Moves volume icon update in the timer
[vlc.git] / modules / services_discovery /
2006-11-19 Clément StenacFinish the playlist API transition (hopefully)
2006-02-02 Rémi Denis-CourmontAdd libupnp-based UPnP discovery from Christian Henz
2005-10-29 Antoine Cellerierchangesets r12782 and r12804 from 0.8.5-zorglub branch...
2005-09-09 Jon Lech Johansen * Bonjour services discovery module using avahi.
2005-07-17 Rémi Denis-CourmontBleeding edge UPnP service discovery :
2005-04-10 Sigmund Augdal Helbergdemux/playlist/*: Added a special "shoutcast" mode...
2005-01-13 Clément Stenac* DAAP (iTunes shares) services discovery and access...
2004-11-08 Clément StenacOups