Qt4 - Make GNOME/KDE fanboys happy.
[vlc.git] / modules / gui / qt4 / util / qvlcframe.hpp
2007-06-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4 - Make GNOME/KDE fanboys happy.
2007-04-05 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4 - Small modifications to messages dialog.
2007-04-05 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4 - virtual bug once again. Add debug...
2007-04-05 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4 - Update Preferences buttons to please any OS/DE.
2007-04-01 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4 - Enter key does always close() a dialog. Correctio...
2007-03-28 Yoann Peronneau* qt: escape key on QVLCFrame and QVLCDialog closes...
2006-12-03 Clément Stenac* Made open and sout QDialogs
2006-11-26 Clément StenacA bit of headers cleanup
2006-11-19 Clément StenacBeginning of implementation of art fetch when played
2006-11-14 Pavlov Konstantinqt4: i really like readable debug output
2006-09-14 Clément StenacFix a number of problems with interaction dialogs
2006-09-02 Clément StenacPreferences
2006-08-27 Clément StenacImproved screen for qt-always-video
2006-08-17 Clément StenacFix interaction locking
2006-08-06 Clément Stenac* Add random/loop buttons
2006-08-03 Clément Stenac* Some Qt interaction stuff
2006-08-01 Clément StenacImprove Qt interaction stuff
2006-07-30 Clément StenacIcons support
2006-07-20 Clément StenacFix a bunch of bugs
2006-07-13 Christophe Mutricyqt4/*: buildsytem fix + cosmetic+ copyright dates ...
2006-07-08 Clément StenacImprove embedded video output
2006-07-05 Clément Stenac[Untested] Save interface position
2006-06-09 Clément Stenac* Split apart gui and input management
2006-06-04 Clément StenacMore cosmetics for plastique
2006-05-27 Clément StenacInitial layout