Refactored/re-enabled libvlc_vlm_show_media
[vlc.git] / include / vlc / libvlc_vlm.h
2009-08-15 Alexander BethkeRefactored/re-enabled libvlc_vlm_show_media
2009-07-30 Olivier AubertFix comments in include files
2009-05-26 Sébastien EscudierHandle VLM events in libvlc
2008-09-12 Sebastien EscudierAdd const to char * in vlm
2008-09-09 Jean-Paul SamanDocument more VLM API's and expand define.
2008-08-14 Jean-Paul SamanAdd another bunch of doxygen file comments.
2008-08-11 Rémi Denis-CourmontHeaders: use non-reserved identifiers for multi-inclusi...
2008-08-08 Jean-Paul SamanDocument media descriptor, media library, media service...
2008-07-21 Adrien Grandlibvlc_vlm.h: Fix typo.
2008-07-07 Sebastien EscudierFix typo in libvlc_vlm.h
2008-07-06 Sebastien EscudierAdd vod in libvlc_vlm
2008-04-07 Filippo Caronelibvlc_vlm_release added
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: rename libvlc_media_descriptor to libvlc_media...
2008-03-28 Pierre d'Herbemontinclude: Use libvlc_vlm in doxygen instead of VLM.
2008-03-26 Pierre d'Herbemontinclude/vlc: Headers clean up.