cmake: Find libdvbpsi, libmpeg2.
[vlc.git] / extras / buildsystem / cmake / scripts /
2008-02-08 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Correctly remove files prior to recmake.
2008-02-08 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Fix convert_vlc_to_cmake for qt4.
2008-02-08 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Correctly build qt4.
2008-02-07 Rafaël Carrécmake: build .gmo files & copy them in
2008-02-04 Antoine CellerierSet scripts as executable.
2008-02-04 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Add the modules/'s CMakeLists.txt.
2008-02-04 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake/scripts/ Fix config.h...
2008-02-04 Pierre d'Herbemontbuildsystem/cmake/scripts/
2008-02-04 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Send in config.h.cmake.
2008-02-04 Pierre d'Herbemontbuildsystem/cmake: Add an embryonary CMake support...