filter_chain: introduce dedicated filter_chain_NewVideo() for video filters
[vlc.git] / modules / video_filter / canvas.c
2014-07-28 Rémi Denis-Courmontfilter_chain: introduce dedicated filter_chain_NewVideo...
2014-07-28 Rémi Denis-Courmontfilter: separate owner structure from the filter itself
2013-11-23 Ilkka Ollakkacanvas: use visible width/height on calculations
2013-11-09 Ilkka Ollakkacanvas: handle sar{0,1} and assume it to be 1:1
2012-11-13 Jean-Baptiste KempfLGPL
2011-05-13 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove dummy plugin config item parameter
2010-10-22 Rémi Denis-Courmontadd_bool: remove callback parameter
2010-10-22 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove legacy parameter from add_string()
2010-01-23 Rémi Denis-Courmontfilter_t: use struct of non-anymous unions, seems more...
2010-01-03 Geoffroy CouprieAdd a bunch of help strings. Feel free to correct them...
2009-12-16 Laurent AimarRemoved es_format_t::i_aspect.
2009-09-24 Christophe MutricyAdd a i18n'able name.
2009-08-10 David Flynnvideo_filter/canvas: various aspect-ratio related fixes
2009-07-17 Jean-Baptiste KempfConfiguration categories are VFILTER
2009-05-26 Derk-Jan HartmanPrefs: repair category system for some lost options.
2009-05-16 Laurent AimarUsed filter_New/DeletePicture when applicable.
2009-05-16 Laurent AimarDo not uselessly include vlc_vout.h in filters.
2009-01-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontTrailing ;
2008-10-29 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove most stray semi-colons in module descriptions
2008-09-10 Antoine CellerierAdd new canvas option to crop instead of padd to fit...
2008-08-31 Ilkka OllakkaTake care of different input/canvas aspect-ratio
2008-08-31 Ilkka OllakkaUse even padding in canvas
2008-08-26 Antoine CellerierRevert something which never should have been commited...
2008-08-25 Antoine CellerierCompile the transrate module (untested ... but now...
2008-06-23 Antoine CellerierAdd aspect ratio option to canvas (like what transcode...
2008-06-22 Antoine CellerierNew canvas video filter.