Now 0.5.2-cvs (estimated release date in two weeks from now).
[vlc.git] / NEWS
2003-02-17 Christophe MassiotNow 0.5.2-cvs (estimated release date in two weeks...
2003-02-17 Sam Hocevar * Updated NEWS and ChangeLog.
2003-02-16 Derk-Jan Hartman* Added an info panel to show movie info, etc.
2003-02-16 Eric Petit NEWS: updated BeOS info for 0.5.1
2003-02-16 Christophe Massiot* modules/gui/macosx/open.m: Removed channel server...
2003-02-15 Jean-Paul SamanUpdate iPaq packaging description files for:
2003-02-13 Christophe MassiotUpdated NEWS file for 0.5.1. PLEASE do your share and...
2003-02-02 Sam Hocevar * ./NEWS: a few updates from gibalou.
2003-02-02 Johan Bilien * NEWS: readded deleted entries, sorry about that.
2003-02-02 Johan Bilien * NEWS: VCD entry points and iso files
2003-02-02 Sam Hocevar * ./NEWS: a few updates (translations, mozilla plugin).
2003-02-01 Sigmund Augdal Helberg NEWS: we did support .mp3 in 0.4.x. Added that we...
2003-02-01 Boris Dorès- Win32 preference dialog box
2003-02-01 Olivier Teulière * Win32 port
2003-02-01 Eric Petit BeOS news.
2003-02-01 Christophe MassiotTarkin, Tremor and Theora are only available when compi...
2003-02-01 Christophe MassiotForgot Tremor.
2003-02-01 Jean-Paul SamanUpdated for iPaq port
2003-02-01 Christophe Massiot* worked around an ffmpeg-cvs detectio...
2003-02-01 Sam Hocevar * ./NEWS: added an empty NEWS file.
2000-08-15 Sam Hocevar * fixed a dumb bug in the Makefile that prevented...
2000-03-08 Sam Hocevar Premiers fichiers n�cessaires � autoconf