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[vlc.git] / extras / package / macosx / configure.sh
2020-10-09 Marvin Scholzpackage/macosx: remove --disable-sdl-image option
2020-09-09 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx/configure: drop enforced compiler optimization...
2020-05-02 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx/configure: setup environment before configuring
2019-12-10 David FuhrmannmacOS packaging: Use DESTDIR install for packaging
2018-11-18 David FuhrmannmacOS/configure.sh: Remove qtkit build option
2018-09-24 David FuhrmannmacOS build: Bump minimum required OS version to 10.11
2018-09-19 Marvin Scholzmacosx/configure.sh: Fix argument passing to configure
2018-07-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfRemove RealRTSP plugin
2017-11-30 Jean-Baptiste KempfSet minimal macOS version to 10.10
2017-08-06 Marvin Scholzextras/macosx: Disable sdl-image in configure.sh
2016-12-04 David Fuhrmannpackage: macosx: Eyetv configure switch is gone
2016-10-03 Vittorio GiovaraDisable pulse on OSX by default
2016-06-04 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: disable vnc
2016-02-27 Felix Paul Kühnemac configure script: remove obsolete flag
2015-10-23 Marvin Scholzgrowl: Renamed Growl plugin to OS X Notifications
2015-06-22 Felix Paul Kühneextras/mac: set deployment target to 10.7 so we can...
2015-06-11 David Fuhrmannmacosx: add own configure switch to disable the sparkle...
2015-05-31 David Fuhrmannmac/configure.sh: Enable sparkle update by default
2015-01-19 David Fuhrmannmacosx/configure.sh: Enable libsamplerate again
2014-05-17 Felix Paul Kühnemac-configure: remove old cruft and enforce compatibili...
2014-03-06 Felix Paul Kühneextras/macosx: remove dropped options from configure...
2013-04-18 Michael FeursteinNew AVFoundation video capture module for Mac OS X
2012-08-22 Felix Paul Kühneextras/package: disable the macosx dialog provider...
2012-06-07 Felix Paul Kühneextras/macosx: added the optimization flags removed...
2012-05-17 Felix Paul Kühnepackage/macosx: disable the caca vout by default
2012-03-07 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: disable the libsamplerate plugin by default...
2011-11-29 Jean-Baptiste KempfMacOS: explicitely force --macosx values
2011-11-25 Rafaël CarréOSX: disable SDL
2011-11-25 Rafaël CarréOSX: disable vcdx for the time being
2011-11-24 Rafaël Carrétypo
2011-11-23 Rafaël Carréupdate osx defaults
2011-11-23 Rafaël CarréRevert "Don't assume some default prefix is used"
2011-11-23 Rafaël CarréDon't assume some default prefix is used
2011-11-23 Rafaël Carréremove --enable-macosx-defaults, move to shell script