* fixed a segfault at exit
[vlc.git] / modules / gui / skins / gtk2 / gtk2_run.cpp
2003-04-20 Cyril Deguet* fixed a segfault at exit
2003-04-20 Cyril Deguet* a few segfaults but wxwindows works under linux !
2003-04-17 Emmanuel Puig* SkinManage is called by a timer
2003-04-16 Olivier Teulière * modules/gui/skins/*: we now #include skin files...
2003-04-16 Emmanuel Puig* Can now quit the interface
2003-04-16 Emmanuel Puig* gtk2_bitmap.cpp: fixed constructor bug
2003-04-15 Emmanuel Puig* Fixed GTK2 events
2003-04-15 Emmanuel Puig* Events are even better, not yet perfect !
2003-04-15 Olivier Teulière * event broadcasting should work
2003-04-15 Olivier Teulière * basic event handling
2003-04-13 Cyril Deguet* should have repaired win32 skins
2003-04-13 Cyril Deguet* Gtk2 skins: it doesn't work but it runs without any...
2003-04-12 Cyril Deguet* now the skin module compiles AND links !
2003-04-12 Cyril Deguet* at last made the skin module compile under linux !