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2021-01-29 KO Myung-Hunbin: fix linkage on OS/2
2020-11-22 Tristan Matthewsrootwrap: make setsockopt 1 usage consistent
2020-11-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontxcb/global: use autorun to start
2020-11-21 Rémi Denis-Courmonthotkeys: use autorun to start
2020-05-26 Marvin Scholzmacosx: move breakpad initialization and allow opt-out
2020-03-30 Alexandre Janniauxwinvlc: silence unused warnings
2020-03-25 Marvin Scholzmacosx: check type of preference entry before using
2020-03-25 Marvin Scholzmacosx: remove support for the language argument
2019-12-10 David FuhrmannmacOS packaging: Use DESTDIR install for packaging
2019-06-03 Steve Lhommewinvlc: fix warnings
2019-04-03 Steve Lhommewinvlc: use WCHAR instead of TCHAR
2019-03-27 David Fuhrmanndarwinvlc: Set rpath appliciable for POSIX installation
2019-03-27 David Fuhrmannsrc: darwin/dirs: Implement fallbacks for posix style...
2019-03-20 David Fuhrmannsrc: darwin/dirs: Package libraries and modules into...
2019-01-17 Steve Lhommeremove the $Id$ in the source code
2018-10-20 Marvin Scholzdarwinvlc: Use FromCFString
2018-09-13 Martin Storsjöbin: win32: Link vlc.exe and vlc-cache-gen.exe with...
2018-07-11 Steve Lhommebin:override: fix unsigned format modifier
2018-06-18 Rémi Denis-Courmontconfigure: remove LIBPTHREAD
2018-05-11 Rémi Denis-Courmontwinvlc: use exit handler
2018-05-09 Rémi Denis-Courmontcachegen: remove wrong/misleading error message
2018-05-09 Rémi Denis-Courmontlib: remove unused libvlc_playlist_play() parameters
2018-03-24 David Fuhrmanndarwinvlc: Print out if no interface can be found
2018-03-23 KO Myung-Hunos2: fix crash and memory leaks at exit
2018-03-15 Marvin Scholzwinvlc: Move breakpad init completely in HAVE_BREAKPAD
2018-03-11 Rémi Denis-Courmontvlc: print an error if not starting any interface
2018-03-11 Rémi Denis-Courmontvlc: do not clobber argv, argc
2018-03-06 Rémi Denis-Courmontvlc-cache-gen: use correct install directory
2018-02-08 Rémi Denis-Courmontbin: define VLC_LIB_PATH
2018-02-02 Felix Paul Kühnebin: fix installation when compiling for macOS with...
2017-12-27 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenbin/Makefile.am: Explicitely depend on libbreakpad_wrap...
2017-12-27 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenbin/Makefile.am: Simplify
2017-12-26 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenbin: Fix vlc CFLAGS on !WIN32
2017-12-23 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenwin32: Use breakpad for crash reporting
2017-12-23 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenwinvlc: Remove old crash handling code
2017-12-23 Hugo Beauzée-LuyssenRework breakpad detection to enable it on windows as...
2017-12-10 Rémi Denis-Courmontwin32: call SetDllDirectort() directly
2017-12-03 Rémi Denis-Courmontwin32: use thread-safe error mode (only)
2017-11-28 Thomas Guillemwinvlc: disable buffering on stderr
2017-11-02 Rémi Denis-Courmontwin32: only call SetErrorMode() if needed
2017-09-24 Felix Paul Kühnebin: fix build and install for non-macOS Darwin platforms
2017-09-20 Rémi Denis-Courmontbin: build vlc-cache-gen even w/ --disable-vlc
2017-09-20 Rémi Denis-CourmontMakefile: reorder/gather rules by target
2017-09-20 Rémi Denis-CourmontMakefile: remove redundant variables
2017-09-20 Rémi Denis-CourmontMakefile: remove redundant if/endif
2017-06-19 Rémi Denis-Courmontrootwrap: use fputs() where applicable
2017-06-18 Rémi Denis-Courmontdbus: add command line option to disable MPRIS
2017-05-07 Marvin Scholzdarwinvlc: Clarify comment about PSN argument
2017-04-12 Steve Lhommebin: use a full path to build plugins.dat
2017-03-10 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenwinvlc: Remove trailing whitespace
2017-03-10 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenwinvlc: Try to load DLLs from system32 before any other...
