Adds Disconnect method to release the org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer name on the bus
[vlc.git] / modules / control / dbus.h
2007-06-25 Rafaël CarréAdds Disconnect method to release the org.freedesktop...
2007-06-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfD-Bus, The Repeat method should be part of /Player...
2007-06-13 Jean-Paul SamanWhite space and indentation fixes.
2007-06-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfD-Bus - Implement "Random" Method. Patch from Mirsal...
2007-05-29 Jean-Baptiste KempfDbus Improvements thanks to Mirsal ENNAIME
2007-03-08 Jean-Baptiste KempfDBUS: fix by Mr_Mirsal
2006-12-06 Rafaël CarréD-Bus module now uses new specification
2006-11-28 Rafaël CarréAdd a method to export playlists
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréReenables D-Bus one instance code, without needing...
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréRevert [17878], that must not be made in libvlc, but...
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréImplement input position control
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréImplement Volume control
2006-11-21 Rafaël CarréCorrect method signature
2006-11-19 Rafaël CarréInitial support of one instance mode on systems running...
2006-11-19 Rafaël CarréAdds GetPlayingItem method
2006-11-18 Rafaël CarréAdd Next, Prev, and Stop methods
2006-11-18 Rafaël CarréAdd missing </method> tag
2006-11-18 Rafaël CarréAdded quit method
2006-11-18 Rafaël CarréInitial support of D-Bus based control interface