Qt4 - Sometimes size does matter.
[vlc.git] / modules / gui / qt4 / ui / open_file.ui
2007-03-19 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4 - Sometimes size does matter.
2007-03-19 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4 - Open: New way and interface for File Open using...
2007-03-05 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4: Back on open dialog: rewrite the UIs to have consi...
2006-12-03 Clément StenacQt4 open:
2006-12-01 Rafaël CarréSimplification of Advanced Open
2006-11-29 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4 : Some work on OpenDialog. Does not work with files...
2006-11-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4: Some cosmetic work and design by Leo Spalteholz
2006-11-16 Jean-Baptiste Kempf* Qt4: Display open dialog. Not yet functionnable.