descriptionlibpostproc git repo
last changeTue, 21 Aug 2012 20:27:39 +0000 (16:27 -0400)
2012-08-21 Felix Paul... Fixe compilation failure due to missing libavutil heade... master
2012-08-21 XhmikosRrename the remaining instances of HAVE_MMX2 to HAVE_MMXEXT
2012-08-21 Diego Biurrunx86: build: replace mmx2 by mmxext
2012-08-21 Michael Niedermayerpostproc: fix x86 header include
2012-08-21 Mans Rullgardx86: move MANGLE() and related macros to libavutil...
2012-08-21 Mans Rullgardx86: rename libavutil/x86_cpu.h to libavutil/x86/asm.h
2012-07-14 Michael Niedermayerpp: check that the argument is not NULL as this is...
2012-06-18 Michael Niedermayerpostprocess: fix another void returning void function.
2012-05-12 Michael Niedermayerlibpostproc: fix out of array accesses detected by...
2012-05-12 Michael Niedermayerlibpostproc: add bitexact mode, which is needed for...
2012-05-12 Michael Niedermayerlibpostproc: add pp=help support to print the help...
2012-02-24 Derek BuitenhuisAdd .gitignore
2012-02-24 Derek Buitenhuisbuild: fix --enable-pic
2012-02-17 Derek BuitenhuisUpdate headers to reflect both projects' contributions
2012-02-17 Derek BuitenhuisAdd GPLv2 license to repo
2012-02-17 Derek BuitenhuisAdd hacked-up stripped-down build system from Libav
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