XCB window: no need to unmap & destroy our window
[vlc.git] / modules / video_output / xcb / window.c
2009-08-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontXCB window: no need to unmap & destroy our window
2009-08-11 Rémi Denis-Courmontxcb_window: implement fullscreen mode
2009-08-11 Rémi Denis-CourmontPre-factor WM_STATE change
2009-08-11 Rémi Denis-CourmontAdd some comments
2009-08-01 Laurent AimarSplit back window module providers by type.
2009-08-01 Laurent AimarUpdated xcb vout module to the new API.
2009-07-11 Alexis Ballierxcb_window: Use sysconf to discover HOST_NAME_MAX.
2009-06-10 Rémi Denis-CourmontConstify XCB screen pointers
2009-05-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontXCB/window: implement --video-title, UTF-8 names
2009-05-13 Rémi Denis-CourmontXCB/window: do not depend on xcb-aux for one trivial...
2009-05-13 Rémi Denis-CourmontXCB/window: fix always on top
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis-CourmontSimplify context
2009-04-21 Rémi Denis-Courmont(p?)gettext -> vlc_\1gettext
2009-04-17 Rémi Denis-CourmontImplement VOUT_SET_STAY_ON_TOP
2009-04-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontForce same WM_CLASS as the Qt4 UI
2009-04-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontXCB: set WM_CLIENT_MACHINE properly
2009-04-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontAdd class for ICCCM Window Management.
2009-04-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontSet a name for the video window
2009-04-09 Rémi Denis-Courmontxcb_window: implement VOUT_SET_SIZE
2009-04-08 Rémi Denis-CourmontImprove debug
2009-02-05 Rémi Denis-CourmontXCB window hoykeys support
2009-02-05 Rémi Denis-CourmontXCB window: set background color to black
2009-01-31 Rémi Denis-CourmontSegregate vout window types
2009-01-31 Rémi Denis-CourmontCleanup vout window handle typedef
2009-01-29 Rémi Denis-CourmontXCB: minimalistic window (i.e. non-embedded) support