Renamed playlist "playlist-current" to "item-current".
[vlc.git] / modules /
2009-02-16 Laurent AimarRenamed playlist "playlist-current" to "item-current".
2009-02-16 Laurent Aimar"item-remove" does not exist (dbus).
2009-02-16 Laurent AimarRemoved or privatized playlist functions.
2009-02-16 Laurent AimarSuppport AAC LATM inside PS (with a PSM).
2009-02-16 Rémi Duraffortcalloc usage.
2009-02-16 Ilkka OllakkaRevert "QT4: connect signal from inputmanager metaChang...
2009-02-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: don't spam the log with too many debug messages...
2009-02-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfRevert "Qt: deinline createStatusBar() and explicit...
2009-02-15 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: fixed the messages panel by updating the code...
2009-02-15 Felix Paul Kühneminimal-macosx: compilation fix. Needs testing within...
2009-02-15 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: toolbar-profile, provide 4 profiles, one being...
2009-02-15 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: profiles for the interface toolbar edition
2009-02-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontMerge branch 'master' of
2009-02-15 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: sprefs, put replay-gain in the audio part.
2009-02-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove unused VOUT_GET_SIZE...
2009-02-15 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: add a tooltip for people who don't get that save...
2009-02-15 Jean-Philippe AndreQt: menu playback/bookmark can now open the bookmarks...
2009-02-15 Jean-Philippe AndreQt: menus: fix ordering of the video menu. fix scale
2009-02-15 Rémi Duraffortqt4: add .vlm at the end of the export file if needed.
2009-02-15 Rémi Duraffortncurses: fix a segfault when launching the interface...
2009-02-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontX11: remove non-sensical locking scheme
2009-02-15 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4: Don't put richtext in the ui. This is a nightmare...
2009-02-15 Laurent AimarDo not block (non interruptible) in dvdnav on fifo.
2009-02-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontUnused variable
2009-02-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove unsafe VOUT_SET_FOCUS
2009-02-15 Ilkka OllakkaQT4: connect signal from inputmanager metaChanged to...
2009-02-15 Derk-Jan Hartmantypo in commit [53195e9fc7c31e8ae3aeead4879477aa950513b4]
2009-02-14 Laurent AimarAll decoders/encoders MUST set output format category...
2009-02-14 Laurent AimarUse calloc when applicable (decoders).
2009-02-14 Laurent AimarFixed a few errors in cmml.
2009-02-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove useless vout_vaControlDefault
2009-02-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove unneeded VOUT_CLOSE.
2009-02-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontVOUT_CLOSE is unsafe and pointless. Do not use it.
2009-02-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontKill stupid VOUT_SNAPSHOT control.
2009-02-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontLink plugins against libvlccore
2009-02-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove all uses of VLC_Changeset
2009-02-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: remove reference to a dead class.
2009-02-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: menu, small "Jump to Time" position change.
2009-02-14 Laurent AimarUse FIND_CHILD for zvbi in qt4.
2009-02-14 Jean-Philippe AndreZip (skins2): fix compilation (wrong #include)
2009-02-14 Rémi Duraffortncurses: don't lock to times (no need to lock here).
2009-02-14 Rémi DuraffortNo need to add a '\n' at the end of messages passed...
2009-02-14 Laurent AimarCatch vbi-page event in Qt4.
2009-02-14 Laurent AimarModify vbi page change on key event to trigger vbi...
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarFixed Qt4 opaque state.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarImproved Qt4 teletext button.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarSet the actual page used by zvbi.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarSimplify a bit Qt4 teletext.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarAdded teletext fields in es_forma_t.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarFixed QT4 teletext buttons.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarUpdated macosx intf after teletext-es change.
2009-02-13 Jean-Philippe AndreQt: Open: sort MRLs (alphabetically) before adding...
2009-02-13 Christophe MutricyDistribute the profile files
2009-02-13 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: deinline createStatusBar() and explicit statusBar...
2009-02-13 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: menus/visualisation fix.
2009-02-12 Laurent AimarSimplify/fix InputManager::customEvent.
2009-02-12 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: menus, more cohenrency.
2009-02-12 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: dialog editor, add a widget to help understand...
2009-02-12 Laurent AimarReorder qt4 audio menu to be more consistant with video...
2009-02-12 Laurent AimarFixed audio transcoding when channel mixing or resampli...
2009-02-12 Rémi DuraffortNo need to translate warnings messages.
2009-02-11 Laurent AimarDo not create empty title (avformat).
2009-02-11 Laurent AimarFixed msg_Info abuses.
2009-02-11 Fabio RitrovatoGSoC: MTP Devices initial release
2009-02-11 Rémi DuraffortPlaylist have to be lock for playlist_ItemGetByInput...
2009-02-11 Rémi DuraffortThe playlist have to be locked when calling playlist_It...
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste Kempfs/Buffering/Buff: this was too long and resized the...
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: code simplification and usage simplification for...
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfChange tab order in effects.
2009-02-11 Nicolas Chauvet... ZIP Module - Use the system minizip when available
2009-02-11 Christophe MassiotFix handling of AAC ADTS
2009-02-11 Rémi Denis-CourmontRevert "ZIP Module - Use the system minizip when available"
2009-02-11 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse MAP_FAILED
2009-02-11 Rémi Denis-Courmontframebuffer: Remove pointless test
2009-02-11 Nicolas Chauvet... ZIP Module - Use the system minizip when available
2009-02-11 Jean-Paul Samanfb: Cleanup properly after failing OpenDisplay.
2009-02-11 Jean-Paul Samanfb: unmap mmap'ed area when closing framebuffer display.
2009-02-11 Jean-Paul Samanzvbi: clear zvbi page holder before usage.
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: reparent a textEdit.
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: reparent the first-time dialog and make it die...
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: don't leak the FSC on exit.
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfRevert "FSC memory leaks"
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: simplify and solve a leak and make a previous commi...
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: force the deletion that doesn't seem to happen...
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: remove small leaks in menus.hpp
2009-02-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt menus: SD go in the media menu as on Mac.
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis-CourmontQt4 unparented widgets
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis-CourmontQt4 leak
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis-CourmontQt4 menu leaks
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis-CourmontQt4: more leaks
2009-02-10 Laurent AimarAdded support for shortname in bd access (avchd ?)
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis-CourmontFSC memory leaks
2009-02-10 Rémi Denis-Courmontncurses: redirect standard error to /dev/null
2009-02-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt, menu: remove open playlist
2009-02-09 Laurent AimarFixed closed captions in h264 packetizer.
2009-02-09 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: change audio menus with mute at the bottom until...
2009-02-09 Laurent AimarAdded SCTE-20 CC support (close #2503).
2009-02-09 Laurent AimarImroved cc.h fprintf debug (commented out by default).
2009-02-09 Laurent AimarFixed cc.h multiple includes protection define.
2009-02-09 Laurent AimarSupport output bits per sample changes in ffmpeg (close...