* src/stream_output/announce.c : BeOS compile fix.
[vlc.git] / modules / gui / beos / InterfaceWindow.cpp
2003-05-27 Eric Petit * src/stream_output/announce.c : BeOS compile fix.
2003-05-17 Eric Petit modules/gui/beos/* : cosmetic
2003-05-07 Eric Petit modules/gui/beos/*: fixed a few things I broke recentl...
2003-05-05 Eric Petit modules/gui/beos/*: Partial fix for Preferences resizing
2003-05-03 Eric Petit beos/* : New Preferences window that lets you configur...
2003-04-22 Eric Petit * Makefile.am: fixed 'make package-beos'
2003-04-18 Eric Petit beos/*: fixed fullscreen shortcuts
2003-04-18 Eric Petit ALL: fixed i18n under BeOS
2003-03-12 Eric Petit * configure.ac.in: compile fix for BeOS/BONE (s/LDFALG...
2003-02-10 Eric Petit Move the messages update function to another thread...
2003-02-09 Stephan Assmusmodules/gui/beos/PreferenceWindow.h/.cpp
2003-02-09 Eric Petit Simplified volume functions
2003-02-03 Stephan Assmusmodules/gui/beos/InterfaceWindow.h/.cpp
2003-02-01 Stephan AssmusChanges done since Feb 28 2003:
2003-01-31 Eric Petit Minor GUI fixes
2003-01-28 Eric Petit * beos/* : do not forgot to destroy the Messages windo...
2003-01-27 Eric Petit Disabled DVD menus by default for 0.5.0
2003-01-25 Eric Petit Added a window to see vlc messages.
2003-01-25 Eric Petit * store windows sizes in the vlc configuration file
2003-01-22 Eric Petit * Fixed title / chapter menus
2003-01-17 Eric Petit Fixed the 'Do not use DVD menus' check box.
2003-01-16 Eric Petit * InterfaceWindow.cpp : fixed DVD drag & drop
2003-01-14 Eric Petit Fixed playlist behaviour (draging a file replaces...
2003-01-14 Eric Petit * Added a file panel for subtitles file selection.
2003-01-12 Eric Petit * beos/* : fixed a bug in the progress bar with big...
2003-01-11 Stephan Assmusfixed flickering of skip buttons (and consequently...
2003-01-08 Eric Petit Fixed language and subtitle selection.
2002-12-09 Eric Petit * AudioOutput.cpp: send zeros to BSoundPlayer if nothi...
2002-12-04 Eric Petit * InterfaceWindow.cpp: removed warnigs
2002-11-27 Eric Petit * AudioOutput.cpp: fixed a segfault
2002-11-26 Eric Petit * ALL: more intensive use of the VLCWrapper class
2002-11-23 Eric Petit * enhanced BeOS preferences window (post-processing...
2002-10-30 Eric Petit - Fixes. Most of the interface features now work...
2002-10-29 Eric Petit No more warnings.
2002-10-28 Eric Petit- Added LCD info view from 0.4.x
2002-10-28 Eric Petit- Added a small preferences window
2002-10-10 Eric PetitSome clean-up. Playlist works again.
2002-09-30 Eric PetitAttempt to port new BeOS features from the stable branch.
2002-08-04 Sam Hocevar * ./modules/*: moved plugins to the new tree. Yet...