2008-08-27 Laurent AimarRemoved stupid AR hack in libmpeg2.
2008-08-27 Laurent AimarFixed AR setting for dvdsimple, support AR for dvdnav.
2008-08-27 Laurent AimarCosmetic.
2008-08-27 Laurent AimarFixed segfault with invalid vout input aspect ratio.
2008-08-27 Laurent AimarCosmetics (Fixed mix up between 0 and NULL).
2008-08-27 Laurent AimarCorrectly set the index keyframe flag in avi muxer.
2008-08-27 Laurent AimarSet picture flags (I/P/B) in mpeg4 packetizer.
2008-08-27 Laurent AimarFixed a potential crash due to a mix up between pitch...
2008-08-27 Laurent AimarCosmetic (record.c)
2008-08-27 Laurent AimarAdded BLOCK_FLAG_TYPE_MASK define (helper).
2008-08-27 Laurent AimarFixed a potential crash in aout_FiltersPlay.
2008-08-27 Laurent AimarImproved eof detection on a few broken avi files.
2008-08-27 Pavlov KonstantinRemove build-vlc, lxdialog and menuconfig: they are...
2008-08-27 Antoine CellerierAlso use the input name in the recording file name...
2008-08-27 Antoine CellerierAlways enforce the "don't show if unavailable" option...
2008-08-26 Christophe... Fix make dist
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarRemoved tabs and unwanted spaces in record.c
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarRemove access filter record from build system.
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarImproved record behaviour when sout is disabled.
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarCompilation fix when using --disable-sout.
2008-08-26 Antoine CellerierAdd information about variables having choices to the...
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarFixed typo making swscaler useless for outputing RGBA.
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarFixed segfault when the subpicture scaler failed.
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarRemoved now obsolete access filter record.
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarAdded recording on the fly through sout.
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarAdded new stream_out record module.
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarAdded small block_ChainProperties helper.
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarDo not access to internal p_input sout in input_DecoderNew.
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarAdded missing const to sout_NewInstance.
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarAdded nsv stream record mode support.
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarFixed record stream in case of stream_Read(NULL) and...
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarAdded record support at the stream_t level in core.
2008-08-26 Christophe... remove unused patch
2008-08-26 Christophe... i18n: Fix in Qt4/Help
2008-08-26 Rémi Denis... CVE number is known
2008-08-26 Antoine CellerierPreliminary changes to fix postprocessing. Decoder...
2008-08-26 Rémi Denis... Do not shrink allocated blocks.
2008-08-26 Rémi Denis... No need to set i_buffer twice
2008-08-26 Rémi Denis... Revert "Win32: show the console (early) in debug builds"
2008-08-26 Rémi Denis... argv is now on the stack, do not free it
2008-08-26 Rémi Denis... Win32: do not pass argv[0] to libvlc - fixes #1920
2008-08-26 Rémi Denis... Revert early morning after bad night sleep commit
2008-08-26 Antoine CellerierRevert something which never should have been commited...
2008-08-26 Antoine CellerierUpdate Aurelien Nephtali's thanks line.
2008-08-26 Pierre d'Herbemontxspf: Fix a may-be freed input_item pointer usage.
2008-08-26 Pierre d'Herbemontasx: Fix an input_item leak.
2008-08-26 Pierre d'Herbemontmmsh: Fix an input_item_t leak.
2008-08-26 Rémi Denis... Win32: do not add argv[0] (vlc.exe) to the playlist
2008-08-25 Antoine Celleriermisc edits.
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste... Mention of AES3 (SMPTE 302M) in NEWS.
2008-08-25 Derk-Jan HartmanMakefile: add ChangeLog target as a prerequisite to...
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste... Fix some playlist start showing/non-showing bug.
2008-08-25 Pierre d'Herbemontupdate: Don't release the object that created this...
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarFixed packetized flag value for aes3 stream.
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarFixed channel count index for aes3.
2008-08-25 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Fix vout window min size.
2008-08-25 Antoine CellerierExplain that 0.9.0 was skipped.
2008-08-25 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: use NSInvocation on this 10.5 method.
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarAdded check against NIT dvbpsi support.
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarAdded DVB scan capability.
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarRemoved internal cinepak decoder (ffmpeg one is way...
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarUse aes3 for BSSD codec (close #1765).
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarAdded AES3 (SMPTE 302M) decoder.
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarAdded new audio-time-strech option to insert scaletempo...
2008-08-25 Antoine CellerierMention that transrate is back. Also change 0.9.0 to...
2008-08-25 Antoine CellerierAdd description for transrate options.
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste... Don't use Simple Open, it can be broken. Workaround...
2008-08-25 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx: Don't do fancy stuff on 10.4.
2008-08-25 Antoine CellerierCompile the transrate module (untested ... but now...
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste... Update README. Close #1928
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste... Add a NEWS message for Windows Skin.
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste... THANKS update
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste... Update French translation.
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarAdded drop shortcut for dummy stream_out module.
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2008-08-25 Rémi Duraffortupnpn_intel: Compilation fix.
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarRevert "Improved rtjpeg and seek NUV demuxer support."
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarMoved static lock inside Cookie.
2008-08-25 Gertjan Van... Improved rtjpeg and seek NUV demuxer support.
2008-08-25 Rémi Denis... libvlccore: increase version and age, reset revision
2008-08-25 Rémi Denis... An object must not have a thread when it is destroyed
2008-08-25 Rémi Denis... VLM: cleanup VLM threading
2008-08-25 Rémi Denis... vlc_clone, vlc_join: untangle objects and threads
2008-08-25 Rémi Denis... Win32: show the console (early) in debug builds
2008-08-25 Antoine CellerierRemove ... after "Minimal View" menu item.
2008-08-25 Felix Paul... Minor spelling mistakes pointed by P.K2
2008-08-25 Rémi Denis... Remove left over
2008-08-25 Felix Paul... beautified German translation by P.K2
2008-08-25 Antoine CellerierFix "Crash when removing filters after a video encoder...
2008-08-25 Derk-Jan Hartmanconfig: Do not use config_SaveConfigFile( , NULL) or...
2008-08-25 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: Do NOT call config_SaveConfigFile() if you...
2008-08-25 Derk-Jan Hartmanconfig: 0-> NULL
2008-08-25 Christophe... Add bulgarian in new l10n
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarClean up mpga demuxer and properly fix #1081 (ie withou...
2008-08-25 Rafaël Carrélive555: really toggle tcp flag - fix [ef4da62761]
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste... Don't allocate and create the Capture Open Panel in...
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste... Revert "Fix memleak in mkv."
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste... Update comments.