Changes made to mad plugin:
[vlc.git] / plugins / mad / mad_libmad.c
2002-01-21 Jean-Paul SamanChanges made to mad plugin:
2002-01-14 Christophe Massiot* More precise way to retrieve a PTS from the bit stream.
2002-01-14 Jean-Paul SamanSmooth sound (not tested on iPaq)
2002-01-11 Jean-Paul SamanRemoved aout_CreateFifo from mad_adec.c InitThread...
2002-01-06 Jean-Paul SamanOptimized libmad_output() for smoother sound. It is...
2001-12-30 Sam HocevarSome heavy changes today:
2001-12-27 Christophe Massiot* Changed the way decoder_fifo_t works ;
2001-12-09 Sam Hocevar * COMPLETE CVS BREAKAGE !! The MAIN branch is going...