* modules/gui/skins/x11/x11_window.cpp: avoid flicker when mapping a window.
[vlc.git] / share / skins / default / theme.xml
2003-06-08 Gildas Bazin* modules/gui/skins/x11/x11_window.cpp: avoid flicker...
2003-06-08 Cyril Deguet* share/skins/default/theme.xml: fixed playlist size
2003-04-21 Cyril Deguet* added a preferences button in the default skin
2003-04-06 Emmanuel Puig* Added missing files
2003-04-06 Emmanuel Puig* Changed default skin files
2003-03-18 Olivier TeulièreFixed the path in the default skin (thanks gibalou)
2003-03-18 Olivier Teulière - doc/skins: some documentation about the skins