FFmpeg update.
[vlc.git] / extras / buildsystem /
2008-06-03 Rafaël CarréCmake : cmml has no dependency, enable it by default
2008-06-02 Rafaël CarréRemove support DBus & HAL APIs
2008-06-01 Rafaël CarréCmake: enable a bunch of modules - still a lot TODO
2008-06-01 Rafaël Carrécmake: enable mmap access
2008-06-01 Rafaël CarréFix various bugs / missing checks for cmake
2008-05-27 Rafaël CarréPrivatise some structs and enumerations of PGP update
2008-05-21 Rafaël Carrémake.pl: matches gcc-xx and g++-xx
2008-05-20 Rafaël CarréCMake : don't try to link unused targets
2008-05-20 Rafaël CarréCmake : disable samples downloading & related tests
2008-05-20 Rafaël CarréCmake : fix libvlc* versionning and naming
2008-05-18 Rafaël CarréCmake : Fix test/ linking
2008-05-18 Rafaël CarréCmake: Fix modules/ building
2008-05-18 Rafaël Carrécmake: fix src/ building
2008-05-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Fix bootstrap script.
2008-05-07 Rémi DuraffortLess and less information with compile
2008-05-06 Rémi DuraffortLess information when compiling with compile
2008-05-06 Rémi DuraffortPrint less information about the compilation when using...
2008-05-04 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Define HAVE_ATTRIBUTE_PACKED if needed.
2008-05-04 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Set min version required, fix some warnings...
2008-04-19 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Add FindTaglib.cmake.
2008-04-19 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Link with zlib where needed.
2008-04-19 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Detect taglib.
2008-04-19 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Detect libid3tag.
2008-04-19 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Add meta's test.
2008-04-15 Rafaël CarréDo not try to use cmake 2.4
2008-04-11 Pierre d'Herbemonttest: Move testapi.c to /test and use a sample file...
2008-03-31 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Support for libs/loader.
2008-03-30 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: media_descriptor->media media_instance->media_pl...
2008-03-28 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Add src/misc/action.c.
2008-03-25 Pierre d'Herbemontcontrol: Remove dynamic_media_list_*.
2008-03-25 Pierre d'Herbemontcontrol: Remove tag_query_*.
2008-03-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove the autoconf hack, fix gettext broken in b6c4b865
2008-03-16 Rafaël CarréInteraction are controlled by a dedicated thread
2008-03-16 Rémi DuraffortDuring the compilation, print errors and warnings on...
2008-03-09 Rafaël Carrélibpostproc/postprocess.h always includes needed headers
2008-03-09 Rafaël CarréFix postproc header detection (the test depends on...
2008-03-09 Rafaël Carréfix libvlc linking when UPDATE_CHECK is on
2008-03-09 Rafaël CarréFix PACKAGE_VERSION_* generation with cmake
2008-03-03 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Fix tests.
2008-03-02 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Add a small info.
2008-02-29 Faustino Osunacmake/config.cmake: Add debug flags to see if ffmpeg...
2008-02-29 Faustino Osunacmake/config.cmake: Look for postproc/postprocess.h...
2008-02-29 Faustino OsunaLet's try this again. Detect older and new versions...
2008-02-29 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: s/sout_ts/mux_ts/g
2008-02-29 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Add sout modules.
2008-02-29 Faustino OsunaToo many problems with new ffmpeg detection, reverting...
2008-02-29 Faustino OsunaDetect and allow older versions of ffmpeg to be used...
2008-02-28 Faustino OsunaUpdate references to ffmpeg header files to match new...
2008-02-28 Faustino Osunacmake/src_CMakeLists.txt: Update generated test binarie...
2008-02-27 Faustino Osunacmake: Try to compensate for new ffmpeg directory struc...
2008-02-27 Faustino Osunacmake: Source code clean up, fix how CFLAGS are saved...
2008-02-25 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Update the README.
2008-02-25 Faustino Osunacmake: Code clean up, set up options before we start...
2008-02-25 Faustino Osunacmake/FindFFmpeg.cmake: Add sub library's CFLAGS to...
2008-02-25 Faustino Osunacmake: Remove duplicate macro entry.
2008-02-24 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Use CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR for tests files.
2008-02-23 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Don't use poll() on Mac OS X, as it can't poll...
2008-02-23 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Add qt4 resources. Enable qt4 plugin compilation...
2008-02-23 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Forgotten config/intf.c in libvlc target.
2008-02-23 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: .moc.cpp compilation fixes.
2008-02-21 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Fix PACKAGE_VERSION_* as pointed by jpeg.
2008-02-21 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Defines PACKAGE_VERSION_* as pointed by jpeg.
2008-02-21 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Fix qt4 linking and moc.
2008-02-20 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Enable asf by default.
2008-02-15 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Add test/dictionary.c to the list of test program.
2008-02-14 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Look for swab.
2008-02-14 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Find libdvbpsi, libmpeg2.
2008-02-12 Antoine CellerierLooks like this was missing from r25071
2008-02-12 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Some improvements based on Alexander Neundorf...
2008-02-10 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: remove unneeded checks.
2008-02-10 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: FindX11.
2008-02-10 Rémi Denis-CourmontDon't set DATA_PATH when building plugins - fixes ...
2008-02-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Enable opengllayer on Mac OS X.
2008-02-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: FindCurses.
2008-02-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Increment my commit count :/ (oops).
2008-02-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Define DEBUG.
2008-02-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Make the *.c *.h script generation compatible...
2008-02-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Fix for cmake's head.
2008-02-09 Pavlov KonstantinFix erroneous [25032].
2008-02-09 Pavlov KonstantinFix linkage in --as-needed mode.
2008-02-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Enable auhal audio output on Mac OS X.
2008-02-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Disable NO_SYMBOL_CHECK by default, until vlc...
2008-02-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Find live555.
2008-02-09 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove duplicated checks
2008-02-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: NDEBUG to off with Debug target. This cause...
2008-02-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: add iokit for mkv.
2008-02-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Detect matroska.
2008-02-09 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: FindFFmpeg simplication.
2008-02-08 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Add -read_only_relocs warning on ffmpeg for...
2008-02-08 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Add -fno-common for Pre-10.5 for shared library.
2008-02-08 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Check for inet functions.
2008-02-08 Faustino Osunacmake: Command substitution work around for VERBATIM...
2008-02-08 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Add VERBATIM back. Apparently this could be...
2008-02-08 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Correctly remove files prior to recmake.
2008-02-08 Faustino Osunacmake: Removed VERBATIM flag, allows OS to perform...
2008-02-08 Rémi Denis-CourmontCheck for ALSA
2008-02-08 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Include stdint.h when searching postprocess.h.
2008-02-08 Rémi Denis-CourmontAdd LFS and thread safety defines (from vlc-config).
2008-02-08 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Fix convert_vlc_to_cmake for qt4.
2008-02-08 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Correctly build qt4.