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2021-01-20 Alexandre Janniauxextras: ci: bump debian-unstable for cmake
2021-01-11 Marvin Scholzmacosx: explicitly request macOS SDK
2021-01-07 Konstantin PavlovCI: Use catalina builders for macOS/iOS builds
2020-12-15 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenextras: CI: Bump windows images
2020-12-14 David Fuhrmannmacosx: codesign: Check whether vlc-cache-gen can be...
2020-12-14 Felix Paul Kühneextras: fix arch handling in macOS build script
2020-12-10 Alexandre Janniauxci: update android build script
2020-12-09 Felix Paul Kühnepackage/macosx: skip cache generation when cross-compiling
2020-12-02 David FuhrmannmacOS build: fix pseudo package
2020-12-02 David FuhrmannmacOS package: Install InfoPlist.strings for different...
2020-12-02 Steve LhommeCI: update windows LLVM images to more recent versions
2020-12-01 Konstantin Pavlovsnap: provide common-id
2020-11-25 Steve Lhommeextras/cherry-test: default to origin/master as master...
2020-11-13 Steve Lhommeextras: add a script to verify that cherry-pick commits...
2020-11-12 Alexandre Janniauxwin32: remove obsolete --disable-crystalhd
2020-11-12 Alexandre Janniauxwin32: remove useless --disable-gl
2020-10-19 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Do not generate InfoPlist.strings anymore
2020-10-09 Marvin Scholzpackage/macosx: remove --disable-sdl-image option
2020-10-08 Martin FinkelCI: Add arm64 uwp job
2020-09-11 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: update meson
2020-09-09 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx/configure: drop enforced compiler optimization...
2020-09-08 Thomas Guillemextras: ci: update Android image and NDK (21)
2020-08-14 Marvin Scholzmacosx: remove NSSound+VLCAdditions
2020-08-14 Marvin Scholzmacosx: add VLCSystemVolume class
2020-08-14 Marvin Scholzbuild/apple: do not blacklist imem access
2020-08-05 Marvin Scholzmacosx: remove gone files from Xcode project
2020-08-05 Marvin Scholzmacosx: update dummy Xcode project localizations
2020-08-05 Marvin Scholzmacosx: silence Xcode project upgrade recommendations
2020-07-27 Steve Lhommetools: avoid building tracking dependencies for tools
2020-07-22 Alexandre Janniauxapple: display bitcode status
2020-07-22 Alexandre Janniauxapple: build: ensure core_count is valid
2020-07-16 Alexandre Janniauxextras: gitlab-ci: remove enforced -j MAKEFLAGS
2020-07-14 Alexandre Janniauxextras: ci: add apple tvos arm64 job
2020-07-14 Alexandre Janniauxextras: ci: add iphonesimulator x86_64 job
2020-07-14 Alexandre Janniauxextras: ci: add SDKNAME for iOS jobs
2020-07-13 Alexandre JanniauxUpdate to meson 0.54.2
2020-07-06 Steve LhommeCI: update the mingw-w64 targets to a more recent version
2020-07-02 Alexandre Janniauxpackage: apple: add script
2020-07-02 Alexandre Janniauxapple: add an option to build dynamic objects
2020-07-01 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: add an option to set the PDB...
2020-07-01 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: use a variable for the VLC...
2020-07-01 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: fix fake wine call in WSL
2020-06-26 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: add a -o option to specify...
2020-06-26 Steve Lhommepackage: win32: copy the PDBs during package-win-install
2020-06-26 Steve Lhommepackage: win32: copy the .dll.a into th .lib equivalent
2020-06-25 Alexandre Janniauxmacosx: fix quiet parameter
2020-06-22 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: allow CONFIGFLAGS values to...
2020-06-18 Steve LhommeCI: get rid of variables-win64-llvm
2020-06-18 Steve Lhommetools: patch cmake 3.17 so it builds with a macOS 10...
