[vlc.git] / modules / services_discovery / shout.c
2006-04-14 Clément StenacStrings
2006-03-23 Christophe Mutricyservices_discovery/*: String review (refs #438) and...
2006-02-04 Clément StenacBetter fix
2006-01-12 Antoine CellerierFSF address change.
2005-12-14 Clément StenacUse input_Read in shoutcast and display a progress...
2005-12-05 Clément StenacString remarks
2005-10-15 Sigmund Augdal Helbergall: updated my name and e-mail address
2005-08-01 Sigmund Augdal Helbergshout.c: fixed shoutcast discovery (added to hostname)
2005-07-09 Rémi Denis-CourmontMake Zorglub less unhappy
2005-07-08 Rémi Denis-CourmontCopyright fixes
2005-05-12 Felix Paul Kühne* fix two typos introduced in [10984]
2005-05-12 Christophe MutricyALL: Fix a few strings for the prefs.
2005-04-17 Sigmund Augdal Helbergshout.c: fix some potential problems
2005-04-11 Antoine Cellerieradd option to select the limit of shoutcast streams...
2005-04-10 Sigmund Augdal Helbergshout.c: set svn properties, fixed copyright, author...
2005-04-10 Sigmund Augdal Helbergdemux/playlist/*: Added a special "shoutcast" mode...