avformat: initialize probe data (fixes #11851)
[vlc.git] / modules / demux / avformat / demux.c
2014-07-30 Rémi Denis-Courmontavformat: initialize probe data (fixes #11851)
2014-05-20 Luca Barbatolavf: Support rotation side data
2014-05-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfAVformat: use a similar compat detection than AVcodec
2014-05-02 Francois Cartegniedemux: avformat: rotate clockwise.
2014-02-18 Matthias KeiserAvformat: Support rotation information
2014-02-07 Daniel Verkampavformat: use avcodec codec_tag as original fourcc
2014-01-27 Rafaël Carréavformat demux: accomodate for Opus lavf extradata
2013-12-29 Rémi Denis-Courmontlibav: use vlc_strerror_c()
2013-12-19 Rafaël Carrélibavutil: set verbosity based on VLC own verbosity
2013-11-04 Francois Cartegnievlc_es: add defines for priority levels
2013-10-18 Rafaël Carréavformat: set bits per pixel for video codecs
2013-08-16 Rafaël Carréavformat: avformat.h is always present
2013-08-09 Rémi DuraffortFix sizeof mismatch
2013-07-27 Rémi Denis-Courmontavformat: leave SAR at 0/0 (undefined) if unknown
2013-07-27 Wills Wangavformat: set pixel aspect ratio
2013-07-26 Rémi DuraffortFix sizeof mismatch
2013-07-10 Rémi Denis-Courmontavformat: add codec ID in debug info
2013-04-06 Rémi Denis-Courmontavformat: validate encoding of meta informations (fixes...
2013-04-06 Rémi Denis-Courmontavformat: refactor meta getter, fix title & language...
2013-03-12 Jean-Baptiste KempfPartial revert of "avcodec: remove support for old...
2013-03-09 Rémi Denis-Courmontavcodec: replace gone CODEC_ID_* with AV_CODEC_ID_*
2013-03-09 Rémi Denis-Courmontavcodec: remove support for old versions
2012-12-13 Rémi Denis-CourmontReplace block_New() with block_Alloc()
2012-11-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfAVformat: do not use static attachment pictures as...
2012-11-13 Jean-Baptiste KempfLGPL
2012-11-03 Pierre Ynardavformat: fix use-after-free in error path
2012-11-02 Rafaël Carréavformat demux: fix invalid free
2012-10-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpgrade libavformat requirement to 53.21
2012-10-09 Rafaël Carréavformat demux: AVFormatContext->nb_streams == 0 is...
2012-07-29 Jean-Baptiste KempfAvformat: kill parenthesis and variable type warnings
2012-07-12 Rui Zhangavformat: avoid EOF if av_read_frame returns AVERROR...
2012-04-25 Rafaël Carréavformat: initialize empty options sets
2012-04-17 Rafaël Carréavformat: fix dictionary use
2012-04-17 Rafaël Carréavformat (mux/demux): implement private options
2012-04-17 Rafaël CarréSanitize FFmpeg modules options
2012-04-15 Rafaël Carrélibav*: move avformat/avcodec init to a single header...
2012-04-12 Rémi Denis-Courmontblock_t: add buffer start and size fields
2012-02-27 Sébastien Escudieravformat : fix overflow in timestamp computation
2012-02-17 Sébastien Escudieravformat : add an option to force a specific format
2012-01-29 Rafaël Carréavformat demux: fix double free()
2012-01-29 Rafaël Carréavformat demux: use new IO API
2012-01-29 Rafaël CarréWorkaround FFmpeg doc/APIchanges lies
2012-01-29 Rafaël Carréavformat demux: use new input APIs
2012-01-29 Rafaël Carréavformat demux: don't access removed info
2012-01-29 Rafaël Carréavformat: shut up warning (unsigned char -> uint8_t)
2012-01-29 Rafaël Carréavformat: AVMetadataTag and av_metadata_get don't exist...
2012-01-29 Rafaël Carréavformat: remove 2 chained data structures
2011-12-15 Laurent AimarDo not let avformat handle subtitles by default.
2011-12-15 Laurent AimarReworked the way avformat input are blacklisted.
