2016-05-19 Martin Storsjömovenc: Write 'loci' geotag metadata for 3gp and mp4
2016-05-19 Martin Storsjömovenc: Factorize a function for finding a metadata...
2016-05-19 Michael Niedermayermovenc: Write ?xyz geotag metadata for mov files
2016-05-19 Michael Niedermayermov: Also export loci altitude
2016-05-19 Michael Niedermayermov: Append place name instead of overwriting for loci
2016-05-19 Michael Niedermayermov: Fix parsing short loci
2016-05-19 Michael Niedermayermov: Print reason of loci parsing failure
2016-05-19 Martin Storsjömov: Add a comment referring to the standard that defin...
2016-05-18 Martin Storsjömovenc: Add a missed const
2016-05-18 Martin Storsjömovenc: Add a test for VFR with b-frames, with a durati...
2016-05-18 Martin Storsjömovenc: Use packets in interleaving queues for the...
2016-05-18 Martin Storsjömovenc-test: Test write_data_type
2016-05-18 Martin Storsjömatroskaenc: Provide output bytestream markers
2016-05-18 Martin Storsjömovenc: Provide output bytestream markers for fragmente...
2016-05-18 Martin Storsjöflvenc: Provide output bytestream markers
2016-05-18 Martin Storsjöavio: Allow custom IO users to get labels for the outpu...
2016-05-17 Vittorio Giovaraavprobe: Print stereo3d information
2016-05-17 Vittorio Giovarastereo3d: Add API to get name from value or value from...
2016-05-17 Vladimir Voroshilovlavf: Raw G.729 demuxer
2016-05-17 Martin Storsjöfate: Update fate-lavf-ts after commit 393596f9d5
2016-05-17 Diego Biurruntools: Port to codec parameters API
2016-05-17 Francois Cartegniempegtsenc: stop impersonating ses in sdt
2016-05-17 Alexandra HájkováMove VLC and RL_VLC_ELEM structure definitions to a...
2016-05-17 Anton Khirnovavconv_dxva2: use the hwcontext API
2016-05-17 Anton Khirnovhwcontext: add a dxva2 implementation
2016-05-16 Alexandra Hájkovámpeg4videodec: Call av_log() in check_marker() with...
2016-05-16 Alexandra HájkováMove check_marker() from get_bits to mpeg4videodec
2016-05-16 Anton Khirnovlavc: mark the old audio/video encoding API as deprecated
2016-05-16 Anton Mitrofanovx86inc: Enable AVX emulation in additional cases
2016-05-16 Anton Mitrofanovx86inc: Improve handling of %ifid with multi-token...
2016-05-16 Anton Mitrofanovx86inc: Fix AVX emulation of some instructions
2016-05-16 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Fix AVX emulation of scalar float instructions
2016-05-16 Anton Khirnovavpacket: fix setting AVPacket.data in av_packet_ref()
2016-05-16 Anton Khirnovlavc: make avcodec_open2() fail when the timebase is...
2016-05-13 Diego BiurrunCombine deprecation guards where appropriate
2016-05-13 Diego Biurruntests: Move all test programs to a subdirectory
2016-05-13 Diego BiurrunSplit global .gitignore file into per-directory files
2016-05-11 Diego BiurrunAdd some more deprecation guards
2016-05-11 Diego BiurrunReduce the scope of some variables
2016-05-11 Martin Storsjörtsp: Parse SSRC attributes in the SDP
2016-05-11 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Always check if we have the next packet queued
2016-05-10 Mark Thompsonavconv_vaapi: fix double-free with some unsupported...
2016-05-10 Jan Ekströmpgssub: Fix subpicture colorspace and range
2016-05-10 Jan Ekströmcolorspace: Add support for BT709
2016-05-10 Michael Niedermayersimple_idct_template: Fix strict aliasing violation
2016-05-06 Martin Storsjöavio: Remove a leftover comment
2016-05-05 Diego BiurrunMark read-only tables as static
2016-05-05 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Document --enable-libfontconfig
2016-05-04 Diego Biurrunvf_frei0r: Drop overly verbose and broken debug output
2016-05-04 Vittorio Giovaracosmetics: Fix spelling mistakes
2016-05-04 Alexandra HájkováRemove unnecessary get_bits.h #includes and add missing...
2016-05-03 Diego Biurrunh264: Drop broken trace debug output
2016-05-03 Diego Biurrunvaapi: Drop pointless debug output
2016-05-03 Diego Biurrunlibopencore-amr: Fix ff_dlog()/av_log() invocations
2016-05-03 Diego BiurrunDrop pointless assert.h #includes
2016-05-03 Luca Barbatompegts: Validate the SL Packet Header Configuration
2016-05-02 Diego Biurrunfate: Add test for MTS2/MSS4
2016-04-30 Martin Storsjörtpdec_vp9: Support parsing the scalability structure
2016-04-30 Martin Storsjörtpdec_h264: Use avpriv_report_missing_feature instead...
2016-04-30 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Use AVERROR_PATCHWELCOME instead of AVERROR...
2016-04-30 Martin Storsjörtpdec_vp9: Update header parsing to spec draft 02
2016-04-30 Martin Storsjörtpdec_vp9: Make sure to free the temp buffer on close
2016-04-30 Janne GrunauRevert "mmaldec: autodetect by default" since it breaks...
2016-04-30 wm4mmaldec: autodetect by default
2016-04-30 wm4mmaldec: limit internal buffering
2016-04-30 wm4mmaldec: print the MMAL format FourCC automatically
2016-04-30 wm4configure: fix mmal build dependencies
2016-04-30 wm4mmaldec: send only a single EOS packet on flushing
2016-04-30 wm4mmaldec: correct package buffering accounting
2016-04-30 wm4mmaldec: add vc1 decoding support
2016-04-30 Julian Scheelmmaldec: Add mpeg2 decoding support
2016-04-30 Julian Scheelmmaldec: Fix avpriv_atomic_get usage
2016-04-30 Michael Niedermayermmaldec: Use av_assert0() instead of assert()
2016-04-29 Diego Biurruntestprogs: Mark some tables as static const
2016-04-27 Diego Biurrunfate: Add test for MSS1
2016-04-26 Vittorio Giovaradds: Add support for monochrome images
2016-04-26 Vittorio Giovaradds: Drop gray-alpha swapping
2016-04-25 Martin Storsjödxva2_h264: Unbreak compilation after 3176217c6
2016-04-24 Luca Barbatoape: Unbreak adaptcoeffs computation
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: eliminate max_contexts
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: allocate some tables per slice contexts, not...
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: remove an artificial restriction on the number...
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: remove pointless setting of some variables in...
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: remove a pointless comment
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: make slice threading work with deblocking_filter=1
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: remove H264Context.pict_type
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: drop a pointless indirection
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: remove unused H264SliceContext.rbsp_buffer
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: merge ff_h264_free_context() into h264_decode_end()
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: eliminate low_delay
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: remove a stale comment
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264_refs: remove an unused parameter from ff_h264_fill...
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264_refs: make the H264Context const where possible
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264_refs: reorder functions to avoid forward declarations
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: eliminate copy_fields
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264_parser: remove the remaining dependencies on the...
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: decouple extradata parsing from the decoder
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: decouple h264_sei from the h264 decoder
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264: factor out calculating the POC count into a separ...
2016-04-24 Anton Khirnovh264_parser: move the H264DSPContext to the parser...