main, functions.js, slider_*.png : add position slider
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2006-01-22 Antoine Cellerier all: handle VLM broadcast and vod elements.
2006-01-22 Antoine Cellerierbegining of a VLM interface and some code organisations...
2006-01-12 Antoine CellerierFSF address change.
2005-12-07 Antoine Cellerier * playlist improvements :
2005-12-07 Antoine Cellerier * fix playlist bug and change some css
2005-12-07 Antoine Cellerier * : add new browse.xml file
2005-12-07 Antoine Cellerier * add browse dialog for file input (this needs some...
2005-12-07 Antoine CellerierNew http interface
2005-12-06 Antoine Celleriermove old http files to http-old
2005-05-09 Antoine Cellerierindex.html : fix « Weird URLs
2005-01-05 Jérome DecoodtWork to support new playlist in http interface.
2004-11-19 Antoine Cellerier * some style fixes (now displays menu under IE)
2004-09-01 Clément Stenac* Added some status information to the HTTP interface
2003-11-09 Simon Latapie * http interface: changed index.html for new seek...
2003-11-03 Simon Latapie * http.c,index.html: add seek function in http interfa...
2003-08-01 Laurent Aimar * index.html,style.css : remove built-in css file...