2020-06-17 Steve LhommeCI: add a UWP x86_64 libvlc target
2020-06-17 Steve Lhommesnap: make sure we don't fail with a missing git version
2020-06-10 Steve Lhommewin32: use windowsappcompat instead of winstorecompat
2020-06-10 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: only force win10 API's for...
2020-06-04 Steve LhommeCI: update the LLVM-MINGW image to a newer Clang/MingW...
2020-06-04 Steve LhommeCI: use newer gcc for windows builds
2020-06-03 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: fix building ucrt builds with...
2020-06-03 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: do not link with ucrtbase
2020-06-03 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: Force Win7 and MSVCRT when...
2020-05-29 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: add options to do build for...
2020-05-29 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: add options to do build with...
2020-05-29 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: add an option to do build...
2020-05-29 Steve Lhommetools: no need to patch CMake for msys2 anymore
2020-05-28 Konstantin Pavlovsnap: Added avahi-control to the available plugs
2020-05-20 Martin Storsjöwin32: Don't force enable faad
2020-05-19 Konstantin PavlovCI: Enable pages job on schedules
2020-05-19 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: actually use $TRIPLET-pkg...
2020-05-13 David Fuhrmanngitlab-ci: Package macOS sdk archive for nightly builds...
2020-05-07 Steve Lhommewin32: disable Vista support in the manifest
2020-05-02 Alexandre Janniauxgitlab-ci: add armv7 iOS CI
2020-05-02 Alexandre Janniauxapple: build: build gas-preprocessor for armv7
2020-05-02 Alexandre Janniauxapple: build: forward -j to make
2020-05-02 Alexandre Janniauxapple: build: export -m{OS}-version-min in LDFLAGS
2020-05-02 Alexandre Janniauxmacosx: use xcrun to find host tools
2020-05-02 Alexandre Janniauxapple: build: export nm in host tools
2020-05-02 Alexandre Janniauxapple: build: export host tools in hostenv wrapper
2020-05-02 Alexandre Janniauxapple: build: use absolute path for VLC_SCRIPT_DIR
2020-05-02 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx/configure: setup environment before configuring
2020-04-29 Alexandre Janniauxapple: build: fix typo
2020-04-28 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssentools: Require meson 0.54
2020-04-17 Alexandre Janniauxmacosx: package: use ln -n instead of -h
2020-04-09 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: add an armv7 build target
2020-04-05 Konstantin PavlovCI: Enable checksum generation for nightly artifacts
2020-04-05 Konstantin PavlovCI: snap: move nightly artifacts to the same directory...
2020-04-03 Konstantin PavlovCI: Introduced nightly jobs
2020-04-02 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssennpapi: Fix warning during autoreconf
2020-03-31 Steve Lhommenpapi: pass the enable PDB flag to the NPAPI build
2020-03-31 Steve Lhommenpapi: pass the PKG_CONFIG we selected
2020-03-31 Steve Lhommetools: update meson to 0.54.0
2020-03-30 Konstantin Pavlovsnap: Added jack plug
2020-03-30 Konstantin Pavlovsnap: Bumped desktop-helpers version
2020-03-28 David FuhrmannmacOS package: Fix RPATH for vlc-cache-gen in release...
2020-03-27 Steve Lhommetools: update CMake to 3.17.0
2020-03-24 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: add option to do more checks...
2020-03-23 Steve Lhommeextras: raspberry: fix the tools build folder
2020-03-20 Konstantin Pavlovextras: raspberry: unbreak lua compilation when using...
2020-03-20 Steve LhommeCI: add a Raspbian 32-bit target
2020-03-20 Steve Lhommeextra: packages: add a Raspberry Pi build script
2020-03-19 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: don't force the PKG_CONFIG_LIB...
2020-03-13 Konstantin PavlovCI: Added snap job
2020-03-13 Konstantin Pavlovsnap: make it easier to run as a CI job