test wxwidgets in unicode mode...
2006-11-18 Christophe... Fix the alignment issue in ffmpeg. Based on patch by...
2006-11-18 Filippo Caronejvlcpanel constructor added
2006-11-18 Filippo Caronelibvlc_playlist_add enabled
2006-11-17 Derk-Jan Hartman* Update ffmpeg contrib
2006-11-17 Derk-Jan Hartman* Fix ffmpeg include's
2006-11-17 Derk-Jan Hartman* Other way around of course