freeaddrinfo: rewrite as iterative
[vlc.git] / extras / tools /
2014-11-15 Sean McGoverntools: remove protoc pkgconfig files
2014-11-11 Tristan Matthewsextras/tools: list packages that will be built
2014-11-01 Sean McGoverntools: build protoc support libraries as static
2014-11-01 Sean McGoverncmake: bump to version 3.0.2
2014-10-22 Felix Paul Kühneextras: libtool depends on automake, which in turn...
2014-10-17 Jean-Baptiste KempfTools: Update pkg-config-lite to 0.28-1
2014-10-17 Jean-Baptiste KempfTools: create also the lib folder for ant
2014-10-17 Jean-Baptiste KempfTools: create directories before cp into them
2014-10-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfAnt: replace with a better mirror
2014-10-14 Sean McGovernextras/tools: check for ant when bootstrapping
2014-10-12 Felix Paul Kühneextras: mirror ragel on v.o since upstream server is...
2014-10-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfTools: update protoc to 2.6.0
2014-10-08 Jean-Baptiste KempfExtras: add protoc
2014-10-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfTools: Fix SF URLs
2014-08-17 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: update gas-pp
2014-07-25 Sean McGoverntools: add Apache ANT for contribs
2014-07-04 Sean McGoverntools: require automake version 1.14 or higher
2014-07-03 Sean McGoverntools: require autoconf version 2.69 or higher
2014-04-26 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: fix ragel patch application
2014-04-21 Sean McGoverntools: update cmake to
2014-04-16 Sean McGoverntools: clean up after sed test
2014-04-09 Sean McGoverntools: require cmake 2.8.8
2014-04-09 Sean McGoverntools: compare micro version
2014-04-08 Rafaël Carréextras/tools: remove openssl
2014-03-29 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: update gas-pp
2014-03-24 Felix Paul Kühnetools: update gas-pp
2014-03-23 Sean McGoverntools: set CPUS correctly on Solaris
2014-03-23 Sean McGoverntools: add GNU sed
2014-03-18 Sean McGovernragel: edit patch to work with other versions of patch(1)
2014-02-25 Sean McGovernextras: use MAKE environment variable where appropriate
2014-01-22 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: update gas-pp
2013-12-31 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: update gas-pp
2013-10-08 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: update cmake
2013-09-01 Konstantin Pavlovextras/tools: bump cmake version to current stable...
2013-09-01 Konstantin Pavlovextras/tools: fix ragel build with clang on OSX Mavericks
2013-08-26 Martin Storsjötools: Check for libtool 2.4
2013-08-15 Jean-Baptiste KempfExtras/tools: force the last version of m4
2013-08-08 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: update automake
2013-08-08 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: update libtool
2013-07-23 Martin Storsjötools: Use the latest version of gas-pp
2013-07-22 Martin Storsjötools: Download gas-pp from instead of from...
2013-07-22 Gleb Pinigintools: Download the defined gas-pp version instead...
2013-06-09 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: use another gas-pp fork fixing mp1/2...
2013-03-03 Diego Fernando NietoAutoconf distclean in extra/tools
2013-02-25 Konstantin PavlovTools: bump ragel version to 6.8.
2013-01-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfTools: Fix autoconf build
2012-12-24 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: updated gas-preprocessor hash
2012-10-09 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: update autoconf and automake to the lates...
2012-10-05 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: updated gas-pp revision
2012-09-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfTools: add m4
2012-09-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfTools: use pkg-config-lite instead of pkg-config
2012-09-10 Sylver Bruneauextras/tools: fix gas revision
2012-08-12 Naohiro KORIYAMAextra/tools: added Ragel
2012-07-05 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: use Mans Rullgard's gas preprocessor...
2012-03-21 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: improve gas installation
2012-03-21 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: added the gas-preprocessor makro needed...
2012-01-27 Rafaël Carrécontrib/tools: use BSD fetch if curl/wget are absent
2012-01-05 Rafaël Carréextra/tools: bump automake version
2012-01-04 Felix Paul Kühneextras/tools: added openssl needed for native compilati...
2011-12-14 Faustino E. Osunaextras/tools: update ignore files
2011-12-14 Faustino E. Osunaextras/tools: fix when downloading in tools.mak
2011-12-10 Rafaël Carréextras/tools: ignore fetched tarballs
2011-12-05 Rafaël Carrépkg-config 0.26 doesn't build without pkg-config installed
2011-12-05 Rafaël Carrépkgconfig doesn't depend on autoconf
2011-12-04 Jean-Baptiste Kempftools: bump cmake and pkg-config to the latest releases
2011-12-02 Rafaël Carréextra/tools: make sure autoconf comes with pkg-config...
2011-12-01 Rafaël Carréremove duplicate dep
2011-11-30 Rafaël CarréWe don't patch pkg-config (anymore), don't run autoconf
2011-11-30 Rafaël CarréRevert "extra/tools: make sure autoconf can access...
2011-11-29 Rafaël Carréextra/tools: make sure autoconf can access pkg-config...
2011-11-29 Rafaël Carréextra/tools: use gcc-4.2 on Darwin
2011-11-26 Rafaël Carréextras/tools: check for tar -J properly
2011-11-26 Rafaël Carréextras/tools: set AUTOCONF variable so automake can...
2011-11-26 Diego Fernando Nietoextras/tools: fix make clean
2011-11-26 Rafaël Carréextra/tools: tar and xz can be built independantly
2011-11-25 Rafaël Carrétools: check if tar supports J option
2011-11-25 Rafaël Carrétools: fix tar dependency
2011-11-25 Rafaël CarréRevert "Tools: one needs tar for the contribs"
2011-11-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfTools: one needs tar for the contribs
2011-11-15 Rafaël Carréextras/tools: check if autotools are recent enough
2011-11-15 Rafaël Carrébuild tools: add reminder for version check
2011-11-08 Rafaël Carréextras/tools: add yasm
2011-11-08 Rafaël Carréextra/tools: add GNU tar (with J = xz support)
2011-11-08 Rafaël Carréshell typo
2011-11-03 Rafaël Carréextras/tools: preliminary support for building missing...