qt/macos: add missing addons intf and meta categories
[vlc.git] / modules / gui / qt4 / dialogs / plugins.cpp
2014-07-23 Francois Cartegnieqt/macos: add missing addons intf and meta categories
2014-05-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: use a processor helper for Qt5
2014-05-11 Francois CartegnieQt: addons_manager: reduce type gradient size
2014-03-26 Francois CartegnieQt: move extensions tab away
2014-02-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: be compatible with Qt5
2014-02-27 Francois CartegnieQt: addons manager: add search box
2014-02-27 Francois CartegnieQt: addons: draw INSTALLED state
2014-02-27 Francois CartegnieQt: addons: rework addons manager UI.
2014-02-27 Francois CartegnieQt: addons: tag addons with colors
2014-02-19 Francois Cartegnieaddons: change i_score type and do boundary check.
2014-02-18 Francois CartegnieQt: addons: sort view
2014-02-14 Francois CartegnieQt: plugins: check after casts.
2014-02-12 Francois CartegnieQt: addons: clear spinner from view on empty list
2014-02-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix compilation with Qt5
2014-02-10 Francois CartegnieQt: addons: show summary in addons info popup
2014-02-10 Francois CartegnieQt: addons: fix background paint glitch with new editor
2014-02-10 Francois CartegnieQt: addons: add support for vlp package drop
2014-02-09 Francois CartegnieQt: add addons management UI
2014-02-08 Francois CartegnieQt: ExtensionsModel: do DI
2014-01-17 Francois CartegnieQt: ExtensionListModel: don't specialize
2014-01-17 Francois CartegnieQt: ExtensionItemDelegate: remove unused members
2014-01-17 Francois CartegnieQt: ExtensionItemDelegate: rewrite (fix #10407)
2013-07-15 Ludovic FauvetQt: setMovable has been deprecated in Qt5
2013-06-23 Francois CartegnieQt: ExtensionTab: switch to buttonsbox
2013-06-23 Francois CartegnieQt: Extensions: fix showing cone when no custom logo
2013-06-23 Francois CartegnieQt: Extensions: fullfill usage of data abstraction...
2013-06-23 Francois CartegnieQt: ExtensionsModel: use data abstraction in delegate
2013-06-23 Francois CartegnieQt: ExtensionCopy: fix memleak
2013-04-02 Francois CartegnieQt: Plugins list: improve sorting
2012-09-28 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix error handling from module_list_get() (fixes #7500)
2012-06-09 Ludovic Fauvetqt4: rename a couple of methods to be more explicit
2012-03-02 Francois CartegnieQt: extensioninfo dialog: remove unused member
2012-03-02 Francois CartegnieQt: various visibility warnings fixs
2012-02-20 Francois CartegnieQt: plugins: close() is RejectRole
2012-02-20 Francois CartegnieQt: plugins info: simplify concats
2012-02-20 Francois CartegnieQt: plugins infos: filename is not editable
2012-02-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Missing .
2012-02-20 Francois CartegnieQt: plugins: activate buttons contextually
2012-02-20 Francois CartegnieQt: plugins: link to addons.videolan.org.
2011-12-15 Pere Orgafix filename self-references
2011-08-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Use append iso push_*
2011-08-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: use count() iso size() on Qt Containers
2011-08-08 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: plugins dialog, fix keyevents
2011-05-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: kill unused_parameters warnings
2011-05-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: remove unused variable
2011-01-21 Jean-Philippe AndréQt: show embedded icons of Lua extensions
2010-11-30 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: simplification
2010-11-30 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: split searchLineEdit in its own file
2010-11-15 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: improve look of extension dialog
2010-07-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontDo not include vlc_modules.h in vlc_common.h
2010-05-05 Jean-Philippe AndréQt/Extensions: remove useless "version" field
2010-04-29 Rémi Duraffortqt4: clear extensions list when the dialog is destroyed.
2010-04-29 Rémi Duraffortqt4: fix memleak.
2010-04-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: translate all buttons in plugins dialog
2010-03-19 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: extension dialog, show correctly the version
2010-02-04 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: save Plugins/Extension dialog position
2010-02-03 Jean-Philippe AndréEnable double-click in Plugins & Extensions panel
2010-02-03 Jean-Philippe AndréQt: fix layout of extension info panel
2010-02-03 Jean-Philippe AndréExtensions: info panel, fix layout and use shortdesc
2010-02-03 Jean-Philippe AndréExt/Qt: Enhance more information dialog
2010-02-03 Jean-Philippe AndréExtensions/Qt: Use a custom QListView in Plugins &...
2010-01-29 Jean-Philippe AndréExtensions/Qt: information panel for Extensions
2009-12-25 Hugo Beauzee-LuyssenQt: Use the singleton class, to simplify the code
2009-10-21 Dylan YudakenFix sorting of plugin scores in the QT plugin dialog.
2009-09-02 Nick PopeAdded window roles for X11
2009-07-07 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: avoid a crash with plugins dialog.
2009-07-01 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: plugins dialog as a toggle one.
2009-05-08 Christophe Mutricyqt4: we need qtr() else we have encoding problems
2009-03-31 Rémi Duraffortqt4: missing const for QString.
2009-03-26 Rémi Duraffortqt4: use const for QString when possible.
2009-01-23 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: don't show plugins with no capabilities in Releases.
2009-01-21 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Ok is not ok as a button label.
2009-01-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: change dialog size.
2009-01-05 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: use searchLineEdit in plugins dialog.
2009-01-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: search implementation in the plugins list dialog...
2009-01-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: convert strings from Unicode
2008-12-30 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: New dialog for plugins listing.