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last changeFri, 18 Jun 2021 13:26:50 +0000 (21:26 +0800)
2 hours ago Shubhanshu... lavfi/dnn_backend_openvino.c: Fix Memory Leak for Reque... master
7 hours ago Martin Storsjöffbuild: Avoid using the --preprocessor argument to...
2 days ago Gyan Doshidoc/filters: document expr support in fps filter
3 days ago Matthieu Patoulavc/libvpxenc: Show encoder config as a warning in...
3 days ago Matthieu Patoulavc/libaomenc: Show encoder config as a warning in...
3 days ago Kevin LaFlammedashenc: Write out DASH manifest immediately in streami...
4 days ago Limin Wangavformat/dashenc: use av_match_ext()
4 days ago Thilo Borgmannlavc/videotoolboxenc.c: Fix preprocessor macro for...
4 days ago James Almeravfilter/vf_fps: extend support for expressions
4 days ago Valerii Zapodovnikovavformat/mxfdec: fixed jp2k_rsiz and 170M matrix
4 days ago James Almeravutil/samplefmt: don't add offsets to NULL pointers
4 days ago James Almeravutil/samplefmt: remove outdated comment
4 days ago Matthieu Patouavutil/tests/audio_ffio: add missing header
4 days ago James Almeravutil/tests/lzo: remove timer macros
5 days ago Gyan Doshidoc/demuxers: note defaults for apng options
6 days ago Michael Niedermayeravformat/rpl: The associative law doesnt hold for signe...
2 months ago n4.5-dev Main development, master branch...
2 months ago n4.4 FFmpeg 4.4 release
3 months ago n4.3.2 FFmpeg 4.3.2 release
11 months ago n4.3.1 FFmpeg 4.3.1 release
11 months ago n4.2.4 FFmpeg 4.2.4 release
11 months ago n2.8.17 FFmpeg 2.8.17
11 months ago n4.1.6 FFmpeg 4.1.6 release
11 months ago n3.4.8 FFmpeg release 3.4.8
11 months ago n4.0.6 FFmpeg 4.0.6 release
11 months ago n3.2.15 FFmpeg 3.2.15 release
12 months ago n4.4-dev Main development, master branch...
12 months ago n4.3 FFmpeg 4.3 release
12 months ago n4.2.3 FFmpeg 4.2.3 release
13 months ago n2.8.16 FFmpeg 2.8.16 release
17 months ago n4.1.5 FFmpeg 4.1.5 release
17 months ago n4.2.2 FFmpeg 4.2.2 release
2 hours ago master
2 weeks ago release/4.4
2 months ago release/4.3
5 months ago release/3.2
8 months ago release/3.4
8 months ago release/4.0
8 months ago release/4.1
8 months ago release/4.2
11 months ago release/2.8
11 months ago release/3.3
12 months ago release/3.0
12 months ago release/3.1
3 years ago release/2.4
4 years ago release/2.7
4 years ago release/2.6
4 years ago release/2.5