2017-03-10 Steve Lhommewin32: do not load wininet.dll on startup, it's not...
2017-03-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfWinvlc: add comments
2017-03-08 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenbin: win32 resources: Fix manifest embeding
2017-03-08 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenbin: vlc_win32_rc depends on the manifest file
2017-03-05 Jean-Baptiste Kempfdarwinvlc: check malloc return and free
2017-02-27 Marvin ScholzmacOS buildsystem: Adjust rpath and install_name
2017-02-18 Jean-Baptiste KempfmacOS: factor out the Frameworks path definitions
2017-02-17 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Add initialization of breakpad crash reporter
2017-02-17 Marvin ScholzmacOS: Add breakpad to buildsystem
2017-02-14 Steve Lhommecore: WINAPI should be set on the pointer
2016-11-18 Rémi Denis-Courmontvlc: do not load kernel32.dll
2016-11-18 Rémi Denis-Courmontvlc: set default DLL directories
2016-10-11 Rémi Denis-Courmontwinvlc: fix format string
2016-10-10 Jean-Baptiste Kempfwin32: only one dialog thanking the user
2016-10-10 Steve LhommeWindows: don't display a dialog when crash upload fails
2016-09-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfWindows: missing \n
2016-09-23 Jean-Baptiste KempfWindows: don't display a dialog when FTP transfer fails
2016-02-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfFix comments about Qt4
2016-02-06 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssencachegen: fix when building without getopt
2015-12-26 David Fuhrmanncachegen: Remove remnants of -f option
2015-08-05 Steve Lhommecachegen: use _WIN32 instead of WIN32
2015-07-25 Felix Paul Kühnecachegen: remove force option and always reset the...
2015-06-21 David Fuhrmannbin: build a vlc-osx-static similar to vlc-static,...
2015-06-20 David Fuhrmanndarwinvlc/macosx: rework binary, start main loop in...
2015-06-20 David Fuhrmanndarwinvlc: compile with objc and fix build system
2015-06-05 KO Myung-Hunvlc-wrapper: disable on OS/2
2015-05-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontrootwrap: work around missing MSG_NOSIGNAL on old BSD...
2015-05-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontrootwrap: use BSD SO_NOSIGPIPE
2015-05-17 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse MSG_NOSIGNAL in send()/sendto()/sendmsg()
2015-04-11 David Fuhrmanndarwinvlc: move play call to minimize time for race...
2015-03-09 Rémi Denis-CourmontRevert "--stats: default to false" (fixes #14035)
2014-11-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: file description shouldn't have the version...
2014-11-21 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenwinvlc: Replace STDIN_FILENO by the equivalent _fileno...
2014-10-24 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenwinvlc: Fix function pointer cast syntax
2014-10-20 Hannes DomaniWin32: stop stacktrace on bad pointer
2014-08-15 Hannes DomaniWin32: rename crashdump to get only 1 bug report
2014-08-13 Hannes DomaniWin32: use %ls for wchar_t strings
2014-08-11 Hannes DomaniWin32: stop stacktrace on nullpointer
2014-04-22 Rémi Denis-Courmontrootwrap: file descriptor leak
2014-02-23 KO Myung-Hunbin: fix SIGSEGV at exit on OS/2
2014-02-12 David Fuhrmannbin/darwinvlc: readd exit handler for the case the...
2014-02-07 Rémi Denis-Courmontwin32: call SetErrorMode() while still single-threaded
2014-02-06 Felix Paul Kühnedarwinvlc: fix transcoding on command-line broken in...
2014-02-03 David Fuhrmannmacosx: implement libvlc exit handler to properly termi...
2014-02-03 David Fuhrmannbin/mac: do not start playlist while quitting VLC
2014-01-28 Rémi Denis-Courmontvlc: fix warning
2014-01-28 Rafaël Carré--stats: default to false
2013-11-24 Felix Paul Kühnedarwinvlc: fix automatic language selection (close...
2013-11-10 Felix Paul Kühnebin/darwinvlc: fix l10n preferences lookup code