equalizer.c: compile fix for old compilers (thx sam)
[vlc.git] / modules / misc / qte_main.cpp
2004-04-24 Jean-Paul SamanProperly attach and detach the qte_main object
2004-03-13 Jean-Paul SamanRemoved some dead wood.
2003-12-22 Sam Hocevar * toolbox:
2003-06-09 Jean-Paul SamanRun opie-vlc and zaurus-vlc as GuiServer. (Didn't I...
2003-03-30 Gildas Bazin* modules/*: sanitization of the modules description...
2003-03-17 Sam Hocevar * ./modules/misc/gtk_main.c, ./modules/gui/gtk/gtk.c,
2003-03-06 Jean-Paul SamanMore sizing stuff.
2003-02-14 Jean-Paul SamanFixed deadlock upon unloading qte_main plugin.
2003-02-14 Jean-Paul SamanSmall improvement.
2003-01-19 Jean-Paul SamanNew "qte_main" module. It should be used by all plugins...