Fixed subtitle duration when rate != default.
[vlc.git] / modules / codec / subtitles / subsdec.c
2008-07-20 Laurent AimarFixed subtitle duration when rate != default.
2008-07-18 Laurent AimarUse picture helpers.
2008-06-22 Rémi DuraffortRemove unneeded msg_Err.
2008-05-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontA lot of missing const in options lists
2008-05-21 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse gettext_noop() consistently
2008-05-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfFormatting cleaning
2008-05-08 Rémi Denis-CourmontInclude vlc_plugin.h as needed
2008-04-14 Pierre d'HerbemontReplace vlc_bool_t by bool, VLC_TRUE by true and VLC_FA...
2008-03-23 Rafaël CarréFix compilation
2008-03-23 Rafaël CarréDo not allocate arbitrary length on the stack
2008-03-23 Rafaël CarréFix a buffer overflow
2008-03-11 Rémi DuraffortAnother time : remove useless test before free().
2008-01-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontDon't include config.h from the headers - refs #297.
2008-01-16 Rémi Denis-CourmontRevert the so-called whitelisting commits that are...
2008-01-16 Rafaël Carréinput options whitelisting, step 2 (refs #1371)
2007-11-19 Rémi Denis-CourmontSimplify
2007-11-19 Rémi Denis-CourmontComments
2007-09-18 Rémi Denis-CourmontReplace strerror() with %m (or Linux DVB: strerror_r...
2007-09-13 Rémi Denis-CourmontAdd t140 FOURCC for always-UTF-8 subs
2007-09-12 Rémi Denis-CourmontCosmetic
2007-09-05 Bernie PurcellMove more of the code for USF subtitles decoding out...
2007-09-01 Jean-Baptiste KempfSubtitles: same. Reput the correct new modifications.
2007-09-01 Jean-Baptiste KempfSubtitles: attempt to get the history back.
2007-08-22 Antoine CellerierAdd new module_FindName function to find a module when...
2007-08-08 Jean-Baptiste KempfSubsdec: Split the decoder for subsdec / SSA / USF...