2011-12-15 Edward WangSupport duration in avformat demuxer
2011-11-13 Rafaël Carréavformat demux: fix h264 packetizing
2011-09-20 Laurent AimarImproved time managment and seeking in our avformat...
2011-09-19 Laurent AimarFixed a double free when av_open_input_stream() fails.
2011-09-19 Laurent AimarRemoved unused variable (avformat)
2011-09-05 Laurent AimarPrint codec_id on unsupported track in avformat demuxer.
2011-08-29 Jean-Baptiste KempfFFmpeg => AVformat
2011-08-18 Jean-Baptiste KempfAvformat demux: don't add empty tracks in AVMEDIA_TYPE_...
2011-06-06 Laurent AimarFix ByteIOContext init on recent libavformat
2011-05-15 Jean-Baptiste KempfAvformat: do not add attachment as ES
2011-05-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfAvformat demuxer: kill 2 warnings about signedness
2011-05-12 Jean-Baptiste KempfAvformat: better debugging message
2011-04-20 Konstantin PavlovAVFormat demux: Ask for artist metadata tag instead...
2011-04-19 Konstantin PavlovUpdate av* code to use new APIs after Libav Big Bump.
2011-03-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfFFmpeg: remove support for misplaced headers
2010-11-14 Pierre YnardFix const warnings
2010-10-09 Rémi Duraffortavformat: fix typo.
2010-07-22 Jean-Baptiste KempfSplit Avutil<->VLC chroma conversions functions from...
2010-07-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfAvformat: correctly detect the fps
2010-07-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfForce avcodec to be at least 52.25.0 and avfomat 52...
2010-07-18 Jai MenonAVFormat : Don't drop metadata keys.
2010-07-10 Ilkka Ollakkaavformat: fix non-file usage after [1644d683e9df]
2010-07-07 Rémi Denis-Courmontdemux: provide both URL and file path as with access
2010-06-24 Jai MenonAVFormat Demuxer : Set fourcc based on source container.
2010-06-24 Jai MenonAVFormat Demuxer : Set video ES frame rate.
2010-05-20 Ilkka Ollakkaavformat: check if stream can seek before setting is_st...
2010-05-20 Ilkka Ollakkaavdemux: tell avformat that input is stream
2010-03-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfAvformat Don't double unlock
2010-02-23 Laurent AimarFixed potential memleaks in avformat wrapper.
2010-02-23 Laurent AimarFixed division by 0 with invalid files in avformat...
2010-02-20 Laurent AimarFixed a harmless typo (avformat).
2010-02-20 Laurent AimarWorkarounded SSA payload modifications done by mkv...
2010-02-20 Laurent AimarFixed ES block length value (avformat).
2010-02-20 Laurent AimarImplemented ES priority flag in avformat demuxer.
2010-02-20 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2010-02-20 Laurent AimarFixed theora/speex workaround (avformat).
2010-02-20 Laurent AimarDo not fail on av_find_stream_info error (avformat).
2010-02-17 Laurent AimarFixed theora/speex support in avformat demuxer.
2009-12-20 Laurent AimarWorkaround VLC_TS_INVALID being 0 in avformat demuxer.
2009-12-20 Laurent AimarUsed VLC_TS_INVALID in avformat demuxer.
2009-12-12 Laurent AimarProtect av_register_all call with vlc_avcodec_lock().
2009-09-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfAvformat, increase buf_size to 2048 + 213 for aea support
2009-09-20 Baptiste Coudurieravformat: remove NOFILE hack, fix MXF seeking
2009-08-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfAvformat demuxing: use bit_rate value
2009-08-20 Pierre d'Herbemontavformat: Don't cast function return value.
2009-06-21 Rémi DuraffortDead initialization.
2009-06-18 Laurent AimarWorkaround buggy flv files (#2590).
2009-06-17 Derk-Jan Hartmanavformat: better seperation between time and byte seek...
2009-05-14 John Stebbinsvobsub idx parsing in matroska tracks
2009-03-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontMemory leak
2009-03-12 Rémi Denis-Courmontavformat: lock avcodec