Make it possible to force a distro.mak to use. This is helpfull in cross-compile...
[vlc.git] / ipkg / rules.gpe
2004-10-31 Jean-Paul SamanUpdate version information in iPAQ build files.wq
2004-05-21 Jean-Paul SamanUpdated version to v0.7.2
2004-04-27 Sam Hocevar * Removed legacy mentions of "VideoLAN C*****" in...
2004-04-24 Jean-Paul SamaniPaq vlc-0.7.2-test1
2004-03-12 Jean-Paul SamanCleanup old scripts
2004-03-09 Jean-Paul SamanRenaming rules to rules.gpe
2004-03-09 Jean-Paul SamanRemoving old cruft.
2004-02-09 Jean-Paul SamanUpdated version number to vlc-0.7.1
2003-11-30 Jean-Paul SamanBumped up version number to 0.7.0
2003-07-28 Jean-Paul SamanUpdated build scripts:
2003-07-21 Jean-Paul SamanUpdated build rules for iPaq.
2003-05-20 Jean-Paul SamanModified build scripts
2003-05-18 Jean-Paul SamanUpdated release numbering of packages.
2003-05-15 Jean-Paul SamanUpdating version to 0.5.4.
2003-04-09 Jean-Paul SamanFamiliar Linux (GPE/GTK+,OPIE) packaging and building...
2003-03-06 Jean-Paul SamanUpdated version number.
2003-02-12 Jean-Paul SamanUpdated control files and buildscript for v0.5.1
2003-02-02 Jean-Paul SamanAdded ffmpeg package to list of depenencies.
2003-01-19 Jean-Paul SamanNew "qte_main" module. It should be used by all plugins...
2003-01-17 Jean-Paul SamanUpdating slider only once a second now.
2003-01-12 Jean-Paul SamanFixed some paths.
2002-12-24 Jean-Paul SamanForget some.
2002-12-24 Jean-Paul SamanCosmetic changes.
2002-12-23 Jean-Paul SamanEnabled --with-gpe-prefix in buildscript.
2002-12-22 Jean-Paul SamanUse SDL output as default for iPaq.
2002-12-15 Jean-Paul SamanPackaging files for Familiar GPE and OPIE releases.
2002-12-08 Jean-Paul Saman- Updated Maintainers file
2002-12-04 Jean-Paul SamanBuild and packaging files for Opie and GPE.