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[vlc.git] / modules / access_output / livehttp.c
2019-11-02 Ilkka Ollakkaaccess_output/livehttp: use vlc_tick_t in internal...
2019-11-01 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: use segment lengths instead of dts-values...
2018-09-19 Steve Lhommelivehttp: fix the output length logic
2018-09-19 Steve Lhommelivehttp: remove write-only variable
2018-09-19 Steve Lhommeaccess_output:livehttp: write output_last_length only...
2018-07-05 Steve Lhommelivehttp: use secf to tick functions for conversion
2018-07-03 Steve Lhommemodules: convert variables in seconds to ticks using...
2018-07-03 Steve Lhommerename VLC_TS_INVALID to VLC_TICK_INVALID
2018-06-22 Steve Lhommerename mtime_t to vlc_tick_t
2018-04-30 Romain Vimontcore: remove global *_sys_t typedefs
2018-04-24 Rémi Denis-Courmontconfig: remove advanced from add_loadfile()
2017-10-25 Francois Cartegnievlc_arrays: split array_append in checked and w/abort
2017-08-02 Rémi Denis-Courmontaccess_output: allow pf_seek to be NULL, simplify
2017-06-29 Rémi Denis-Courmontlivehttp: fix variable shadowing
2017-02-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontsout/livehttp: use vlc_array_init() instead of vlc_arra...
2017-02-19 Rémi Denis-Courmontarray: fix up types in vlc_array_*()
2016-10-10 Filip Roséenmisc: remove unnecessary cast when using vlc_array_item...
2016-09-26 Filip Roséenaccess_output/livehttp: fixed a few typos
2016-09-24 Ilkka Ollakkaaccess_output: livehttp: update playlist within seglen...
2016-05-17 Rémi Denis-CourmontRename str_format_time to vlc_strftime
2016-05-17 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove path_sanitize()
2016-04-21 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse vlc_close()
2015-10-10 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: use ChainLastAppend and remove ChainGather...
2015-06-03 Rémi Denis-Courmontmodules: use vlc_write() where appropriate
2014-12-05 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: don't remove previous playlist on open if...
2014-12-05 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: add DISCONTINUITY on playlist if we have...
2014-09-21 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: don't open new file if current file hasn...
2014-09-21 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: gather blocks so we can write more at the...
2014-08-15 Christian Sulowaylivehttp: fixed generated iv in index file
2014-07-15 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: try to take account discontiunity timestamps
2014-07-15 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: simplify checks
2014-06-29 Tristan Matthewslivehttp: remove multiplication by 1
2014-05-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfLiveHTTP: fix typo
2013-12-29 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove inconsistently used HAVE_UNISTD_H
2013-12-29 Rémi Denis-Courmontlivehttp: use vlc_strerror_c()
2013-12-16 Rémi Duraffortlivehttp: fix typo
2013-12-16 Tristan Matthewslivehttp: fix format string
2013-12-15 Rémi Duraffortlivehttp: fix many memory leaks
2013-12-15 Rémi Duraffortlivehttp: fix memory leaks
2013-12-11 Rémi Duraffortlivehttp: fix memory leak (cid #1048908)
2013-12-08 Ray TileyAdd initial-segment-number option for livehttp module
2013-11-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfliveHTTP: fix signedness warnings
2013-11-03 LANGLOIS Olivier... liveHTTP: use calloc to ensure correct initiliazation...
2013-10-28 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: remove leftover segments if delsegs is on
2013-09-13 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: refactor Close
2013-09-13 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: refactor segment change and writing into...
2013-09-04 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: use playlist max duration instead segment...
2013-06-18 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: try to follow draft 11 section 6.2.2
2013-06-18 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: check opendts to be lowest dts available
2013-06-18 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: try to comply draft 11 section 6.2.2 for...
2013-05-02 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: place correct segment entries on playlist
2013-05-02 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: don't remove segment-count to be less than...
2013-04-26 Christoph MiebachString removal
2013-04-15 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: don't sanitize segment URI
2013-04-09 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: add option to read key-uri and key-file from...
2013-04-09 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: show segment specific iv/key location if...
2013-04-07 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: use vlc_array to store segment info
2013-03-19 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: fix padding to work with iOS/Android
2013-03-18 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: Fix crash on when not using encryption
2013-03-17 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: tell if playlist is vod
2013-03-17 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: support static IV-use on encryption
2013-03-17 Rafaël Carrélivehttp: stream encryption
2013-03-17 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: free p_sys->p_seglens if str_format_time...
2013-03-16 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: set caching disabled for default
2013-02-28 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: allow setting ext-x-allow-cache to no
2013-02-28 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: don't set all options as advanced
2013-02-28 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: update years and add myself as authors
2013-02-28 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: don't allow longer than targetduration segments
2013-02-28 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: give more exact segment duration in extinf
2013-02-28 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: take block length in account when checking...
2013-01-24 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: follow draf on segment duration
2013-01-22 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: split from PAT/PMT that precedes keyframes...
2012-08-21 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse str_format_time() instead of str_format() in outputs
2012-08-14 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: allow segments to be 10% shorten than asked...
2011-10-14 KO Myung-HunInclude missing unistd.h and time.h for OS/2
2011-10-04 Jean-Baptiste KempfRelicense livehttp output to LGPLv2.1+
2011-07-14 Rémi Denis-Courmontlivehttp: downgrade priority to zero
2010-10-22 Rémi Denis-Courmontadd_bool: remove callback parameter
2010-10-22 Rémi Denis-Courmontadd_integer: remove callback parameter
2010-10-22 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove legacy parameter from add_string()
2010-09-19 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: add missing , to EXTINF after duration
2010-05-29 Rémi Denis-Courmonturl -> URL
2010-05-27 Keary Griffincomsetic changes, remove define, and move callback...
2010-05-26 Keary GriffinAdded livehttp access_out module to support HTTP Live...