2016-02-09 Felix Paul... Add Bonjour service discovery module
2016-02-09 Pierre Ynardyoutube.lua: user live stream URL support
2016-02-09 Tristan Matthewsvpx: no need to mention default
2016-02-09 Tristan Matthewsvpx: add vp8 and vp9 encoder
2016-02-09 Tristan Matthewsvpx: clean up error macro calls
2016-02-09 Jean-Baptiste... Add mdns as shortcut for avahi
2016-02-09 Thomas Guillemmicrodns: add mdns shortcut
2016-02-09 Tristan Matthewsvpx: refactor error handling
2016-02-09 Felix Paul... macosx/Media Info: added auto-layout support
2016-02-09 Tristan Matthewsvpx: rename Open/Close
2016-02-09 Tristan Matthewsvpx: cosmetics
2016-02-08 Steve Lhommegnutls: more generic way to force the available API...
2016-02-08 Sean McGovernContribs: gmp, fix build on PPC64
2016-02-08 Steve Lhommevlc_fixups: add missing struct timespec
2016-02-08 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: add microdns package
2016-02-08 Rémi Denis... vmem: remove write-only picture_sys_t.sys
2016-02-08 Rémi Denis... vmem: unroll sys->unlock check
2016-02-08 Rémi Denis... vmem: lock pictures before creating pool
2016-02-08 Rémi Denis... interrupt: fix race in test case
2016-02-08 Thomas Guillemupnp: correctly fix deadlock when calling UpnpUnRegiste...
2016-02-08 Thomas GuillemRevert "upnp: fix deadlock when calling UpnpFinish...
2016-02-08 Steve Lhommeprefetch: don't do anything when reading 0 bytes
2016-02-08 Thomas Guillemupnp: search in a separate thread
2016-02-08 Thomas Guillemupnp: fix leak in error path
2016-02-08 Thomas Guillemupnp: fix deadlock when calling UpnpFinish locked
2016-02-08 Hugo Beauzée... contribs: Update fontconfig URL
2016-02-08 Thomas Guillemmicrodns: don't cancel listen thread
2016-02-06 Hugo Beauzée... cachegen: fix when building without getopt
2016-02-06 Hugo Beauzée... compat: Provide a gettimeofday replacement
2016-02-06 Jean-Baptiste... Rename bonjour module to avahi
2016-02-05 Steve LhommeContribs: ffmpeg, do not assume i*86 if not WIN64 on...
2016-02-05 Hannes Domaniasx: fix memory leak
2016-02-05 Steve LhommeRevert "contribs: disable harfbuzz for WinRT"
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommecontrib: ffmpeg needs to tweak d3d11 headers
2016-02-05 Steve LhommeContribs: taglib, add m4v support
2016-02-05 Steve LhommeContribs: update taglib to 1.10beta
2016-02-05 Hugo Beauzée... Contribs: flac: Provide NO_DLL flag when building on...
2016-02-05 Steve LhommeContribs: openjpeg, check for restrict keyword in configure
2016-02-05 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: samplerate, don't forget to install .pc file
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommecontrib: disable building some iconv binaries
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommecontrib:opus: remove an unneeded MSVC patch
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommeuse DXVA2_NoEncrypt instead of the legacy DXVA_NoEncrypt
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommedirectx_va: warn something is wrong with the decoder...
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommed3d11va: fix a crash when we can't allocate the decodin...
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommewin32: don't override _WIN32_WINNT if a more recent...
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommetools: use cmake 3.2.3
2016-02-05 Jean-Baptiste... Win32: drop support for old versions of mingw that...
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommeonly use MINGW workarounds when building with MINGW
2016-02-05 Thomas Guillemservices_discovery: add a service discovery for mDNS
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommeconfigure: don't force mingw hacks on Windows, when...
2016-02-05 Hannes Domaniavformat: fix memory leak
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommewinstore: gai_strerrorA is forbidden so use our version...
2016-02-05 Michael Tänzerdemux: ogg: Fix creating index entries before the first...
2016-02-05 Michael Tänzerdemux: ogg: seek to the position returned by OggBisectS...
2016-02-05 Michael Tänzerdemux: ogg: fix find_first_granule for packets that...
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommecontrib:tiger: update libtiger to 0.3.4
2016-02-05 Odd-Arild KristensenImplemented a new edge detection video filter
2016-02-05 Salah-Eddin... freetype: avoid left shift of negative values
2016-02-05 Vittorio GiovaraAdd DXV fourcc
2016-02-05 Vittorio GiovaraAdd Hap fourcc
2016-02-05 Vikram FugroEnable zero-copy support for gstreamer video decoders
2016-02-05 Stefan PöschelZVBI: remove never invoked callbacks
2016-02-05 Stefan PöschelZVBI: add option to select decoding Presentation Level
2016-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx/bookmarks: switch to auto-layout
2016-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx/debug message panel: switch to auto-layout
2016-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx/simple preferences: RTL improvements
2016-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx/simple preferences: fix rendering dimensions
2016-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx/Simple Preferences: switch to auto-layout
2016-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx/Help: switch to auto-layout
2016-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx/Preferences: switch to auto-layout
2016-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx/Addon Manager: switch to auto-layout
2016-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx/Time Selection Panel: switch to auto-layout
2016-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx/Textfield Panel: switch to auto-layout
2016-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx/Popup Panel: switch to auto-layout
2016-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx/Playlist Accessory View: switch to auto-layout
2016-02-05 Felix Paul... macosx/Main Menu: switch to auto-layout
2016-02-04 Felix Paul... macosx/resume dialog: move to auto-layout
2016-02-04 Felix Paul... macosx/xib files: require Xcode 7.0 for compilation...
2016-02-04 Felix Paul... macosx: enforce xib compilation deployment target
2016-02-04 Felix Paul... iOS dialog provider: completely removed
2016-02-04 Felix Paul... Mac OS X dialog provider: completely removed
2016-02-04 Felix Paul... macosx/coredialogs: refactor to always run on the main...
2016-02-04 Felix Paul... macosx/coredialogs: add checkbox to login dialog to...
2016-02-04 Felix Paul... macosx/coredialogs: re-write using new API
2016-02-04 Felix Paul... macosx/coredialogs: auto-layout improvements
2016-02-04 Vikram Fugrogstreamer: create a separate directory for decoder...
2016-02-04 Sean McGoverncontrib/mpg123: link with libm as appropriate (refs...
2016-02-04 Felix Paul... macosx/coredialogs: deploy auto-layout
2016-02-04 Felix Paul... macosx/extensions: implement new dialog callback
2016-02-04 Felix Paul... macosx/coredialogs: fix compilation by removing virtual...
2016-02-04 Jean-Baptiste... Update NEWS for libvlc dialog API
2016-02-04 Thomas Guillemdialog: fix win32 build
2016-02-04 Thomas Guillemdialog: fix define
2016-02-04 Thomas Guillemkeystore: fix doxygen
2016-02-04 Thomas Guillemlibvlc: add a libvlc_media_parse_flag_t to interact...
2016-02-04 Thomas Guilleminput: add a META_REQUEST flag to force user interaction
2016-02-04 Thomas Guillemlibvlc: add dialog API
2016-02-04 Thomas Guillemsecuretransport: increase certificate question severity
2016-02-04 Thomas Guillemgnutls: increase certificate question severity
2016-02-04 Thomas Guillemdialog: remove old API