[vlc.git] / bindings / java / README
2008-03-16 Filippo Caronesome basic info on how to use mvn added
2008-03-13 Filippo Caronebasic instructions for maven2
2008-03-09 Filippo Caronejava bindings huge update
2006-12-26 Filippo CaroneMake audio functions compliant with current libvlc
2006-11-08 Filippo Caronereadme update
2006-06-07 Filippo CaroneSuggest to check/set JAVA_HOME if compilation fails
2006-06-06 Filippo CaroneJava bindings update:
2006-03-31 Filippo CaroneMakefile updated for new java bindings classes.
2005-11-26 Clément StenacJava bindings by Filippo Carone.